21 March 2008

new york preacher who released 'obama is a mack daddy' sermon releases second video

dr. james david manning - 'now that i have your attention' video
"let me tell you what would happen if obama hussein barack became president of the united states. three of the greatest things in the history of humankind would take place."
theres no way to embed the video here so to watch it click here or the link

transcript excerpt from video:

dr. manning addressing white people generally and liberal whites specifically:

"can i take you back out on the streets of my community where i'am pastor ... to let you see something about the lifestyles of the people that you supposedly have a voice for, that you're speaking for? but you dont speak for us and i'am man enough to tell you to your face -- you dont speak for me and barack doesnt speak for the black people.

god wants us to honor him and barack doesnt honor the lord jesus christ, but lets just go out and take a look and i want you to see the people that are in this community, who you do not speak for -- especially you white folk dont you ever, ever, ever, -- with all of the support you give to the banks and to the multinational corporations with their predatory lending and to all of the scam artists and rip off artists and all of the ways in which you abuse people with poor credit and how you evict and how you overcharge and how you ship your poor food products to our community when they are no longer satisfactory to you and your children, yet you ship them here and yet you want to say, that you are voting for a black president -- you know, what you need to do, what you need to do, is go home and pray -- thats what you need to do -- but you're not gonna do that, no you're not gonna do that because you got that 'change' sign in your hand."