31 January 2007

coonass is the new nigger


good grief when did "coonass" become a racial epithet?

we dont know who this guy warren perrin (see link ) is, but he sounds like the most uptight frenchman in louisiana. so how did he become the president of the le Conseil pour le développement du français en Louisiane? beats us, because when one thinks of the cajun's one thinks of pirogues, crawfish and crawfish boils, pig roasts, fiddles and accordions, dancing, bonfires and of course beer. you know, having a good time and being free. so perhaps mr. perrin has found a way to seize his fifteen minutes of fame or something oh and with the added benefit of kramarizing nick saban. we really wish people would stop making mountains out of mole hills and quit telling us how to act and think. just stop it. how dare they try and put the word "coonass" in the same offensive category as other genuine epithets.


is the ouachita citizen a racist agenda driven rag?

in an editorial published yesterday and captioned "grandstanding in the big easy" (see link) we noticed how the first line began:

"U.S. Sens. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Barak Hussein Obama of Illinois paid a visit to New Orleans Monday."
naturally, we are curious as to why the editors chose, in this instance, to use senator obama's full name -- after all they didnt use senator joseph isadore lieberman's full name. it seems that the editors by printing "hussein" are subliminally suggesting that senator obama has some connection to saddam hussein or muslims (sen. obama is not muslim) or terrorism etc. tacky, tacky. especially when one considers that just eight days previously on 22 january 2007 the ouachita citizen's editor, sam hanna, in his editorial here practically called everyone who doesnt vote for or support la. governor candidate piyush "bobby" jindal a racist.

the rest of the editorial is wordsmithed in such a way as to berate governor blanco, the democratic party, senator obama who they called the democratic party's "darling child" and he "stole the show" the ouachita citizen even went to far as to call it a "dog and pony" show.

its a shame when several influential federal politicians come to louisiana to first hand investigate and familiarize themselves to the problems of south louisiana and are met by editorial writers and media wonks who are more interested in making political hay by taking rather lame ill constructed cheap shots, than in solving problems.


30 January 2007

state supremes cool with lawyer adultery just not in the courthouse

2006-O -2361 (39 pg .pdf) IN RE: JUDGE WENDELL R. MILLER

katc snip (see link)
NEW ORLEANS -- A Jefferson Davis Parish judge was removed from office by the state Supreme Court for violations such as his handling his secretary's divorce while the two of them were having an affair and having sex at the courthouse.
The high court said: "We agree with the commission that an adulterous affair is not a per se violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, but the judge's rather open and notorious sexual conduct with his secretary at the courthouse, coupled with the other factors involved in the relationship, clearly brought the judicial office into disrepute."


drudge knocked down bayou buzz


sometime today matt drudge linked to a bayoubuzz.com story. (see link)

drudge report archive
here is the result:

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    katrina mary parody

    via www.thedeadpelican.com
    streaming .mp3 here
    download .mp3 here

    do ya think?
    chuck redden
    do you think that mary has lost her mind?
    got all caught up in covering blanco's behind
    maybe been hanging out with the wrong kind?
    do you think that mary has lost her mind?

    do you think that mary's new friend barak
    is maybe getting her just a little off track?
    comparing katrina to the war in iraq
    do you think that mary has lost her mind?

    ah, maybe she was just trying
    to impress obama

    by saying that those
    who hang out with osama

    might have done more for ol' new orleans
    if they'd ah blown the levee
    to smithereens

    well its true that we've been screwed and not [unintelligible]
    buts that no reason to
    cuddle up to terrorists

    she must have a reason of some unknown kind
    or do you think that mary has lost her mind?
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    29 January 2007

    media whoring for piyush

    if you've been watching the opening round of the piyush for governor campaign you might have noticed that the only reason his supporters can put forth to vote for piyush boils down to "if you dont vote for piyush you are a racist!" here is an example of what we are on about courtesy of sam hanna, publisher of the quachita citizen; when you think about it or more importantly review piyush's voting record you will see that this racist nonsense is all they truly have to draw from.

    for instance, piyush's supporters dont want you to know about his vote for the unconstitutional usa patriot act. or his vote for the military commissions act of 2006 "under the mca either the president or the secretary of defense may declare you an "enemy combatant"--as usual, without proof. under that designation you may be jailed, without the right to an attorney, for the rest of your life. you can even be tortured. your u.s. citizenship can't protect you" even pennsylvania's sleezebag senator arlen specter was quoted in the washington post as saying the mca is "patently unconstitutional on its face." piyush and his supporters want you to forget that he took an oath just like the rest of the congress where he held up his right hand and swore that "...I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same..." and that the oath of office isnt some ceremonial words to be said for the cameras but are actually required by federal law see 5 usc § 3331 oath of office. piyush's supporters dont want you to know or to understand that in fact when piyush votes for constitution destroying legislation that despite violating his oath that he is in fact knowingly breaking federal law.

    piyush's supporters dont want you to know that he voted for the real id act [house vote] heres an interesting reuters story "maine revolts against digital u.s. id card." and according to cnet: "if you live or work in the United States, you'll need a federally approved ID card to travel on an airplane, open a bank account, collect Social Security payments, or take advantage of nearly any government service."

    piyush, who prefers to go by the cutesy, kennedyesque name "bobby" (piyush claims that he swiped that name from a character portrayed by mike lookinland in the old television program "the brady bunch") always likes to start most of his propaganda off by proclaiming how he is always praying over his decisions. only problem is that he never says what god hes praying to. well get a clue people its not the god of the christian bible, the god who's word and principles this country was founded upon. because, if it was, piyush wouldnt be voting for and supporting every ungodly and antichristic piece of america hating and freedom abolishing legislation every chance he gets.

    piyush "bobby" jindal's membership in the subversive rhode scholars
    piyush's supporters dont want you to know about his membership (just like bill clinton and senator david vitter) in this secret society either.
    What Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner had in mind was the formation of a master/slave society based upon the principles of eugenics as derived from Plato's Republic. Malthusian Eugenics is the philosophy of depopulation through the reduction of inferior races --"human weeds"-- and the selective breeding of "a race of thoroughbreds" as described early in this century by Rockefeller-funded, Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. When Thomas Malthus' theory of population was later coupled with Charles Darwin's evolutionary model, the result was known as Social Darwinism.

    On July 19, 1951, in the Tribune under the title "Rhodes' Wards Hawk Global Scheme In U.S.," subtitled "Peddle Propaganda for 'One World," by William Fulton, we quote:

    "New York, July l9 - Rhodes scholars, returning from schooling and indoctrination at Oxford university, England, are the principal hawkers of globalist propaganda in the United States. The American scholars obtain their education abroad through terms of the will left by the late Cecil Rhodes, British empire builder and South African despot. Rhodes aimed at the return of the United States to the British empire..."
    all this is just the tip of the piyush iceberg and anyone thats supporting piyush whether its your priest, preacher, rabbi, talk radio hosts, newspaper columnists, news hawk, blogger, next door neighbor, whatever, is working for the criminal network. they are trying to deceive you. dont buy their newspapers, dont patronize their advertisers and tell them why. dont vote for piyush "bobby" jindal just because hes "colored" dont vote for piyush because hes a proven traitor and criminal.
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    28 January 2007

    sunday matinée: david j smith coming dictatorship and the 666 system

    sunday matinée

    click here for video via google video
    length 1:52:29

    in a 9 - 0 decision, handed down on 29 february 1892, the united states supreme court declared that america is a christian nation. see church of the holy trinity v. u.s. 143 U.S. 457; 12 S. Ct. 511; 36 L. Ed. 226; 1892 U.S. LEXIS 2036. the rise of evil leaders such as george w. bush who are bringing about the destruction of america and are enslaving americans are the direct result of american's turning their backs on god. homeland security, terrorism and the fake global war on terror are a lie designed to help further enslave americans. the people cant see what is happening to them because they have no discernment. american's prefer to believe lies rather than the truth.
    smith points out that america is "becoming a big brother surveillance society with no privacy whatsoever. how can you have a world dictatorship if everybody has freedom and privacy? you cant. that means everything that you and i and america was established upon must be destroyed. everything. that means our freedoms, our bill of rights our constitutional rights, our privacy so that you and i will not be able to hide from big brother in any way whatsoever."

    the dubai ports deal:
    quoting congressman ron paul (r) tx about the port sellout "i think he (george w. bush) has numerous things that the democrats, if they get a chance not only will they be after him, for that, (meaning the ports) but it will be payback for the clinton impeachment" congressman paul said that he was inclined to believe that the port sales even though its been all over the news cnn, fox and everybody speaks against it and yet he said that is the agenda in washington to appease the american people.

    they will speak out against it make us think that they are against it but they will silently go ahead and with out fanfare the enemies of america will take over the ports. and what comes in to america? how else would you have eventually the dismantling of the united states freedom its constitution its bill of rights so that we could be comfortably merged into an all powerful world government without rights?

    something has to happen, this is only one of a long progression of things that have been taking place that is dismantling the united states of america for world government. he (congressman paul) went on to say "at least this has awakened a lot of people" yes its awakened a lot of people but what good will it do because those who have gone to washington as representatives and senators do not have the good of the american people in their mind. they're not interested in what you and i think and they're representing we the people."

    usa patriot act
    congressman ron paul expressed his disgust over the passage of the patriot act that has taken place and how they have actually reduced a few things to make the american people think that it is not a danger to your freedom but it underscores (according to paul) "bush's unchecked power no one will stand up to him and tell him no this is against the constitution and therefore the freedoms of america keep going down and down. you wont know about this as a private individual until you run into contact with the law then you will find out how many of your constitutional guaranteed rights are really in place for you [...] they had a few token changes which mean nothing and under the present system he (president bush) just ignores what he doesnt like anyway" asked if we are coming close to a dictatorship in america? congressman ron paul said "its getting close to it its called usurpation of power and its done in many ways with congress just going along because they're sound asleep and this certainly is an attack on our constitution and upon our freedoms."
    click here for more david j. smith / newswatch magazine videos
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    27 January 2007

    is woodworth a speed trap?

    boss hog photo courtesy sachs report

    this morning the town talk printed the following your mail (see link) and we note that louisiana state senator joe mcpherson lives in woodworth.

    Is Woodworth a speed trap?

    For the fiscal year 2006 Woodworth collected $971,529 [752,594 eur] in court revenue. That is about $650 [504 eur] per resident of the town that has a population of about 1,500 and was 80 percent of the town's operating budget. No other municipality even comes close to that statistic. The second closest that could be found was the tiny neighboring village of McNary. In 2005, their court collected $56,000 [43,380 eur] or $265 [205 eur] per resident. The 2006 statistics have not yet been released.

    Louisiana and Ohio are the only states that continue to allow the existence of a mayor's court. In 1999, mayor's courts were declared unconstitutional by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Ohio's chief justice Thomas Moyer says that there is an inherent conflict of interest when a fine goes into a budget that the mayor controls. He goes on to say that this system blurs the bright line of impartiality.

    State Sen. Joe McPherson, D-Woodworth, and state Rep. Charlie DeWitt, D-Alexandria, have, since the 1999 federal ruling, introduced legislation that allows for the towns of Woodworth and McNary to appoint, rather than elect their chiefs of police, thus transferring all authority of the police departments to the office of mayor. So now a mayor can control the police, who write the tickets, the court that adjudicates the fines and receives the revenue into the town budget. I find this appalling in light of the federal court ruling.

    I've heard that when a mayor's court employs an attorney or magistrate to adjudicate the fines, then that municipality is allowed to keep a larger percentage of fines and forfeits. However, if the mayor presides over the court a larger percentage of fines must go to the district court to cover the cost of appeals and related expenses.

    According to the Louisiana Legislative Auditors report, Woodworth employed and budgeted for a magistrate for the fiscal year 2005. Fines collected for that year are $787,166 [609,778 eur]. For the year 2006, there was no magistrate, nor was one budgeted for, However an increase of almost $185,000 [143,310 eur]. in court revenue was budgeted for and collected for a total of just under $1 million [774,650 eur].

    These figures beg the question, did Woodworth anticipate a sudden and massive decline in safety from 2005 to 2006? If so why? Or did they anticipate a decline in retained earnings based on the loss of their town magistrate?

    In my opinion, Woodworth fails the public safety "smell test." Those who defend speed traps always try to stand on the ground of moral superiority. I have heard comments such as, "stop whining because you got caught breaking the law" and "no speeding, no ticket, no problem."

    They can justify cruel citations to hurricane evacuees, detaining women in labor going to the hospital, you name it with this moralistic poppycock. But when a town anticipates a decrease in revenue and plays catch-up with the motoring public, is that honest? Is that morally superior? I do not think so.

    Suzanne Thompson
    see also
    ward v. village of monroeville, 409 U.S. 57 (1972) - alternative url
    and also
    putting things into perspective: the woodworth speed trap
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    25 January 2007

    alexandria's abandoned car ordinance goes too far

    if this garbage legislation, ordinance, whatever you want to call it is any indication of whats in store for us from this new mayoral administration its gonna be a long four years...

    the city council and mayor of alexandria, louisiana for all intents and purposes have rescinded the constitution of the united states. specifically section one of the fourteenth amendment:

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
    according to this town talk article (see link) apparently alexandria has a problem with "abandoned" automobiles. under the new ordinance the definition of an abandoned vehicle is:
    Any motor vehicle which does not have lawfully affixed thereto, both an unexpired license plate or plates and a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate is an abandoned vehicle.
    these are the only three exceptions:
    (1) Race car.
    (2) Established antique car.
    (3) Military personnel on active duty.
    furthermore, according to the town talk: "The change in the law is that there is no hearing in City Court, which means the vehicles should be moved faster now." do you see the problem here? the city of alexandria is taking away due process! the city can just come in and arbitrarily take your property away without any hearing of any kind whatsoever. and by the way where exactly is the law at that says that in order to own property you must also keep insurance inforce and maintain a valid inspection sticker? what the heck is going on here? it looks like the city of alexandria, is taking away the right to own property and making it a privilege subject to the whim of bureaucrats.

    now who exactly is going to benefit from this new law? looks like certain tow truck companies, junk yards, used auto part houses and on the flip side insurance agents, auto parts houses and state inspection sticker garages.

    if the city can pass this and get away with it what else will they be able to pass? what other property of ours will they be able to just arbitrarily seize? now if you look at those pictures in the town talk article (better hurry they take their pages down a lot faster nowadays) you will see that they are very deceptive because all the so called abandoned vehicles they show you are in the uh huh black neighborhoods.

    and thats another thing -- you say well iam a middle class white guy, i have a good job and live in a good neighborhood - tanglewood if you must know. this isnt gonna affect me and my kind this is just for those miscreants over in the sonia quarters and sam town-woodside you know people and places like that. uh huh.

    now lets just say god forbid something happens and you inherit grand maw's old car.
    you got a kid thats going to be getting his drivers license in a couple of years and some extra space in your driveway and hey it will be good training for your kid too because you can use the promise of "their car" to kinda sorta keep them in check and give them something to do by having them wash it ever once in awhile and keep the seats and tires and the dashboard armor-alled so the sun dont crack everything and dry rot the tires. and they will get to crank it up a couple of times a week...so you take grand maw's old car and park it there. naturally, you turn in the license plate because why do you want to pay insurance on a car you arent going to be driving? well now according to this odor-ince you have an abandoned vehicle and the city can come take it. its not a race car, (btw all the race cars we've ever seen parked at someone's house have always been up on trailers,) its not an antique and you arent in the military.

    now we arent saying that the city is crooked but human nature being what it is lets suppose we have some collusion going on between the tow-truck operators and the junk yards and the auto parts houses and code enforcement and the police. of coz collusion has never happened before right? so lets just suppose it happens over time. everybody is making some extra money going around seizing all these "abandoned" cars and reselling them for parts or whatever and over time the law has been tweaked, administratively, so that now they can sell your grand maw's car instantly because remember they have already taken away your fourteenth amendment due process rights so whats left to protect you? so you come home one day and grand maw's car is gone and theres not a damn thing you can do about it.

    oh and since the odo-rince includes cars "abandoned" on private property they can have people going around neighborhoods finding "abandoned" vehicles and phoning in tips for a small commission of coz. or your neighbor and you have a falling out whats to stop them from being vindictive and phoning in your "abandoned" vehicle?

    this law is patently unconstitutional and we really expected better from this thomas jefferson quoting mayor and we hope that when the city gets sued over this, that the plaintiff provided they get a cough, cough honest judge, is awarded a hell of a punitive damage judgment.

    and to alexandria's african american community when are you going to wise up and realize that you are being used? these five councilmen are all african american's and they all voted against your best interest. heck they even declared this ordinance which denies you due process adopted the day after the martin luther king, jr., holiday. to justify it they used the town talk to make your communities look bad. we hereby nominate "some more negroes who are embarrassing the rest of us for all of white america to see" to the next edition of field negro's, semi-annual, the stepin fetchit awards (the coonies) alexandria, louisiana city councilmen: charles f. smith, jr., everett c. hobbs, louis marshall, roosevelt l. johnson and myron k. lawson

    heres the ordinance as published from the town talks website:

    ORDINANCE NO. 22-2007


    SECTION I: BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Alexandria, Louisiana, in legal session convened, that the Council hereby amends Section 13-22 of the City Code pertaining to abandoned vehicles.

    SECTION II: BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, etc., that the amendment is as follows:

    Sec. 13-22. Abandoned vehicle considered nuisance.

    Any motor vehicle which does not have lawfully affixed thereto, both an unexpired license plate or plates and a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate is an abandoned vehicle. Exceptions are as follows:

    (1) Race car.
    (2) Established antique car.
    (3) Military personnel on active duty.

    Any abandoned vehicle whether parked on city right-of-way, public, or private property shall be tagged by the police department and/or code enforcement officer for the city to be removed within ten (10) days. If at the end of the ten-day period the vehicle has not been removed, the police department and/or code enforcement officer for the city are hereby authorized to remove or cause to be removed the vehicle and cause the same to be impounded in a designated garage. All charges incurred in the removal of the vehicle and/or retrieval of the vehicle from the designated garage will be at the expense of the vehicle owner. Said vehicle may be subject to forfeiture for failure to claim based upon the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

    SECTION III: BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, etc., that this ordinance shall become effective upon signature by the Mayor, or, if not signed or vetoed by the Mayor, upon expiration of the time for ordinances to become law without a signature by the Mayor.

    SECTION IV: BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, etc., that if any provision or item of this ordinance or the application thereof is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions, items, or applications of this ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid provisions, items or applications, and to this end the provisions of this ordinance are hereby declared severable.

    SECTION V: BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED, etc., that all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed.

    THIS ORDINANCE was introduced on the 22nd day of December, 2006.

    NOTICE PUBLISHED ON THE 27th day of December, 2006.

    THIS ORDINANCE having been submitted in writing, introduced and published, was then submitted to a final vote as a whole, the vote thereon being as follows:

    YEAS: Smith, Hobbs, Marshall, Johnson, Lawson, Silver.

    NAYS: None.

    ABSENT: Fowler.

    AND THE ORDINANCE was declared adopted on this the 16th day of January, 2007 and final publication was made in the Alexandria Daily Town Talk on the 19th day of January, 2007.


    24 January 2007

    who's behind cenla antics & cenla gopac inc?

    the cenla antics so called blog must be a unit of the local republican political action committee called cenla gopac inc. heres why:

    the self admitted owner of the blog is one samuel "quint" carriere v. mr. carriere is named in louisiana sec'y of state filings as the director of the cenla gopac inc. its registered office address is:
    6205 bradford drive, alexandria, la 71303. the mailing address is: post office box 12445 alexandria, la 71303.

    the problem with cenla gopac is that they are even more (as if thats possible) incompetent than the national republican party. instead of being a blog to get their message out -- cenla antics rapidly morphed into the kind of blog thats full of gossip, venom, hate mongering, put downs and it promotes community divisiveness -- come to think of it perhaps that was their plan all along. how else does one explain comments such as these being allowed and apparently even encouraged:

    Anonymous said...
    Lamar's just a nigger loving crippled asshole with absolutely no experience. He's a blueblood who has had everything handed to him and probably graduated at the top of his class at Rice because his teachers felt sorry for him.

    Sunday, January 21, 2007 8:37:40 PM


    Anonymous said...
    Crippled people aren't real people.

    Sunday, January 21, 2007 8:35:26 PM

    screen grab here.

    the cenlagopac inc., website links to cenla antics blog and cenla antics blog links back to cenlagopac.org

    according to their website here is the most recent list of officers:

    * Wayne Ryan, Chairman
    * Larry Jeane, Vice Chairman
    * Garland Lawrence, Secretary
    * Chuck Tosten, Treasurer
    * Quint Carriere, Fundraising Chairman
    * Peter Moriarty, Precinct Chairman
    * Blake Cooper, Candidate Recruitment
    * Gena Gore, Community Outreach Director
    * Dallas Hixson, Volunteer Enlistment Chairman

    wayne ryan
    wayne edward ryan is a louisiana licensed (la lic no. 161888) insurance agent. amongst the lines mr. ryan represents are: american public life insurance company, hmo of louisiana, inc., boston mutual life insurance company and eleven more.

    larry jeane
    larry jeane is the elected city marshall of wards 9,10&11 rapides parish, louisiana. the question we have to ask is do we really want our elected officials to be associated with organizations such as cenla gopac inc. and cenla antics? the answer is of course no. marshall jeane should place himself on the pineville most wanted list. barring that, marshall jeane as an elected official for all the citizens of wards 9,10&11 needs to come out and publicly renounce cenla antics and cenla gopac, inc.and disassociate himself from both or resign his office of public trust.

    garland lawrence
    garland lawrence is a retired business executive with cleco hmm and after we took up for cleco in our cleco is being shafted post. looks like mr. lawrence found a new life in the consulting biz (dont they all?) see lawrence & associates consultants inc uh oh looks like he has a hand in the cleco retirees inc

    chuck tosten
    chuck tosten is a retired air force pilot. hmm mr. tosten must be the air force's equivalent of the united states navy's republican senator john mccain. mccain is of course the biggest phony in america.

    quint carriere a/k/a samuel "quint" carriere, v
    supposedly mr. carriere owns a local greasy spoon err coffee shop franchise called pj's coffee of new orleans, 4501 jackson street extension, suite f, alexandria, la we havent been able to locate what name or company this business is in. looks like we will have to make a trip to the rapides parish sales and use tax office to get a copy of its business license. mr. carriere together with his wife isabel v. carriere are owners of a corporation called venture funding, llc.
    ms. carriere, is also the vice president and treasurer of red river bancshares, inc., you might know it better as red river bank. ms. carriere is also a manager of rivermark properties llc., the registered agent of rivermark is one robert g. nida of the scandalous gold-weems law firm. why do we say the scandalous gold law firm?...well, ask the (at last count twenty plus) members of the ogden middleton victims net about the kind of legal ethics the gold firm practices.

    peter moriarty
    peter moriarty is the president of rapides symphony orchestra and if cenla antics and cenla gopac are any indication of the type of music mr. moriarity makes we'll take a pass.

    blake cooper

    gena gore
    a/k/a legena gore
    a/k/a "scarlett" on cenla antics
    gena gore is a principal of alpine lawn & landscape llc [website]and t & g trees llc
    "scarlett" also made this recent comment on cenla antics:
    Scarlett said...

    Quint - I'm not thanking you for your identity. I already knew it and have never thought it necessary that everyone know who you are in order to enjoy the blog. I do thank you for the blog and for being the constant strong willed person that you are.

    Monday, December 18, 2006 5:45:43 PM

    dallas hixson
    dallas hixson is a member of an old patrician family who made their fortune off of death and misery see hixson brothers funeral homes and looks like now they have branched out into the automobile bidness see hixson autoplex of alexandria, inc. its always good to have some charity involvement on your resume so mr. hixson is the director of the alexandria jaycees. having a massive family fortune is hell so he's the registered agent of the hixson family investment company, llc and hixson management, inc to keep track of it all. an anonymous email wrote to remind us of mr. hixsons' familys' cushy government contracts for cars (especially cop cars). oh horrors this just in via drudge: "ford posts worst loss in its history."

    now then, is this really the kind of people that you want to be associated with? is this the sort of characters you want knowing your personal business? why should we trust anyone that this cadre puts forth to be an elected official? the answer is obvious we shouldnt. in fact, doing business with this lot is about the same as giving a robber who's entering your home the very gun to use against you.

    where might we ask is our local media at? why isnt news channel 5 "with cameras rolling" camped out at p.j.s coffee shop or at this groups headquarters? why isnt the town talk exposing just what is going on here in cenla with the local republican party? why arent they finding out what gives these local republicans the right to post and publish such a hate filled, community divisive bunch of rubbish?

    could be the answer be because these people are all advertisers in the local media?

    and where is the local black leadership? where is the "good morning, good morning, good morning" preacher at? why isnt he demanding answers from the local republicans for their promotion of bigotry, hate and the vilest of name calling?

    even more importantly, why isnt the national republican party, louisiana's republican party and all the similar local republican pac's and republicans of good conscience (as if!) repudiating cenla gopac? to borrow a line from joseph welch which seems fitting here; to all republicans we ask: "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

    today the town talk even goes so far as to publish an editorial titled: "our view: embarrassed of louisiana? you should be." of course the town talk can only write a generic article. notice how the town talk never names names or gives any examples of what or who is behind their view of the so called corruption? this was noted by several of their story chat commentors as well.

    the town talk reminds us of that part in chris rock"s 1996 "bring the pain" stand-up comedy presentation where mr. rock is talking about how "niggers" will break into your house and steal your t.v. etc then when you call the police and the police are interviewing your neighbors none of them heard or saw anything -- mr. rock says with a flourish "you dont know shit cos you was doing shit" and that describes the town talk (as well as the rest of the local media) to a T.

    heres how we imagine a meeting goes at the cenla gopac headquarters:

    gopacker: "hey did you hear about john deaux?"

    gopacker2: "i read on our tee hee blog, that deaux and his family are having a few problems why?'"

    banker gopacker: "well as we all know the deaux family does all their banking with us and there has been some trouble with their accounts, their checking account is overdrawn a lot and i noticed on the credit card account that we issued them that there has been a lot of charges for internet porn sites and several large cash advances at the casino..."

    insurance agent gopacker: [see here or here] "well, you know i handle all of their insurance needs and i did some checking at the medical information bureau and turns out the wife has been in treatment twice for drugs and alcohol addiction, the daughter has had an abortion, the son has aids and ol john is being treated for manic depression and other disorders..."

    banker gopacker: "i wasnt going to mention this so soon but you know the deaux's have been in default on their mortage with our bank and they own some choicy real estate, well our lawyer and our judges and friends in the courthouse almost has everything drawn up and in place so that we can swoop in and take it over. it will make a nice addition to our properties portfolio..."

    car dealer gopacker: "you want to hear something funny last week the deaux's came in to deal on a new truck and every credit company we applied to turned them down flat. hell, even kip kipper's old company reliable finance wouldnt touch em."

    pest control company gopacker: "my guys tell me that deaux house is full of fleas and roachs...."

    head gopacker: raising his glass to offer a toast..."you know the deaux's notwithstanding, since we started this gop thing i think we can all agree that we've all really seen a spike in our respective businesses, plus we can watch and track nearly everyone in central louisiana especially our members and whoever said there is a sucker born every minute must have been from central louisiana"

    all the gopackers: clinking their glasses together "here! here! muahahaha"

    this isnt about stifling free-speech its about having something that all the citizens of cenla can be proud of. instead of tearing the community down why not have something where people can go and anonymously or whatever chat and debate about real issues? who in their right mind would recommend cenla antics to anyone?

    heres what chad rodgers editor and publisher of the dead pelican website said about cenla antics:
    "I can't believe anybody stays on it for longer than five seconds before saying "to hell with this." [...] With Republican operatives like that, no wonder we are a Democratic state."
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    updated 12:46 pm cst thursday 25 january 2007


    blogger to rapides sheriff race candidate bill robinson: not so fast!

    charlie789 over on his thoughts from rapides...blog calls rapides parish sheriff candidate bill robinson to account about "some discrepancies in his web page" regarding amongst other things the "pistol range and training center", "DOC halfway house", "The Internal Affairs Division" and female deputies. charlie also takes presumed but unannounced (at least to our knowledge) sheriff candidate chuck wagner to task.

    click the link to read more.

    other blogs discussing the rapides parish sheriff race include: tod-race blog and steel magnolia's sheriff race 2007.

    see also
    central la politics blog
    local blog shows inaccuracies in claims of sheriff candidate
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  • "robert from alexandria"

    the nutty professor?

    **updated** 6:54 pm cst wednesday 24 january 2007
    the hammond star has dr. hyde's version here.

    Hyde said this morning that he was the one who was cut and if police wanted to find him, they could have easily found him at his workplace.

    “I was the one who got 23 stitches in my arm,” Hyde said this morning. “It was the complete opposite of what the TV station said happened.”
    ----ORIGINAL POST----
    darn, we had been saving the title of this post for another nutty professor we have on our radar but maybe we can do "the nutty professor 2" or even..."another nutty professor."

    anyway, dr. samuel hyde, phd, seems to be one that believes his own work (dont they all?) given that hes publishing a book this spring called "Feuding is Our Means of Societal Regulation: Elusive Stability in Southeastern Louisiana's Piney Woods" and that must have been on his mind when he was stopped for a red light that turned green and some unfortunate soul had the audacity to blow his horn at dr. hyde.
    wafb snip:
    Police say Dr. Hyde flagged down that car, then ran over to it and started punching the driver.

    The victim pulled a knife to defend himself and in turn, police say Professor Hyde pulled a razor blade and sliced him on the arm.

    If you have any information to help find Professor Hyde, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

    click the link to read more.
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    the nutty professor (1963)
    the nutty professor (1996)


    23 January 2007

    city of pineville v gregory aymond

    this morning we noticed that the town talk has a story (see link) about the lawsuit the city of pineville has launched against local attorney and blogger greg aymond. chad over at the dead pelican even linked to the story. so we decided to venture to the courthouse and get our own copy of the lawsuit and all the pleadings. ya know, seems like it wasnt too long ago that the town talk published a story about all the various speed traps around cenla, although we arent implying that pineville is a speed trap, pineville did release to the town talk some traffic ticket information. it seems odd to us that pineville would be willing to let the local media peruse that information since it contains the names, addresses, offense, drivers license and/or social security numbers and other personal information of their offenders and yet pineville balks at releasing on of their own public officials email correspondence.

    we also have to note that according to the rapides parish clerk of court's website it costs $200.00 [153eur] just to file a civil suit. we dont know what mr. faircloth's legal fee schedule is but we can bet it isnt cheap. seems like pineville is spending an awful amount of the tax payers money to keep secret this correspondence when what they have already spent on the legal and filing fees would have already paid for the costs of assembling and disseminating the emails in question.

    click pictures to enlarge
    docket no. 226,484 division "c"
    page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    (added 11:33 am cst friday 02 february 2007)

    "A" pg 1 2

    "B" pg
    1 2

    "C" pg 1 2

    "D" pg 1 2

    "E" pg 1

    "F" pg 1

    "G" pg 1

    "H" pg 1
    aymond's answer and reconventional demand
    page 1 2 3 4
    pineville's answer to reconventional demand
    page 1 2
    aymond's motion for in camera inspection
    page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    pineville's opposition to motion for in camera inspection
    page 1 2 3
    pineville's admission of facts
    page 1 2
    timeline of events
    page 1
    pineville's answer to interrogatories