05 January 2007

karen carter corporate tool

in a recent post he captioned The wonderful results of strategic voting, nola blogging kingfish, oyster @ your right hand thief asked his readers:

And what's worse for business than Corruption and Crime? Tell me, please. What was it about Mitch Landrieu and Karen Carter that was worse for business than the re-election of Ineffective Nagin and Corrupt Jefferson? Again, I need to know.
this brought to mind a bill of representative carter's (hb250) we stumbled across the other day when we were looking for the relevant bill for our post here about the so called smokefree air act. we left a comment at oysters post and in it we mentioned hb250 then that got us to thinking about the bill....

as you can see representative carters hb250 deletes the requirement that only united states citizens be an officer or serve on the board of directors of certain insurance companies...

while we admit we missed the committee as well as the house and senate floor debate about this bill we cant see any good reason how repealing the citizenship requirement would benefit "we the people" can you? in fact it looks like it makes it easier for a fly-by-night insurer to come into the state defraud a lot of citizens and leave and there wont be anyone to arrest and prosecute (except perhaps some hapless insurance agents) because all the big wheels will be outside the country.

not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority louisiana state senators thought this was a good idea as well.

louisiana state senate vote
as did their partners in crime the louisiana state house of representatives.

louisiana state house of representatives vote

looking at all the instruments that representative carter filed in the 2006 regular session would suggest that she has an obsession with insurance legislation. of her forty total instruments thirty (75%) are related directly to insurance. sixteen of those forty were signed into law by governor blanco.

====get a load of representative carter's house concurrent resolution 75 (hcr75) to declare the week of 01 may - 07 may 2006 "cover the uninsured week in louisiana." one the one hand the legislature screws us over while simultaneously the other hand is introducing "atta boy" legislation. must be nice not to possess a conscience.

heres how representative carter was paid for supporting agriculture commissioner bob odom's, $45,000,000 [34,592,985 eur] lacassine syrup mill boondoggle: this affidavit representative carter filed to the louisiana state heh heh heh ethics board discloses that representative carter was paid $10,000 [7,689 eur] for serving as the bond underwriters counsel.

so while the residents of south louisiana and perhaps louisiana in general werent happy with this elections choice of candidates, they definitely made the right decision in reelecting wm. jefferson to congress.
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