15 January 2007

more new orleans judicial corruption

we received an email a couple of days ago from ms. barbara ann jackson inviting us to visit this website www.lawgrace.org "to see the 4th Circuit opinion dated December 20, 2006, and MANY OTHER facts & evidence which proves New Orleans cronyism and corruption. As an unprotected WHISTLE BLOWER who is facing motions for severe unjustified sanctions, including possibly jail and as a non-attorney pro se plaintiff, I would appreciate any help you could give me --INCLUDING MAKE MY STORY AS PUBLIC AS POSSIBLE, AND THUS I'LL BE LESS IN DANGER. I feel certain that you will see that what I have posted has merit. Please help me in whatever way you can thank you." we might add that dont you agree that its a pathetic indictment of the court system and the people of the state of louisiana when a fifty plus year old woman has to resort to putting her story out on the internet because of our corrupt louisiana court system?

After marrying a domestic abusive husband (year 2000). I was in a classic victim syndrome of hoping / thinking he would change. (I did not know until after marriage, what happened to his 2nd wife!)

I was / am a published author, and had been co-owner with my daughter of my 5-bedroom house for 7 years prior to this marriage, and had EXCELLENT CREDIT! When I began to seek relief through FAMILY COURT, I discovered the dirty game of judicial politics, social oppression, and court apartheid. My husband?s former attorney is the owner of the Jamaican Sunset cruises which provides junkets to New Orleans lawyers (read about Jamaican Sunset in Times Picayune newspaper). I endured / observed attorney DOLEY's despotic oppression and bad faith litigation for several years, as my husband was in & out of my life.

My husband beat me down emotionally, destroyed my earning capacities, and refused to contribute financially. My home went into foreclosure. I tried to get a court order for spousal relief, but attorney Doley prevented me and did other things to make bad situations worse.

At some point, I began attempting to contact the mortgage company which I was told had foreclosed on my home. The roadblocks in reaching that mortgage company led me to learn that company was defunct. Because I know civil procedure article 681, I knew my home could not be taken from me by use of that non-existence company. I also learned that countless properties throughout Louisiana are being confiscated under illegal means, and therefore those foreclosures are invalid (until lawfully perfected). ALSO, attorney Doley became somehow appointed as the "curator" in the sham foreclosure proceeding.

In fact, certain debt collectors, judges, lawyers, and others have for years been getting away with illegal "flipping" of real estate in New Orleans. Thus, I stumbled onto the serious White Collar crime. For such reasons, all sorts of harms have happened to me. I felt my safety and ultimate justice would come as a result of telling / showing the facts on the Internet.

ADDITIONALLY, while being displaced from New Orleans due to Katrina, I could not simply wait to return to the status quo of corruption. I TRULY believe that exposure of what is going on will do MUCH to make New Orleans, and the world a better place. I believe judicial corruption hurts everyone and every business.

AS AN UNPROTECTED WHISTLEBLOWER, I hope you can help KEEP SAFE, to get the truth out, obtain justice, and hopefully a law firm will respond to the public appeal on my site for legal representation. (Incidently, in its December 4-10, 2006 edition, the Louisiana Weekly Newspaper published my "letter to the editor" pertaining to Judicial Corruption. You can view it online. My picture is also posted on my website so you'll know I actually exist.) I hope this was helpful.


Barbara Ann Jackson