24 January 2007

who's behind cenla antics & cenla gopac inc?

the cenla antics so called blog must be a unit of the local republican political action committee called cenla gopac inc. heres why:

the self admitted owner of the blog is one samuel "quint" carriere v. mr. carriere is named in louisiana sec'y of state filings as the director of the cenla gopac inc. its registered office address is:
6205 bradford drive, alexandria, la 71303. the mailing address is: post office box 12445 alexandria, la 71303.

the problem with cenla gopac is that they are even more (as if thats possible) incompetent than the national republican party. instead of being a blog to get their message out -- cenla antics rapidly morphed into the kind of blog thats full of gossip, venom, hate mongering, put downs and it promotes community divisiveness -- come to think of it perhaps that was their plan all along. how else does one explain comments such as these being allowed and apparently even encouraged:

Anonymous said...
Lamar's just a nigger loving crippled asshole with absolutely no experience. He's a blueblood who has had everything handed to him and probably graduated at the top of his class at Rice because his teachers felt sorry for him.

Sunday, January 21, 2007 8:37:40 PM


Anonymous said...
Crippled people aren't real people.

Sunday, January 21, 2007 8:35:26 PM

screen grab here.

the cenlagopac inc., website links to cenla antics blog and cenla antics blog links back to cenlagopac.org

according to their website here is the most recent list of officers:

* Wayne Ryan, Chairman
* Larry Jeane, Vice Chairman
* Garland Lawrence, Secretary
* Chuck Tosten, Treasurer
* Quint Carriere, Fundraising Chairman
* Peter Moriarty, Precinct Chairman
* Blake Cooper, Candidate Recruitment
* Gena Gore, Community Outreach Director
* Dallas Hixson, Volunteer Enlistment Chairman

wayne ryan
wayne edward ryan is a louisiana licensed (la lic no. 161888) insurance agent. amongst the lines mr. ryan represents are: american public life insurance company, hmo of louisiana, inc., boston mutual life insurance company and eleven more.

larry jeane
larry jeane is the elected city marshall of wards 9,10&11 rapides parish, louisiana. the question we have to ask is do we really want our elected officials to be associated with organizations such as cenla gopac inc. and cenla antics? the answer is of course no. marshall jeane should place himself on the pineville most wanted list. barring that, marshall jeane as an elected official for all the citizens of wards 9,10&11 needs to come out and publicly renounce cenla antics and cenla gopac, inc.and disassociate himself from both or resign his office of public trust.

garland lawrence
garland lawrence is a retired business executive with cleco hmm and after we took up for cleco in our cleco is being shafted post. looks like mr. lawrence found a new life in the consulting biz (dont they all?) see lawrence & associates consultants inc uh oh looks like he has a hand in the cleco retirees inc

chuck tosten
chuck tosten is a retired air force pilot. hmm mr. tosten must be the air force's equivalent of the united states navy's republican senator john mccain. mccain is of course the biggest phony in america.

quint carriere a/k/a samuel "quint" carriere, v
supposedly mr. carriere owns a local greasy spoon err coffee shop franchise called pj's coffee of new orleans, 4501 jackson street extension, suite f, alexandria, la we havent been able to locate what name or company this business is in. looks like we will have to make a trip to the rapides parish sales and use tax office to get a copy of its business license. mr. carriere together with his wife isabel v. carriere are owners of a corporation called venture funding, llc.
ms. carriere, is also the vice president and treasurer of red river bancshares, inc., you might know it better as red river bank. ms. carriere is also a manager of rivermark properties llc., the registered agent of rivermark is one robert g. nida of the scandalous gold-weems law firm. why do we say the scandalous gold law firm?...well, ask the (at last count twenty plus) members of the ogden middleton victims net about the kind of legal ethics the gold firm practices.

peter moriarty
peter moriarty is the president of rapides symphony orchestra and if cenla antics and cenla gopac are any indication of the type of music mr. moriarity makes we'll take a pass.

blake cooper

gena gore
a/k/a legena gore
a/k/a "scarlett" on cenla antics
gena gore is a principal of alpine lawn & landscape llc [website]and t & g trees llc
"scarlett" also made this recent comment on cenla antics:
Scarlett said...

Quint - I'm not thanking you for your identity. I already knew it and have never thought it necessary that everyone know who you are in order to enjoy the blog. I do thank you for the blog and for being the constant strong willed person that you are.

Monday, December 18, 2006 5:45:43 PM

dallas hixson
dallas hixson is a member of an old patrician family who made their fortune off of death and misery see hixson brothers funeral homes and looks like now they have branched out into the automobile bidness see hixson autoplex of alexandria, inc. its always good to have some charity involvement on your resume so mr. hixson is the director of the alexandria jaycees. having a massive family fortune is hell so he's the registered agent of the hixson family investment company, llc and hixson management, inc to keep track of it all. an anonymous email wrote to remind us of mr. hixsons' familys' cushy government contracts for cars (especially cop cars). oh horrors this just in via drudge: "ford posts worst loss in its history."

now then, is this really the kind of people that you want to be associated with? is this the sort of characters you want knowing your personal business? why should we trust anyone that this cadre puts forth to be an elected official? the answer is obvious we shouldnt. in fact, doing business with this lot is about the same as giving a robber who's entering your home the very gun to use against you.

where might we ask is our local media at? why isnt news channel 5 "with cameras rolling" camped out at p.j.s coffee shop or at this groups headquarters? why isnt the town talk exposing just what is going on here in cenla with the local republican party? why arent they finding out what gives these local republicans the right to post and publish such a hate filled, community divisive bunch of rubbish?

could be the answer be because these people are all advertisers in the local media?

and where is the local black leadership? where is the "good morning, good morning, good morning" preacher at? why isnt he demanding answers from the local republicans for their promotion of bigotry, hate and the vilest of name calling?

even more importantly, why isnt the national republican party, louisiana's republican party and all the similar local republican pac's and republicans of good conscience (as if!) repudiating cenla gopac? to borrow a line from joseph welch which seems fitting here; to all republicans we ask: "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

today the town talk even goes so far as to publish an editorial titled: "our view: embarrassed of louisiana? you should be." of course the town talk can only write a generic article. notice how the town talk never names names or gives any examples of what or who is behind their view of the so called corruption? this was noted by several of their story chat commentors as well.

the town talk reminds us of that part in chris rock"s 1996 "bring the pain" stand-up comedy presentation where mr. rock is talking about how "niggers" will break into your house and steal your t.v. etc then when you call the police and the police are interviewing your neighbors none of them heard or saw anything -- mr. rock says with a flourish "you dont know shit cos you was doing shit" and that describes the town talk (as well as the rest of the local media) to a T.

heres how we imagine a meeting goes at the cenla gopac headquarters:

gopacker: "hey did you hear about john deaux?"

gopacker2: "i read on our tee hee blog, that deaux and his family are having a few problems why?'"

banker gopacker: "well as we all know the deaux family does all their banking with us and there has been some trouble with their accounts, their checking account is overdrawn a lot and i noticed on the credit card account that we issued them that there has been a lot of charges for internet porn sites and several large cash advances at the casino..."

insurance agent gopacker: [see here or here] "well, you know i handle all of their insurance needs and i did some checking at the medical information bureau and turns out the wife has been in treatment twice for drugs and alcohol addiction, the daughter has had an abortion, the son has aids and ol john is being treated for manic depression and other disorders..."

banker gopacker: "i wasnt going to mention this so soon but you know the deaux's have been in default on their mortage with our bank and they own some choicy real estate, well our lawyer and our judges and friends in the courthouse almost has everything drawn up and in place so that we can swoop in and take it over. it will make a nice addition to our properties portfolio..."

car dealer gopacker: "you want to hear something funny last week the deaux's came in to deal on a new truck and every credit company we applied to turned them down flat. hell, even kip kipper's old company reliable finance wouldnt touch em."

pest control company gopacker: "my guys tell me that deaux house is full of fleas and roachs...."

head gopacker: raising his glass to offer a toast..."you know the deaux's notwithstanding, since we started this gop thing i think we can all agree that we've all really seen a spike in our respective businesses, plus we can watch and track nearly everyone in central louisiana especially our members and whoever said there is a sucker born every minute must have been from central louisiana"

all the gopackers: clinking their glasses together "here! here! muahahaha"

this isnt about stifling free-speech its about having something that all the citizens of cenla can be proud of. instead of tearing the community down why not have something where people can go and anonymously or whatever chat and debate about real issues? who in their right mind would recommend cenla antics to anyone?

heres what chad rodgers editor and publisher of the dead pelican website said about cenla antics:
"I can't believe anybody stays on it for longer than five seconds before saying "to hell with this." [...] With Republican operatives like that, no wonder we are a Democratic state."
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