24 January 2007

the nutty professor?

**updated** 6:54 pm cst wednesday 24 january 2007
the hammond star has dr. hyde's version here.

Hyde said this morning that he was the one who was cut and if police wanted to find him, they could have easily found him at his workplace.

“I was the one who got 23 stitches in my arm,” Hyde said this morning. “It was the complete opposite of what the TV station said happened.”
darn, we had been saving the title of this post for another nutty professor we have on our radar but maybe we can do "the nutty professor 2" or even..."another nutty professor."

anyway, dr. samuel hyde, phd, seems to be one that believes his own work (dont they all?) given that hes publishing a book this spring called "Feuding is Our Means of Societal Regulation: Elusive Stability in Southeastern Louisiana's Piney Woods" and that must have been on his mind when he was stopped for a red light that turned green and some unfortunate soul had the audacity to blow his horn at dr. hyde.
wafb snip:
Police say Dr. Hyde flagged down that car, then ran over to it and started punching the driver.

The victim pulled a knife to defend himself and in turn, police say Professor Hyde pulled a razor blade and sliced him on the arm.

If you have any information to help find Professor Hyde, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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