31 January 2007

is the ouachita citizen a racist agenda driven rag?

in an editorial published yesterday and captioned "grandstanding in the big easy" (see link) we noticed how the first line began:

"U.S. Sens. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Barak Hussein Obama of Illinois paid a visit to New Orleans Monday."
naturally, we are curious as to why the editors chose, in this instance, to use senator obama's full name -- after all they didnt use senator joseph isadore lieberman's full name. it seems that the editors by printing "hussein" are subliminally suggesting that senator obama has some connection to saddam hussein or muslims (sen. obama is not muslim) or terrorism etc. tacky, tacky. especially when one considers that just eight days previously on 22 january 2007 the ouachita citizen's editor, sam hanna, in his editorial here practically called everyone who doesnt vote for or support la. governor candidate piyush "bobby" jindal a racist.

the rest of the editorial is wordsmithed in such a way as to berate governor blanco, the democratic party, senator obama who they called the democratic party's "darling child" and he "stole the show" the ouachita citizen even went to far as to call it a "dog and pony" show.

its a shame when several influential federal politicians come to louisiana to first hand investigate and familiarize themselves to the problems of south louisiana and are met by editorial writers and media wonks who are more interested in making political hay by taking rather lame ill constructed cheap shots, than in solving problems.