19 January 2007

GOPAC connected cenla antics all abuzz over lamar white

via central la politics blog:

The Cenla Antics Blog, which allows people to post anonymously and use whatever language they choose and any unsubstantiated lie they care to post, is "hotter than Hell" over the announcement that Mayor Roy has hired Cenla blog operator and property manager, Lamar White, Jr. to work on his staff. Lamar has made an announcement on his blog site at: http://cenlamar.wordpress.com/.

Lamar and his family have been the object of attack on Cenla Antics, since the beginning of the recent Alexandria mayoral campaign. Some of the anonymous posters on that blog have even made foul and totally uncivilized attacks upon Lamar's deceased father.

Several observations are made by this appointment, and the early diatribe against it on Antics. First and foremost, apparently Mayor Roy cares very little about the defamatory insults posted on Antics. Antics, which is owned by an officer of the local Republican GOPAC, Inc., and upon which many GOPAC members post upon, appears to have been a pro- Republican Delores Brewer blog. Some of the most vicious and false attacks upon, then, candidate Jacques Roy, were found upon that blog. Also, though many have known of Lamar's appointment for some time, the claiming to be in the know bloggers on Antics had no clue.
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