02 January 2007

"louisiana smokefree air act" act no. 815


dont be a sucker; fooled into thinking that louisiana's governor, legislature or government, in general, cares one whit about the health of the citizens of this state. if the governor and the legislature were so concerned with our health then why is hot wells which is owned by the state department of health and hospitals of all people, allowed to sit rotting? hot wells you might remember is a place that has healing mineral waters. common sense tells us that if good health was truly their concern then hot wells long ago would have been redeveloped and reopened as at the very least a gift to the people of this state and region. for an example of what the people here in louisiana could have, see the hot springs pool, glenwood springs, colorado.

no legislation like this is only designed to foist, by degrees, more governmental control over the everyday lives of the citizenry. if the legislature can get away with this then the next harebrained law they can think of will be that much more easily acceptable and we see examples of this over and over.

then look at the silly clown that introduced this law -- louisiana state senator robert "rob" marionneaux. you should read c.b. forgotston's commentary on him here complete with a link back to a lsu daily reveille article in which senator marionneaux admits that he has a problem when people begin to talk about what exactly he and his fellow criminals err legislators are up to. senator marionneaux says that when we start "editorializing" then it "becomes a problem."

if the truth was known which in louisiana is very rare then one reason for this legislation is the legislature's rather lame attempt to get us to live longer so they can steal more of our money and property.

should smoking be banned in restaurants? maybe so, but it should be the restaurateur's decision not governments. if a business owner sees that he is losing customers to a competing business because that business bans smoking then it should be his decision whether or not to follow suit.

by the way, as of todays date hurricane katrina struck new orleans 491 days ago and hurricane rita 465 days ago. the suffering all over south louisiana is still indescribable and this is the best that those jackasses down in baton rouge can come up with.

how the louisiana state senate voted
how the louisiana state house of representatives voted
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