17 January 2007

wacky winn parish

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this morning we noticed that someone from the la. department of public safety arrived at our post louisiana pot farmers beware which in itself isnt unusual.

what piqued our interest however, is that the dps officer, agent, personnel, whatever they are, was googling: "
marijuana plants seized louisiana 2006."

naturally, we are always curious to see what our
page rank is in the search engines and how people find us and if you click marijuana plants seized louisiana 2006 up there, you can see what the dps googler saw.

no. 4. No. 40569-KA COURT OF APPEAL SECOND CIRCUIT STATE OF LOUISIANA ... (see link) caught our attention so we decided to check it out and were we ever surprised at what we read...

click here or link to download eight page .pdf
someone called the louisiana state police to report that there was marijuana growing at a rural area of winn parish, louisiana. so the state police, at a cost of thousands of dollars, promptly put a helicopter in the air to check it out.

they spotted one marijuana plant near a fence row and they promptly sent in the storm troopers led by a state police lieutenant named richard horton.

to make a long story short they found ONE single solitary marijuana plant growing in a five gallon bucket. the object of this massive air and land operation one steven lynn broadway, eventually pleaded guilty to attempted marijuana cultivation and was sentenced to -- get this -- prison for seven and one half years at hard labor. yeah thats right 7 1/2 years at hard labor for one marijuana plant. (and yeah we are talking about 2005 not 1955

do you realize that armed robbers, rapists, spouse beaters and other dregs of society do not receive such harsh sentences? as an example heres a times-picayune story chad over at the dead pelican linked to today that shows where a child pornographer received only six and a half years in prison. see laplace journalist sentenced to 6 years for child pornography.

how many thousands of dollars is it costing tax payers to lock this guy up for seven and a half years? and to what end? whats it costing society by locking this guy up and letting real criminals go free?

what the hell is the matter with the people in this state? with this states' legislature? we know people from the governor's office, the state legislature, the department of corrections and other state agencies stop by here from time to time and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing grave and grievous injustices like this to take place.

this guy should have his sentence commuted or be outright pardoned by the governor immediately! five, ten, fifteen no more than thirty days in the parish jail is way plenty of punishment for this "offense."

these three idiots are not fit to judge a hog wallowing:"judge" d. milton moore iii 2nd circuit bio / state bar info

"judge" gay c. gaskins 2nd circuit bio / state bar info

"judge" harmon drew, jr. 2nd circuit bio / state bar info

besides these three so called appeals court justices, everyone else connected to this outrage should be turned out of office. especially, the winn parish district attorney martin s. sanders, iii, the assistant district attorney james e. lewis and eighth judicial district court "judge" jim w. wiley.