20 January 2007

wheels up

5:17 pm cst well, the saints lost but it was a great year. it was probably the weather and statistics as well as turnovers -- before the game fox sports said that domed teams were 0-9 in beating outdoor teams in championship games. in the past fox sports has said that teams that make four or more turnovers almost always lose. the saints had at least four turnovers that we know of.
new orleans saints 14 @ chicago bears 39
updated 21 january 2007 the alexandria daily town talk has saints photo galleries for you to view...

according to the new orleans saints official website (see link) the saints are enroute to the windy city.
tomorrows championship game at chicago bears should prove to be a very emotional experience for all. kick off is sunday 21 january 2007 at 2:00 pm cst. according to the nfl website nfl.com/schedules the game will be televised on fox.