12 January 2007

sen adley's sb655 declared unconstitutional

M.J. Farms Ltd. v. ExxonMobil Corp.
we first blogged about this bill all the way back on 09 may 2006 in a post we captioned sb655 sen robert r adley & louisiana ethics. so the purpose of this post is to give kudos to catahoula parish's judge kathy j. johnson for having the intestinal fortitude in striking down this self serving garbage legislation. in this story, via the town talk, we see that are our self serving louisiana legislators ashamed of passing unconstitutional legislation? oh, no no no instead their response is to attack the judge and the citizens of the area in and for which the ruling is made -- infreakingcredible. what we really need is a law which would upon a piece of legislation being declared unconstitutional require the author and co-sponsers and whoever voted for it to resign from the legislature. that would put a stop to this foolishness. such a law would be a good idea for the united states congress as well.

town talk snip:
Adley said the judge’s “ridiculous” ruling was made in a “little town, localized court system” that is indicative of the kind of favorable ruling for local landowners that local courts had unfairly adjudicated in legacy site cases in the past.
see link.

hmm lets see which legislators if our law was in place this ruling would rid us of:

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members of the louisiana state senate who vote for unconstitutional legislation
vote link here.
members of the louisiana state house of representatives who vote for unconstitutional legislation
vote link here.
note: this lawsuit ruling will probably have to go through the appeals process before a final judgment is rendered.
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