14 January 2007

tip-toe through the term limits

good grief these louisiana politicians remind us so much of the creature encountered by sinbad during his fifth voyage the way it was ensconced upon sinbad's back with its spindly little legs wrapped around his throat.

according to julie b. robinson in the beauregard daily news (see link) state representative john smith who is term limited (from the state house) will run instead for the state senate. representative smith is quoted as saying:

“I think it is absolutely paramount that we not have a new house member and a new senator at the same time,” Smith, who represents House District 30, said. “We lose everything for four to six years. There's too much to learn, and there are too many things to interfere with projects. It's just not a good situation. We need the continuity, in my opinion, of at least one legislator with experience all the time.”
we couldnt disagree more. replacing all these parasites with new representatives and senators is exactly why term limits were enacted.

looking back at rep smith's filed instruments the past few years shows that he is big on filing commendations. which when you think about ii might not be such a bad thing after all. take for instance hcr315 which commends the dixie darling cloggers for their outstanding accomplishments. then their is hcr320 which commends miriam molani for being named the 2004 louisiana junior/middle school student of the year.

too bad his hb1226 wasnt enacted into law. this bill would have made it legal to hunt deer with crossbows. crossbows shouldnt even be illegal in the first place. unfortunately the bill never made it out of the house natural resources committee.