29 June 2010

deepwater horizon oil catastrophe day 72

america has just announced after more than 70 days that its ready to accept assistance from 12 foreign countries.

danny schechter, with mediachannel.org says that after all the experiments they tried to cap the well ... failing, "their faith in the relief wells is now being tested."


"red tape, including bp's stance, is preventing other companies who volunteered oil collection boats are being rebuffed, by bp and the coast guard according to a french company as reported in new orleans.

even as local officials complain that not enough boats or vessels have been deployed to collect the oil in water before it hits land. this is a big issue about whether to reach out to people in other countries."


WTNT31 KNHC 300231
1000 PM CDT TUE JUN 29 2010


LOCATION...23.1N 94.8W
~ hurricanes.gov


21 June 2010

the longest day of the year 2010; summer

UPDATED with a short news report about the summer solstice at stonehenge.
read more from the london telegraph


druids at stonehenge on the summer solstice
photo: the wild hunt happy summer solstice 2007

June 21 - The Summer Solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere at 11:28 UT [6:28 am CDT]. The Sun is at its highest point in the sky and it will be the longest day of the year. This is also the first day of summer.
71301 Weather Forecast for Monday, June 21
photo: pushing up the daisies

Sunrise: 6:06 AM

Sunset: 8:17 PM

Plentiful sunshine. Very hot. Heat index near 110F [43C]. High near 100F [38C]. Winds light and variable.

Evening: A mostly clear sky. Low 74F [23C]. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph [8 - 16kmph].


20 June 2010

overseas eliane

click picture to enlarge
the marshall islands flagged tanker ship m/v "overseas eliane" lies at anchor at the port of greater baton rouge, louisiana, friday evening 18 june 2010.

in the background can be seen a bit of the lsu tiger [death valley] stadium.


18 June 2010

deepwater horizon oil catastrophe: oil rain possibly debunked

last night we ran across a cbs news report "will hurricanes help gulf oil spill clean-up?" the scientists that they interviewed are sure that, scientifically, oil cannot get into the rain; if so, its great news; we hope they're right!

cbs gave dr. kristen corbosiero, ucla assistant professor of atmospheric sciences, a short quote "the oil does not get into rainfall. it would not rain oil." unfortunately, they didnt allow her to explain why and didnt explain why elsewhere in the article.

so we emailed her, told her we live about 200 miles north of new orleans more in the center of the state and how the report had left out the reason why and to please tell us why.

this morning dr. corbosiero replied with a little better detail:


For oil to become part of the Earth's water cycle (evaporation from the oceans, condensation to form clouds and then precipitation) it would have to evaporate and condense at close to the same temperatures as water does. Oil does not do this; only water. Thus, water may leave the surface of the gulf, but not the oil; it will remain behind.

Thank you for your question.

Kristen L. Corbosiero, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
the 1979 hurricane that went through a 140 million gallon oil spill mentioned in the news report was possibly hurricane henri. if you know for sure please let us know.
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    17 June 2010

    piyush scam to veto SB 407 drivers license tax repeal

    mcpherson: piyush a credit snatching "whore"

    UPDATE: email from c.b. forgotston 9:18 pm cdt friday 18 june 2010:
    According to a press release this evening from Bobby Jindal's office sent at 8:53 PM

    Jindal has signed into law Senate Bill No. 407 by Sen. Joe McPherson.

    SB 407 repeals the the illegal Driver's License Tax and refunds the money already paid.

    Thanks for your contacts to the governor's office today. Bobby got the message.


    UPDATE 9:55 am cdt friday 18 june 2010:

    phone call to 1866-366-1121 the governor's office about his potential veto of SB 407:

    link to audio/download page
    1866-366-1121 - toll free

    you will be asked to leave your name, phone number, mailing address and what you want the governor to do.
    Last night in their haste to get out the word about Bobby Jindal's veto of the driver's license tax repeal, the Crack Mullet Research Staff hit the wrong key on the number of Senator Joe McPherson's legislation.

    The correct number of the repeal legislation is SB 407.

    Since they were working overtime the staff has only been given a mild reprimand.

    Apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

    email from c.b. forgotston:
    Information has just come to my attention that Bobby Jindal will veto Senate Bill No. 407 by Senator Joe McPherson. The bill repeals the illegal tax on our driver's licenses.

    There are enough votes in both houses of the Lege to override the veto if the leges are in Session. Unfortunately, they won't be!

    Jindal is going to use an interpretation of the procedure set forth in the state constitution to actually deliver the veto message to the leges AFTER they adjourn Sine Die on Monday at 6:00 PM.

    Thus, in order for the leges to override the veto it would require a special veto session. That isn't going to happen.

    Despite all of Jindal’s anti-tax rhetoric, by vetoing this bill will be proof that he favors higher taxes.

    If you think this veto is wrong and that this sneak attack by Jindal is even worse call the governor's office and let him know you don't like it.

    The governor's office phone number is (225)342-7015 or (866)366-1121 (Toll Free).
    Fax No. is: (225)342-7099

    There's no time to waste!


    the 16 march 2010 committee meeting chaired by senator mcpherson. among other things, it took state police testimony relative to the drivers license tax increase scam.

    public hearing to hear testimony relative to the increased cost to obtain a louisiana driver's license (march 16, 2010) link to video watch/download page.
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    head pentecostal g.a. mangun goes home

    via cenlanews.com

    the pentecostals from their website report that their pastor died early this morning 17 june 2010, aged 91.

    we guess this wouldnt be a good time to ask the pentecostals to pay to repair the levee where their parking lot is located eh?
    UPDATE obituary from hixson brothers:

    Reverend Gerald Archie Mangun

    Born: March 11, 1919

    Died: June 17, 2010

    Services: A graveside service will be held Wednesday, June 23rd at 10:00 a.m., with final comments and prayer by Reverends Jim Shoemake, Randy Keyes, and Jeff Hennigan. Following a brief gathering in the POA Sanctuary, a procession will depart from The Pentecostals of Alexandria at 9:30 a.m... Interment will be at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Ball, Louisiana.

    Visitation: Visitation will be Tuesday, June 22nd from Noon-6:00 p.m. in the Main Sanctuary of The Pentecostals of Alexandria. The memorial service will begin at 6:00 p.m. that evening. Among the officiants will be the following ministers: John Alley, David Bernard (UPCI General Superintendent), Bruce Howell (UPCI Foreign Missions Director), Kevin Cox (UPCI District Superintendent of Louisiana), Kenneth Phillips (Austin, Texas), Terry Shock, and T. F. Tenney.

    Reverend Gerald Archie Mangun passed from this life on Thursday, June 17, 2010, in Alexandria, Louisiana. Born on March 11, 1919 in LaPaz, Indiana, he was 91 years of age.

    He is preceded in death by his parents (Walter Mangun and Bertha Birk Mangun) and four of his six siblings: (Woodrow Riddle, Mildred (Mangun) Shock, Gladys (Mangun) Starkweather, Grace (Mangun) Coleman).

    He is survived by his wife, Vesta Layne (Gibson) Mangun and only son, G. Anthony Mangun (wife, Mickey Mangun). He will be missed by his two grandchildren, Miquell (Mangun) Hennigan (husband, Jeffrey Hennigan) and Gentry Mangun, as well as two great grandchildren: Eva Mykayle Hennigan and Gibson David Hennigan. His two remaining sisters, Dr. Ruth Holland (Columbus, Indiana) and Martha Spencer (Plainwell, Michigan) also mourn his passing.

    After graduating from Lincoln High School in Plymouth, Indiana, in 1938, G. A. Mangun attended Apostolic Bible Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was ordained as a minister in 1942. (He received an Honorary Doctorate from A.B.I. in 1986.) On September 10, 1943 he married Vesta Layne Gibson. For just a little over seven years, this couple traveled extensively across the United States sharing the Gospel message. Their only son, Anthony, was born in January of 1950.

    In June of 1950, G. A. Mangun was elected Pastor of the First United Pentecostal Church in Alexandria, Louisiana (now known as The Pentecostals of Alexandria). At the time, the small church building at 16th and Day Streets was the church home to a congregation of 38 adult members. Today, the church campus on Rapides Avenue includes a Family Life Center, the G. A. Mangun Center auditorium and education building, and a main sanctuary seating 3,000.

    From July 25, 1950, the day the Mangun’s moved to Alexandria, until the day of his passing, G. A. Mangun was a man committed to prayer and the furtherance of the Gospel - in Alexandria, in Louisiana, in the United States, in the world. His love and commitment had no bounds. A few years ago, teaching a class of young men aspiring to ministry, he said, “At 85 years of age I still spend no less than two to four hours a day in prayer - still pursuing a greater degree of intimacy with Jesus Christ. Everything about me springs from a single source, from one aim: ‘to preach Jesus Christ and His gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth and to influence yet another generation for Jesus Christ.’”

    Over the course of his lifetime in Alexandria, he served as Chaplain for the Louisiana State Police (Troop E), the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department, and the Civil Air Patrol. He is a long-standing member of the Rapides Parish Airport Authority and the Alexandria Port Authority. He also served as a member of the St. Francis Cabrini Hospital’s Advisory Board. He was a respected member of the clergy in Central Louisiana and was frequently called upon to participate in building dedications and other official city and community events. He officiated at the first burial in Alexandria Memorial Gardens.

    From 1951-2007, he served as the Presbyter over United Pentecostal Churches in the Louisiana District’s Section 7, comprised of approximately 35 churches in the Central Louisiana parishes. As Presbyter, he served as a member of the District Board of the Louisiana District United Pentecostal Church. He became the longest tenured District Board member in any District in United Pentecostal Church history, a record still unbroken. Following his retirement, he was named as an Honorary Member of that Board.

    While leading his local church, and serving on various committees and on the Board of the Louisiana District, Bishop Mangun also served the United Pentecostal Church International as a member of the Foreign Missions Board from 1982 until the present. In 1986-87, he served a single term as an Executive Presbyter of the UPCI General Board.

    Commemorating Bishop Mangun’s 70th birthday, then City of Alexandria Mayor Ned Randolph declared March 11, 1989 “G. A. Mangun Day” in Central Louisiana. In 2002, the Louisiana National Guard presented G. A. Mangun with a Civilian Service Medal for his service to our community and nation. In September 2004, he was inducted into the United Pentecostal Church International’s “Order of the Faith,” – a prestigious award of the UPCI honoring Bishop Mangun “for outstanding achievement and exemplary service.” Through the years he received other awards, honors, commendations and citations too numerous to name here.

    During the brief time of his illness, the church’s website and the Gerald Archie Mangun FaceBook page, have been inundated with expressions of love and care, and testimonies from countless individuals whose lives were touched by G. A. Mangun. He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed by his church family and anyone who was privileged to know him.

    Visitation will be Tuesday, June 22nd from Noon-6:00 p.m. in the Main Sanctuary of The Pentecostals of Alexandria. The memorial service will begin at 6:00 p.m. that evening. Among the officiants will be the following ministers: John Alley, David Bernard (UPCI General Superintendent), Bruce Howell (UPCI Foreign Missions Director), Kevin Cox (UPCI District Superintendent of Louisiana), Kenneth Phillips (Austin, Texas), Terry Shock, and T. F. Tenney.

    Pallbearers will be: Larry Clark, Wesley Garrett, Jeffrey Hennigan, Bruce LeBlanc, Anthony Mangun, Gentry Mangun, Gary Maxwell, Donald McKellar, Paul Nordstrom, and Terry Shock. Honorary pallbearers will be members of the Louisiana District Board and the Foreign Missions Board of the United Pentecostal Church International.

    A graveside service will be held Wednesday, June 23rd at 10:00 a.m., with final comments and prayer by Reverends Jim Shoemake, Randy Keyes, and Jeffrey Hennigan. Following a brief gathering in the POA Sanctuary, a procession will depart from The Pentecostals of Alexandria at 9:30 a.m.. Interment will be at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Pineville, Louisiana.

    In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to The Pentecostals of Alexandria (PO Box 8838 - Alexandria, LA 71306) and will be designated for the Cuba Mission/G. A. Mangun Memorial Bible School. On-line condolences can be expressed at www.thepentecostals.org or www.hixsonbrothers.com.


    16 June 2010

    state of louisiana provides nice rides

    click picture to enlarge
    this is a reader submitted photo. our emailer indicates that this is a take home unit. we wonder who in the world warrants an expensive lincoln aviator and why is the allegedly cash-strapped state of louisiana purchasing them and from whom? couldnt a less expensive suv do?


    15 June 2010

    speed trap woodworth, la. again

    wst... note: below is a comment about speed trap woodworth, louisiana, left today at the linked post. this comment was left by someone using a computer -- the ip number of which, resolves to an isp in kuwait. referral logs show it was using www.google.com.kw to search "city of woodworth louisiana"

    we're not posting this just because we believe that this soldier and/or his wife should be or have been given special consideration but because we are against speeding and traffic tickets in general. we believe that a ticket should only issue if and when someone causes a wreck. everyone else leave them alone.

    Enraged Soldier commented on woodworth louisiana speed trap capital of the free world

    I am a Captain in the United States Army Reserve and am currently in Kuwait, on my second deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    My wife was just passing through Woodworth on her way back home, after dropping off our 2 sons for camp at Camp Beauregard.

    She was using a GPS to try and navigate her way back home and was completely turned around and lost. While she was trying to figure out where she was, she passed a Woodworth police officer, who pulled out behind her and stopped her.

    I was on the phone with her when he pulled her over and was witness to a shameful display of what I guess Woodworth considers serving the community. ( I am a Police Officer in Southwest Louisiana and am very familiar with the reputation of the Speed Trap Capital of the state, also known as Woodworth)

    I listened in total disgust and complete embarrassment to MY profession to hear how rude and heartless this officer (who by the way identified himself as the Chief of Police) treated my wife, especially after she tried to explain to him that I was a deployed soldier and fellow police officer and that she was lost and was just trying to find her way home.
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    lindsey williams on deepwater horizon oil catastrophe 14 june 2010

    link to audio download page

    we first posted about lindsey williams and the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe back on 16 may 2010 here.

    on 11 may 2010, mr. williams appeared on the jeff rense radio program. he said by way of background that he went to the alaska oilfields in the early '70s as a baptist missionary and wound up becoming the alaska pipeline's chaplain as well as an executive in the pipeline company.

    this status afforded him the opportunity to meet on friendly terms many of the top leaders and "movers & shakers" of the oil industry.

    since then, hes remained friendly with at least one of those who mr. williams' refers to as "my elitist friends" that often lets him know what "they" have planned for the world.

    could sound flaky for-sure, in mr. williams 11 may interview he pointed out something that got our attention in that bp, the media, etc, never report the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe well head pressure.

    back then in his interview it had "only" been three weeks to the day of the catastrophe and so he hadnt had the opportunity to get in contact with his oil industry friends ... however by last nights show he had and this is what he says he learned:

    mr. williams had talked to some of his friends including a retired executive with atlantic richfield who put him in touch with two bp managers. mr. williams says that he then contacted a halliburton worker who was on the rig a matter of hours before the catastrophe.

    everyone of them told him the same story.

    the oil that's coming up in the gulf out of that gusher is not the most dangerous part of the catastrophe. oil destroys the ecosystem and animal life that's bad enough but breathing in the gases pouring out pose an even greater threat to humankind.

    this all started in the '70s with the russian's and their kola sg 3 super deep well. the russian's drilled down 40,230 feet [12,262 meters] and discovered oil. since then they've successfully drilled and placed into production 310 similar deep wells; last year russia overtook saudia arabia as the worlds single biggest oil producer and is now set to dominate the oil industry.

    the russians drilling rewrote the book about oil. they learned that there is no such thing as peak oil and oil is not a fossil fuel. oil is actually abiotic oil thats oil replenishing itself from an unknown chemical process that is taking part somewhere in the heart of the earth, they now know that this is way beyond the depth where plant and animal matter would exist to create "fossil fuel."

    so bp was trying to do the same thing and drill a super deep well like the russians. only thing was the russians had the sense to do their drilling on land and not in the gulf of mexico from a floating platform in water 5,000 feet deep drilling down between 25,000 - 30,000 feet [7,620 - 9,144 meters] on the edge of human technology.

    they unexpectedly drilled into something under such high pressure they cant contain it. its catastrophic. his source at bp also told him it burst every safety valve.

    mr. williams says that when he worked for the alaska oil company he saw many oil wells brought in and the first thing they would ever tell when an oil well was brought in was its flow rate - "they were checking to see how many barrels of oil." and immediately after that they would give the well head pressure.

    mr. williams says that nowhere has anyone in the media or any authoritative source told the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe well head pressure.

    mr. williams says that the oil well head pressure in the prudhoe bay, alaska wells averaged around 1,500 psi. the deepwater horizon well head pressure mr. williams sources at bp etc told him is between 20,000 - 70,000 psi. "this is beyond human technology," to deal with.

    a bp management source told him that the fail safe valve located at the top of the well was known to have been warped and damaged and needed changing prior to the catastrophe but they didnt do it.

    mr. williams says that the highest flow rate that his friends will own up to is 4,000,000 gallons [15,141,648 liters] of oil per day but he thinks its probably much more.

    there is also an issue as to what happens when this huge chamber or cavern of oil finally empties and the sea water pours back into it.


    14 June 2010

    jacques barack: the town talk waxes nonsensical

    good stuff.

    why yes, we stole the phrase "waxes nonsensical" from this recent post at slabbed.



    deepwater horizon oil catastrophe: carcinogenic gases measurable onshore

    what happens when oil compounds break down and go airborne

    4wwl reports: seven monitoring stations mainly in the parishes of st. bernard and plaquemines as well as a mobile truck have been taking air quality samples in louisiana since at least late april, early may, days after the deepwater horizon explosion..

    on 02 may 2010 (12 days from the explosion that as of this post is still unresolved at day 55) the station at venice (plaquemines parish) recorded hydrogen sulfide in the air at the rate of 30 parts per billion. the next day the rate had jumped up to 1,192ppb only to go back down again to 46 then spiked again to 1,010 on 05 may.

    according to the report a "normal level" exposure ranges from 5 - 10 parts per billion. some reports we've read about benzene say that since it is such a toxic carcinogenic -0- is the only acceptable exposure level. (three page .pdf 323 kb).

    wilma subra a chemist at new iberia believes from her labs analysis that the air quality is far more dire and says that

    "they're [levels] there at a little over the levels that you would expect to start getting those health impacts and so that is of concern that the people understand what is there and understand that if they start getting the health impacts they should take precautions to move out of the area."
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    red river at moncla bridge sunday 13 june 2010

    click picture to enlarge

    atchafalaya river bridge simmesport, la 13 june 2010


    louisiana mourning dove

    mourning dove zenaida macroura

    a local mourning dove

    every year around labor day lots of people look forward to the opening of the dove season kicking off the start of fall and the hunting season.

    it turns out that, many farmers and game managers plant for doves. millets and sunflowers seem to be especially enjoyable to doves.

    in 2007 - 2008 at camp beauregard wma, in rapides parish - their dove field was planted in around 10 acres of millet.

    sherburne wma, in point coupee parish, planted 40 acres of browntop millet.

    beauregard parish had a 600 acre tract of private land made available to the public through the cooperation of the landowners and ldwf for public hunting on opening day only.

    bodcau wma, in bossier parish had 75 acres of managed fields of native vegetation and sunflower.

    many other wma's plant and manage for doves. ~ source 2008 louisiana department of wildlife & fisheries .pdf

    it appears that doves are pretty well respected and provided for here in louisiana; dove hunters have an abundance of choices in harvesting doves on either public or private land.

    this is the kind of "economic development" we're on about;

    the louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries has volumes of information to help you out: Dove Field Preparation and Management in Louisiana


    12 June 2010

    electronic voter fraud suspected in mysterious south carolina open primary vote

    brad blog excerpt:

    Nobody in the South Carolina Democratic Party had ever heard of Alvin Greene, the jobless candidate for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, before he reportedly defeated state legislator Vic Rawl last Tuesday.

    That, despite the jobless candidate's lack of actual campaigning, campaign website, or even spending any money on a campaign as far as anyone can tell.

    And there remain questions at this hour, as to where he even came up with the $10,400 filing fee to get on the ballot in the first place.

    Staggering 59 to 41 victory for Greene;

    'Staggering' E-Vote 'Red Flags'

    So, what else, besides or in addition to the "plant" theory, could account for Greene's remarkable "victory"?

    South Carolina uses ES&S' 100% unverifiable Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, in this case touch-screen) voting machines at the polling place.

    The machines, also used in many other states (such as Arkansas, where we recently reported exclusively on the disappearance of thousands of votes on May 18th, which neither state or local officials are able to explain to this day) are both oft-failed and easily manipulated in such a way that it's almost impossible to detect the systems have been gamed.

    As we've written, nearly every time there is an election in South Carolina, whoever the machines end up announcing as the "winner", will likely be the winner, since there is literally no way to guarantee that even a single vote ever cast on such machines was actually recorded as per the voter's intent.

    It's an insane way to run a democracy, as The BRAD BLOG has spent years, and literally thousands of articles, trying to point out. ~ read more
    it is hard to imagine that a candidate who did no campaigning would receive 59% of the vote. one possible explanation is that whoever was responsible for programming the electronic voting machines made a mistake and actually programmed the vote to go to mr. greene instead.

    louisiana also uses the touch-screen electronic voting machine fraud, although, apparently not the same brand as south carolina.

    in the summer of 2006 with no advance public notice or public input the louisiana sec'y of state foisted electronic voter fraud on rapides parish (and the rest of the state). the local news media, such as kalb, reported one day that rapides parish had received their new electronic touch-screen voting machines and that was that.

    amazingly, there wasnt then and to this day never been any public outcry.

    about a month ago, moon griffon, on his statewide radio program, spent an inordinate amount of time, moonin'-n-coonin' over how great it is that we have to show photo identification to vote -- when all this is, is a scam to get even more people and their personal information into federal and state databases, as well as to condition the people into accepting this "your papers please" nazification of amerika.

    mr. griffon, as well as all the other so called conservative and so called liberal "pundits" never talk about these insidious electronic voting machines.

    josef stalin is reported to have said
    "those who cast the votes decide nothing. those who count the votes decide everything."
    although, this website claims that there is some dispute as to whether or not stalin actually uttered this statement -- its still true.


    11 June 2010

    living colour

    "cult of personality"
    i sell the things you need to be, i'm the smiling face on your t.v., i exploit you; still you love me, i tell you one and one makes three.

    "glamour boys"
    the glamour boys live off their ambitions. the glamour boys have it all figured out. a very,very, dubious position, when you got no pride.

    "open letter (to a landlord)"
    you got to fight, you got the right, you've got to fight for your neighbourhood.
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    deepwater horizon oil catastrophe: new bp corporate logos

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    10 June 2010

    uh oh yet another comet is coming

    Skywatcher Michael Jäger of Stixendorf, Austria, took this photo of the newfound comet McNaught C/2009 R1 on June 6, 2010, while the comet was visible in the northeastern morning sky. Full Story. Credit: Michael Jäger

    in ancient times, babylonian astronomers began to connect the appearance of a comet in the sky to the death of a king. see the great comet and the death of kings by david talbott

    The third century Christian theologian Origen cites the comet as heralding a change in dynasties. It was a common "belief that the comet of AD 336 had announced the death of the great emperor Constantine."

    In connection with the assassination of Julius Caesar, it was said, a comet had appeared in the sky. [...]
    According to Synesius, writing in the fourth century A.D., a comet means great disaster: "And whenever these comets appear, they are an evil portent, which the diviners and soothsayers appease.

    They assuredly foretell public disasters, enslavements of nations, desolations of cities, deaths of kings."
    space.com excerpt:
    Comet McNaught is expected to pass closest to the sun (perihelion) on July 2, at a distance of 37 million miles (60 million km). This sky map shows where to look in order to spot the comet in the morning sky.

    The comet is visible now for people with dark skies away from urban and suburban lighting. By mid-June it may be an easy skywatching target for most people. ~ read more


    09 June 2010

    new kalb reporter needs a puppy dog

    someone please do something about this "unaffordable pet fee" and get this gal a puppy. thanks. ~ link


    ministers of economic development ceremony

    pineville, la. attorney michael t. johnson of the johnson, siebeneicher & ingram firm, recently helped install mr. willie dunkley as chairman of the ministers of economic development.

    according to everythingcenla.com, "the installation ceremony was held sunday, june 6, at st. matthew baptist church in boyce."

    in 2004, the (14) ministers began by preaching sermons that focused "on reverence for god, respect for parents and regard for the law."

    “As long as we were preaching these topics, crime went down,” said Rev. Green. “Chief (Darren) Coutee didn’t believe it would work, but he had to come back to us to say that the crime statistics showed a decrease. As soon as we quit preaching those topics, crime went back up.”
    moed also works with the chamber of commerce as well as providing clergy to st. francis cabrini hospital and the rapides parish school board. ~ read more


    07 June 2010

    deepwater horizon oil catastrophe: ksyl caller becky: google reveals legitimate "shit" out there to gobble up the oil spill

    link to audio download page

    frequent caller "becky" to alexandria, louisiana's ksyl am 970 talk radio station, lets us know that she has googled "enzymes gobble oil" to learn that there is a lot of "legitimate" "shit" out there to "gobble up" the oil.

    see also
    ksyl's bob madison punk'd
    so called conservative talk radio host bob madison is for red light scameras
    ksyl clips from the day steve coco was fired
    and also
    deepwater horizon oil catastrophe 2010
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    deepwater horizon oil catastrophe: florida senator bill nelson: "reports of oil seeping up from the seabed"

    via: what really happened

    senator nelson says that there are new reports of seabed oil seepage, if true, could indicate "that the well casing itself is actually pierced. underneath the seabed. so the problems could be just enormous with what we're facing" - its possible that even a relief well wouldnt cap it. "unless you get the plug down low enough below where the pipe would be breached." sen. nelson said.

    senator nelson said that "the president is doing what he can in an impossible situation but this thing ... going on ... is gonna change our way of life."

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    louisiana blackberries are ripe

    click picture to enlarge====
    the lsu ag center has lots of blackberry information for those who love this wonderful fruit.
    miss bone stripper is still around. the water is getting low as you can see the outline of her entire body. we could hear her hatchlings chirping but didnt see them.


    05 June 2010

    drosselmeyer wins the 142nd belmont stakes

    the 142nd belmont stakes vid courtesy partymanners youtube channel
    drosselmeyer #7 - win
    fly down #5 place
    first dude #11 show
    game on dude #8 fourth

    dave in dixie, the one horse, jockeyed by louisianian calbin borel crossed the finish line second to last.
    Uptowncharlybrown finished fifth, but was disqualified to last for a weight violation after losing the eight-pound lead weight pad at the quarter pole; following him under the wire were Stay Put, Interactif, Stately Victor, Ice Box, Make Music for Me, Dave in Dixie, and Spangled Star.

    Drosselmeyer, who had finished fourth in the Grade 2 Risen Star, third in the Grade 2 Louisiana Derby and second in the Grade 2 Dwyer, is now 3-3-2 from eight starts.

    Kept out of the Kentucky Derby for lack of earnings, he has now bankrolled $801,170 with the winner’s purse of $600,000. ~ jenny kellner belmont stakes/nyra.com


    led zeppelin

    "there is no such thing as a led zeppelin reunion. led zeppelin ended with the death of bonzo" ~ robert plant, after the surviving members played together for live aid 1985.

    "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and the deep respect we have for his family, together with the sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were." Led Zeppelin, 04 December 1980

    "d'yer mak'er" (jamaica)
    studio version

    "black dog"
    live video
    i don't know, but i been told
    a big-legged woman ain't got no soul.

    "misty mountain hop"
    live 1975
    they asked us to stay for tea and have some fun

    "the lemon song"
    studio version
    squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg

    "ramble on"
    studio version
    ahh sometimes i grow so tired, but i know i've got one thing i got to do...

    "hey hey what can i do"
    studio version
    i got a women wanna ball all day

    "all my love"
    studio version
    sometime sometime

    live 1979
    to sit with elders of a gentle race
    this world has seldom seen.
    they talk of days for which they sit and wait
    when all will be revealed.

    "stairway to heaven"
    live from the song remains the same dvd
    and a new day will dawn
    for those who stand long
    and the forests will
    echo with laughter

    "dy'er mak'er"
    eek a mouse
    best cover ever 1991
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