15 June 2010

lindsey williams on deepwater horizon oil catastrophe 14 june 2010

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we first posted about lindsey williams and the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe back on 16 may 2010 here.

on 11 may 2010, mr. williams appeared on the jeff rense radio program. he said by way of background that he went to the alaska oilfields in the early '70s as a baptist missionary and wound up becoming the alaska pipeline's chaplain as well as an executive in the pipeline company.

this status afforded him the opportunity to meet on friendly terms many of the top leaders and "movers & shakers" of the oil industry.

since then, hes remained friendly with at least one of those who mr. williams' refers to as "my elitist friends" that often lets him know what "they" have planned for the world.

could sound flaky for-sure, in mr. williams 11 may interview he pointed out something that got our attention in that bp, the media, etc, never report the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe well head pressure.

back then in his interview it had "only" been three weeks to the day of the catastrophe and so he hadnt had the opportunity to get in contact with his oil industry friends ... however by last nights show he had and this is what he says he learned:

mr. williams had talked to some of his friends including a retired executive with atlantic richfield who put him in touch with two bp managers. mr. williams says that he then contacted a halliburton worker who was on the rig a matter of hours before the catastrophe.

everyone of them told him the same story.

the oil that's coming up in the gulf out of that gusher is not the most dangerous part of the catastrophe. oil destroys the ecosystem and animal life that's bad enough but breathing in the gases pouring out pose an even greater threat to humankind.

this all started in the '70s with the russian's and their kola sg 3 super deep well. the russian's drilled down 40,230 feet [12,262 meters] and discovered oil. since then they've successfully drilled and placed into production 310 similar deep wells; last year russia overtook saudia arabia as the worlds single biggest oil producer and is now set to dominate the oil industry.

the russians drilling rewrote the book about oil. they learned that there is no such thing as peak oil and oil is not a fossil fuel. oil is actually abiotic oil thats oil replenishing itself from an unknown chemical process that is taking part somewhere in the heart of the earth, they now know that this is way beyond the depth where plant and animal matter would exist to create "fossil fuel."

so bp was trying to do the same thing and drill a super deep well like the russians. only thing was the russians had the sense to do their drilling on land and not in the gulf of mexico from a floating platform in water 5,000 feet deep drilling down between 25,000 - 30,000 feet [7,620 - 9,144 meters] on the edge of human technology.

they unexpectedly drilled into something under such high pressure they cant contain it. its catastrophic. his source at bp also told him it burst every safety valve.

mr. williams says that when he worked for the alaska oil company he saw many oil wells brought in and the first thing they would ever tell when an oil well was brought in was its flow rate - "they were checking to see how many barrels of oil." and immediately after that they would give the well head pressure.

mr. williams says that nowhere has anyone in the media or any authoritative source told the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe well head pressure.

mr. williams says that the oil well head pressure in the prudhoe bay, alaska wells averaged around 1,500 psi. the deepwater horizon well head pressure mr. williams sources at bp etc told him is between 20,000 - 70,000 psi. "this is beyond human technology," to deal with.

a bp management source told him that the fail safe valve located at the top of the well was known to have been warped and damaged and needed changing prior to the catastrophe but they didnt do it.

mr. williams says that the highest flow rate that his friends will own up to is 4,000,000 gallons [15,141,648 liters] of oil per day but he thinks its probably much more.

there is also an issue as to what happens when this huge chamber or cavern of oil finally empties and the sea water pours back into it.