12 June 2010

electronic voter fraud suspected in mysterious south carolina open primary vote

brad blog excerpt:

Nobody in the South Carolina Democratic Party had ever heard of Alvin Greene, the jobless candidate for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, before he reportedly defeated state legislator Vic Rawl last Tuesday.

That, despite the jobless candidate's lack of actual campaigning, campaign website, or even spending any money on a campaign as far as anyone can tell.

And there remain questions at this hour, as to where he even came up with the $10,400 filing fee to get on the ballot in the first place.

Staggering 59 to 41 victory for Greene;

'Staggering' E-Vote 'Red Flags'

So, what else, besides or in addition to the "plant" theory, could account for Greene's remarkable "victory"?

South Carolina uses ES&S' 100% unverifiable Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, in this case touch-screen) voting machines at the polling place.

The machines, also used in many other states (such as Arkansas, where we recently reported exclusively on the disappearance of thousands of votes on May 18th, which neither state or local officials are able to explain to this day) are both oft-failed and easily manipulated in such a way that it's almost impossible to detect the systems have been gamed.

As we've written, nearly every time there is an election in South Carolina, whoever the machines end up announcing as the "winner", will likely be the winner, since there is literally no way to guarantee that even a single vote ever cast on such machines was actually recorded as per the voter's intent.

It's an insane way to run a democracy, as The BRAD BLOG has spent years, and literally thousands of articles, trying to point out. ~ read more
it is hard to imagine that a candidate who did no campaigning would receive 59% of the vote. one possible explanation is that whoever was responsible for programming the electronic voting machines made a mistake and actually programmed the vote to go to mr. greene instead.

louisiana also uses the touch-screen electronic voting machine fraud, although, apparently not the same brand as south carolina.

in the summer of 2006 with no advance public notice or public input the louisiana sec'y of state foisted electronic voter fraud on rapides parish (and the rest of the state). the local news media, such as kalb, reported one day that rapides parish had received their new electronic touch-screen voting machines and that was that.

amazingly, there wasnt then and to this day never been any public outcry.

about a month ago, moon griffon, on his statewide radio program, spent an inordinate amount of time, moonin'-n-coonin' over how great it is that we have to show photo identification to vote -- when all this is, is a scam to get even more people and their personal information into federal and state databases, as well as to condition the people into accepting this "your papers please" nazification of amerika.

mr. griffon, as well as all the other so called conservative and so called liberal "pundits" never talk about these insidious electronic voting machines.

josef stalin is reported to have said
"those who cast the votes decide nothing. those who count the votes decide everything."
although, this website claims that there is some dispute as to whether or not stalin actually uttered this statement -- its still true.