14 June 2010

louisiana mourning dove

mourning dove zenaida macroura

a local mourning dove

every year around labor day lots of people look forward to the opening of the dove season kicking off the start of fall and the hunting season.

it turns out that, many farmers and game managers plant for doves. millets and sunflowers seem to be especially enjoyable to doves.

in 2007 - 2008 at camp beauregard wma, in rapides parish - their dove field was planted in around 10 acres of millet.

sherburne wma, in point coupee parish, planted 40 acres of browntop millet.

beauregard parish had a 600 acre tract of private land made available to the public through the cooperation of the landowners and ldwf for public hunting on opening day only.

bodcau wma, in bossier parish had 75 acres of managed fields of native vegetation and sunflower.

many other wma's plant and manage for doves. ~ source 2008 louisiana department of wildlife & fisheries .pdf

it appears that doves are pretty well respected and provided for here in louisiana; dove hunters have an abundance of choices in harvesting doves on either public or private land.

this is the kind of "economic development" we're on about;

the louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries has volumes of information to help you out: Dove Field Preparation and Management in Louisiana