17 June 2010

piyush scam to veto SB 407 drivers license tax repeal

mcpherson: piyush a credit snatching "whore"

UPDATE: email from c.b. forgotston 9:18 pm cdt friday 18 june 2010:
According to a press release this evening from Bobby Jindal's office sent at 8:53 PM

Jindal has signed into law Senate Bill No. 407 by Sen. Joe McPherson.

SB 407 repeals the the illegal Driver's License Tax and refunds the money already paid.

Thanks for your contacts to the governor's office today. Bobby got the message.


UPDATE 9:55 am cdt friday 18 june 2010:

phone call to 1866-366-1121 the governor's office about his potential veto of SB 407:

link to audio/download page
1866-366-1121 - toll free

you will be asked to leave your name, phone number, mailing address and what you want the governor to do.
Last night in their haste to get out the word about Bobby Jindal's veto of the driver's license tax repeal, the Crack Mullet Research Staff hit the wrong key on the number of Senator Joe McPherson's legislation.

The correct number of the repeal legislation is SB 407.

Since they were working overtime the staff has only been given a mild reprimand.

Apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused.

email from c.b. forgotston:
Information has just come to my attention that Bobby Jindal will veto Senate Bill No. 407 by Senator Joe McPherson. The bill repeals the illegal tax on our driver's licenses.

There are enough votes in both houses of the Lege to override the veto if the leges are in Session. Unfortunately, they won't be!

Jindal is going to use an interpretation of the procedure set forth in the state constitution to actually deliver the veto message to the leges AFTER they adjourn Sine Die on Monday at 6:00 PM.

Thus, in order for the leges to override the veto it would require a special veto session. That isn't going to happen.

Despite all of Jindal’s anti-tax rhetoric, by vetoing this bill will be proof that he favors higher taxes.

If you think this veto is wrong and that this sneak attack by Jindal is even worse call the governor's office and let him know you don't like it.

The governor's office phone number is (225)342-7015 or (866)366-1121 (Toll Free).
Fax No. is: (225)342-7099

There's no time to waste!


the 16 march 2010 committee meeting chaired by senator mcpherson. among other things, it took state police testimony relative to the drivers license tax increase scam.

public hearing to hear testimony relative to the increased cost to obtain a louisiana driver's license (march 16, 2010) link to video watch/download page.
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