31 May 2006

hb1129 vote proves who the crooks are

the senate passed la state representative francis c thompson's hb1129 which "Creates the Poverty Point Reservoir Development Fund as a special fund in the state treasury."

some years ago representative thompson his brother mike and their cronies which include senator ben nevers and c d jones hatched a plan to build reservoirs all over the state under the guise of "economic development" and now even katrina recovery (in some parishes) the whole thing is a scam with thompson's role together with nevers and others are to draft and guide through the legislature the legislation to take people's old homesteads, ancient family cemeteries, churches to build the reservoirs on. actually the reservoirs themselves are a front in that thompson et al builds high end gated communities around the reservoirs too.

if you are a casual reader you might be thinking wow this is wild. this is just the tip of the iceberg. so how could all these senators and representatives go along and vote in support of this you ask? wishful thinking would have our hopes up that the politicians know that we the people are fed up with them and will probably vote most if not (hopefully) all of them out of office next fall. maybe rep thompson and senator nevers and their cronies have promised them all a piece of the reservoir action if they go ahead and support it. you might be thinking so what? let them have their reservoir if it will get them out of state government isnt that afterall a small price to pay? the fund created by hb1129 will be self generating you say - oh no no no once they have a fund set up inside the state treasury they can expropriate/appropriate as much funds to it in the future as they wish by simple legislation. for example the capital outlay bill (currently this year called hb2). they will come back later and say well the fund is lower this year than expected we need about a couple million bucks to tide us over next year.

so no hell no with that theory and besides what about the people that would lose their homesteads, cemeteries and churches? remember most of these people live on land thats been passed down for generations.

we have posted alot about this and we will continue to do so. (god willing.) we know that there is interest out there about the reservoirs and reservoir thugs and this is mainly for those interested in and following this david v goliath saga.

yesterday when hb1129 was introduced into the state senate for final passage vote state senator c.d. jones addressed the senate he said "mr president and members they've done a great job with the poverty point reservoir community in richland parish and what this bill does is to create the development fund in the state treasury so when we appropriate the money to it then it will go in this fund..."

senator nevers had an amendment [set no 3447 set of 4 amendments] to "add the audubon golf trail development to that fund it simply allows any fees collected by that group to be deposited into the state treasury" without objection that amendment was adopted. this is how smooth they are the whole thing took a minute and thirty seconds. our .mp3 audio is posted here listen for yourself.

look at all the (pardon our french) chicken-shit state representatives who suddenly learned they had something else to do that day. an absent vote should be considered a "yea" because by their absence they are giving this tacit approval.

la. state senators who support state sponsored graft and the same goes for these absent senators as well.

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30 May 2006

the tony snow job

we just finished watching the white house press briefing it concluded at 12:05 pm cdt. the white house press corp was hammering away at snow lol and his standard replies are: "...because we are at war..." "i dont know" "i dont know" diss helen thomas....and oh yeah because we are at war.


bobby jindal.mp3

.mp3 here.
audio file seems to sound better if played in something other than windows media player like vlc media player.

congressman piyush "bobby" jindal was just on moon griffon delivering his brand of pep-talk b.s., upbeatedly delivered rapid fire. in other words jindal delivers his schtick in such a way that he says so much in such a small time, that by the time he has thrown out one thing for you to consider and debunk hes done moved on to three or four more. what he does is hit you with so much bull-shit at one time that before you can think one thing through hes done moved on to three or four things so that naturally we are prone to go along and agree with him cos after all thinking is hard and jindal - hes so damn upbeat!

we have to be honest, we didnt vote for jindal for governor in 2003 we voted for gov blanco. it wasnt anything personal just a feeling we had that it would be a mistake for our state to elect a republican to that position and by extension give more power to george w bush, dick cheney and karl rove. as it turns out we were right. can you imagine what it would have been like had jindal been governor when katrina & rita came through? especially with katrina he would have signed over the city to the federal government posthaste. governor blanco didnt and that will be to her eternal credit.

this isnt to say that the state handled everything as good as it should have been during those days because hey they didnt. but the fault lies in what has transpired since then and that has been no one else's fault but the state of louisiana, its legislature and ultimately we the people of the state of louisiana. this is how it should be. the federal government is to blame for having louisiana's national guard deployed overseas in an illegal and immoral war. (but again thats ultimately we the peoples fault) perhaps if our states full complement of guardsmen and equipment would have been here at home where they should be the reconstruction would be going a lot quicker.

anyway, we really wanted to like jindal we really did but he lost us back at 07 march when he showed us what he really is by voting "yay" to usa patriot act. needless to say we would never ever vote for piyush "bobby" jindal for anything whatsoever and you shouldnt either.


hb685 foisting higher gas prices on the people

added saturday 03 june 2006 1:29 pm cdt
now chad is reporting that gov blanco is rethinking signing hb 685 into law. like we have mentioned on here before we never have thought that the governor is an evil person we just think that she has bad advisors. maybe she is listening to someone new? or... heres a thought listening to the people. click here to read the story by marsha shuler at the baton rouge paper...HB685 text ... or legis.state.la.us > scroll down to bill search > view a specific instrument drop down box > choose HB > type in 685 > click view.


chad is currently running this story from his website www.thedeadpelican.com and we must say we arent surprised at this. we admit that before hurricanes katrina & rita we didnt pay that much attention to the state legislature. at the first extra special session at 06 november 2005 we were as excited as everyone else thinking that this would give us a great opportunity to start over and do things right. boy were we wrong. our observations from intently watching the legislature these past six months is that 99.9% of the bills introduced are unwanted and unneeded. that our louisiana legislature are nothing more than a bunch of self-serving rackeeters, an organized crime ring thats only purpose is to help out their (crime)families and pals.

Francis C. Thompson Beverly G. Bruce Donald J. Cazayoux, Jr. Donald R. Cravins, Jr. Hollis Downs Mickey Frith Mickey James Guillory Herman Ray Hill Lelon Kenney Jack D. Smith Michael G. Strain


29 May 2006

Council says 'no' to SB 639

wow we are shocked. looks like lesley in senator ben nevers office lied to us (imagine that) yesterday when she told us over the telephone that senator nevers had "withdrawn" sb639. click here for chads' take on this story.

or maybe not heres chads' update.
original post

La. State Sen. Ben Nevers (D) Bogalusa
websen@legis.state.la.us 1800-881-2749 * 985.732.6863 * 225.342.2040
**updated** tuesday 30 may 2006 2:44pm cdt spoke to lesley (985.732.6863) in senator nevers
bogalusa office and she told us that senator nevers has "already withdrawn" sb 639.
**updated** wednesday 31 may 2006 10:38 am cdt: reservoir activist: jalon pittman beech appeared on the moon griffon radio program this morning to discuss among other things: washington parish council, sb639, reservoirs, senator nevers and rep thompson. we have the .mp3 audio posted here. (ms beech's parents home could be stolen by the reservoir thugs. see Intimidation.)
**updated** tuesday 30 may 2006 4:07 pm cdt
From: "Repetowski, Rhonda" repetowr@legis.state.la.us
To: wesawthat@gmail.com
Cc: "Righteous, Tina" righteot@legis.state.la.us
Subject: RE: sb639 - sen nevers
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 15:59:26 -0500

This bill has been referred to the House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs. We tentatively included this instrument on our weekly schedule, but have since received instructions from Senator Nevers that we are not to schedule this bill for hearing unless he advises us to do so.

According to our records, it has not been officially "withdrawn" at this point.

Rhonda Repetowski
Administrative Secretary
HLS, Governmental Affairs Division
Ph. 225/342-2399

as you can see from this article by john h walker of the bogalusa daily news the washington parish council voted against a resolution to support sb 639 which would create the washington parish economic development district. this was passed a week ago on monday 22 may 2006. however, a week later senator nevers has not pulled this bill from the records of the senate. why? please call senator nevers and ask him for some explanation as to why this odious bill of his is still active in the la. state senate and to acquiesce to the will of the people of washington parish and pull this bill. thanks.
Council says 'no' to SB 639

The Daily News

FRANKLINTON - By a 4-3 vote, Washington Parish Council members went against the wishes of the parish president and refused to pass a resolution of support for SB 639, which would create the Washington Parish Economic Development District.

In a roll call vote, council members Charles Nassauer, Rodney Brown and Darwin Sharp voted in favor of a resolution of support while Clinton Miley, Relton Sumrall, Marvin Thomas and Kenneth Wheat voted against it. Wheat cast the deciding vote.

Following the vote, council chairman Sharp said, "Senate Bill 639 is dead" and instructed president Toye Taylor to call the bill's author, State Sen. Ben Nevers (D-Bogalusa) and ask him to withdraw the bill.

"I will call the senator and ask him to withdraw the bill," Taylor said, adding, "and I will withhold my comments."

But Taylor didn't stay quiet long, taking the council to task for what he called "the worst vote I've seen this council take in my time" as he gave his president's report.

Taylor said despite support from both the Washington Economic Development Foundation and the Franklinton Area Economic Development Commission and despite support from mayors of all four incorporated areas in the parish, the council chose to take away a tool of economic development that he said could help the parish move forward.

The board's action, he said, allowed a few to come into council chambers and make fear of expropriation an issue.

"The masses have not come into this room (in opposition to SB 639)," he said. "We're stuck in the 20th century."

While Taylor said "the masses" did not show up in opposition to the bill, no one appeared before the council to speak on behalf of the bill at any of the meetings when the issue was discussed.

The issue that doomed SB 639 was wording giving powers of expropriation to the commission it would have created. Even though final say would have rested with the council, based on interpretation of the wording in the bill, the threat of expropriation was enough for the council majority.

Despite agreeing to call Nevers and requesting the bill be pulled, as directed by his council chairman, Taylor proceeded to ask the council to reconsider its action.

"I told you I'd be persistent," he said as the board set in silence and moved on to other comments.

Later, as the meeting was drawing to a close, Taylor made yet another pitch.

"I guess you're not going to reconsider?" he asked.


"Perhaps a special called meeting?"

More silence, this time followed by a motion to adjourn the meeting.
contacting senator ben nevers:

Capitol Office
P.O. Box 94183
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
(225) 342-2040

District Office
724 Avenue F
Bogalusa, LA 70427
(985) 732-6863

Legislative Assistant
Lesley Lewis


hb259 jackass joe salter's spidery windshield scheme advances

salters unwanted and unasked for bill hb259 - Provides for licensing automotive glass repair technicians is scheduled to be heard by the senate committee on commerce, consumer protection and international affairs wednesday 31 may 2006. click here to read our previous posts on hb 259.

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    28 May 2006

    former saints running back craig ironhead heyward dies

    Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward dies at age 39

    ATLANTA (AP) - Former NFL fullback Craig "Ironhead" Heyward died Saturday, May 27 2006, after a 7 1/2-year fight with a recurring brain tumor, his son's high school football coach said. He was 39.

    Heyward spent 11 seasons in the NFL with New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis and Indianapolis. The former University of Pittsburgh All-American rushed for a career-high 1,083 yards for the Falcons in 1995.

    "I got a call at 4:30 or 5 that he had passed away," said Blair Armstrong, who coached Heyward's son, Cameron, at Peachtree Ridge High School. "He was in a hospice when he died, but I don't know which one."

    Armstrong said he often talked to Heyward when he came to see his son play.

    "He wasn't real mobile, but he'd been rehabbing. He thought he might walk again. But once he lost his hearing and his sight, his organs started shutting down. Other problems were just developing."

    Born in Passaic, N.J., in 1966, the 5-foot-11 fullback ran for 4,301 yards in his NFL career and had 1,559 yards receiving.

    Heyward was one of the biggest running backs in NCAA Division I-A history, with a weight estimated at 260 to 285 pounds, but finished third in Pitt career rushing with 3,086 yards. He trailed only Tony Dorsett (6,526 yards) and Curvin Richards' 3,192 yards. Heyward's 1,791 yards in 1987, counting a bowl game, rank second only to Dorsett's 2,150 yards in 1976 for a Pitt single season.

    Heyward was a first-team AP All-America pick that season, but chose to pass up his senior season and was a first-round draft pick by New Orleans.

    "Craig Heyward truly ranks among the all-time greats in Pitt football history," Pittsburgh coach Dave Wannstedt said in a statement released with the school.

    "I will always remember him as a tremendous player who had an irrepressible attitude on and off the field. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Pitt family are with Craig's loved ones during this time of sorrow."

    Heyward's son, the 6-7, 280-pound Cameron, visited Pitt on a recruiting trip last month and is considered one of the nation's top defensive line recruits.



    26 May 2006

    shots fired at us capitol

    9:50 am cdt heres the latest media sensation/washington coverup...msnbc: police have sealed off the us capitol. the capitol is locked down...after shots fired...reports of shots fired at rayburn office building...sounds of gun fire in the garage level of the rayburn office building. the area is now in lock down however msnbc has just shown senator max baucus talking live on the senate floor -956am

    capitol hill police sealed all the underground tunnels to the rayburn office building

    msnbc is now getting word by blackberry from an nbc producer mike viqueira on scene: "there is a firing range in that garage"..LOL...

    mike viqueira: there is a firing range there 3rd floor "tucked back in a corner...clearly marked...existence is well known..." he says he hasnt heard any sounds of gunfire coming from the firing range when hes been in the parking garage (in the past).
    msnbc is telling workers at the rayburn office building grab your go-kit and other belongings...
    there are hearings going on in the rayburn office building but the media doesnt know other than there is meetings going on. the house intelligence committee is in session. msnbc has shown live pictures of the meeting in progress so they speculate that this could be indicitative that capitol hill police must not think that there is gunmen on the loose..

    posted raw 1008 am cdt
    house is not in session today.

    added 10:27am cdt msnbc is reporting that the incident was first reported :45 minutes ago or at about 9:40 am cdt 10:40 am edt.

    added 10:36 am cdt c-span2: is live sen robert byrd is currently addressing the senate. cspan: uk pm tony blair is giving a live speech on "international policy in the 21st century" at georgetown university.

    added 10:46 am cdt cspan is reporting that the senate has voted 78-15 to approve gen michael v hayden as the next cia director.

    added 11:15 am cdt sgt kimberly schneider pio chp: capitol hill police received a telephone report at 10:30 am edt at their dispatch center and are responding to that one call reporting shots fired inside the rayburn office building. no suspects. no reports of any injuries. their report is "gunfire...shots fired...loud sounds." many tactical units inside the building no information on the caller. looking for people with weapons. handling this as a very serious matter. staffers stay inside the building. the ambulances are there on standby. news conference ended at 11:11 am cdt

    added 11:31 am cdt according to msnbc and mike viqueira apparantly what happened is that a u s congressman jim saxton (r) nj was walking to his car in the g3 level parking garage. he heard what he thought was gunfire like someone unloading a gun perhaps ten shots. saxton went back to his office and a staffer of his greg keely (sp?) telephoned the capitol police. viqueira quoted from an email he received on his blackberry from keely: "on his way to the garage [g3 level] he [his boss congressman saxton] heard gunshots it sounded like someone empyting a gun about ten shots he hurried back to the elevator and went to his office he [greg keely] called the capitol hill police they came to his office and now they are in lockdown..."

    added 12:50 pm cdt msnbc is reporting that an elevator mechanic working on an elevator in the vicinity and "banging" on the elevator might have been making the noise.
    congressman jim saxton

    heres your sign!
    see also: US lawmaker admits he gave erroneous tip that shut Congress
    Republican Congressman's paranioa led to today's Capitol shut-down by The Gun Toting Liberal

    25 May 2006

    u s senate approves immigration bill S.2611

    related post: S.1639 george bush's illegal alien amnesty bill cloture vote

    S.2611 text &cover page

    s.2611 was introduced by who else but pennsylvania's slimeball senator arlen specter on 07 april 2006.

    despite massive public opposition as well as common sense the united states senate has chosen to sell out the republic. this would all seem to play into this post we came across on spelunking through the chaos captioned: The 'Amero' and the destruction of US sovereignty, where they talk about the security and prosperity partnership of north america (SPP). which is seeking to merge the united states, mexico and canada into one union like the european union.
    the united states senate has just given "special privileges to ILLEGAL ALIENS that are not even enjoyed by the average American!" - j. william lauderback, executive vice president,
    by the way mary landrieu voted for s.2611.

    lauderback continues on in an acu action alert posted here about how:

    What's wrong with the Senate?

    It's bad enough that they are attempting to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

    It's bad enough that they effectively REJECTED an amendment last week that would have prohibited illegal aliens from collecting Social Security benefits that they accrued while in the country ILLEGALLY using FRAUDULENT Social Security numbers! (Or as radio commentator Rush Limbaugh said: "You steal it! You've earned it!")

    But now, they're actually trying to grant HIGHER wages and virtually guaranteed employment to ILLEGAL aliens!

    Here's what columnist Robert Novak wrote on Monday; commenting on a newly updated study of the Senate amnesty legislation offered by The Heritage Foundation:

    "The bill extends the Davis-Bacon Act's requirement for the payment of 'prevailing wage' levels to all temporary guest workers. That puts them ahead of American workers, who have this protection only on federal job sites."

    "Foreign guest farm workers, admitted under the bill, cannot be 'terminated from employment by any employer . . . except for just cause.' In contrast, American ag workers can be fired for any reason."

    Effectively, the Senate is sending a message to ILLEGAL ALIENS: "Come on in. We'll guarantee you wages and employment rights that aren't even guaranteed to most Americans!"

    It's outrageous! It's sheer madness!

    click here to read more.

    even former reagan attorney general edwin meese calls it "an amnesty by any other name..." and writes:
    "President Bush and Congress would do better to start with securing the border and strengthening enforcement of existing immigration laws. We might also try improving on Ronald Reagan’s idea of a pilot program for genuinely temporary workers.

    The fair and sound policy is to give those who are here illegally the opportunity to correct their status by returning to their country of origin and getting in line with everyone else. This, along with serious enforcement and control of the illegal inflow at the border—a combination of incentives and disincentives—will significantly reduce over time our population of illegal immigrants."
    we suppose the only thing we have going for us is that s.2611 now moves to the house and this year every seat in the house is up for reelection. another good thing about this bill is that with this vote we can see which senators truly are working for the destruction of america.
    see also: senate passes immigration bill
    by charles hurt the washington times
    25 may 2006
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  • ====
    GovTrack.us. S. 2611--109th Congress (2006): Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006, GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation)

    Because the U.S. Congress posts most legislative information online one legislative day after events occur, GovTrack is usually one legislative day behind.


    paul hurds plan to salvage SB1 louisiana eminent domain abuse

    moon griffon had paul hurd on his radio program again this morning. hurd is really stressing a provision in SB1.
    hurd says: "this provision puts in an exception by which the legislature from now on can define our property rights..." in other words the legislature can come back year after year or as often as they want and change what they say our property rights are even though this bill is a constitutional amendment.

    hurds plan is for everyone to contact their state senator and ask them to strip SB1 of all its amendments and return it to original form.

    moon griffon said that he has consulted with other attorneys about SB1 and hurd's theory and they agree with hurd.. griffon promises to get them "on the air" soon.

    .mp3 interview is posted here.

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    kenny boy is guilty boy

    enron verdict:

    ken lay: guilty on all six counts in enron trial. lay also found guilty in separate bank fraud trial.

    jeffrey skilling
    : guilty on 19 of 28 counts.

    their sentencing is set for 11 september 2006.
    source: msnbc-tv


    the reconstruction of new orleans

    What Is Happening In New Orleans?

    The hotel interests are talking with Mayor Nagin about rebuilding, and their investors want assurances of gambling licenses. Names like the Las Vegas' Schiffs, Adelsons, and the Chicago Pritzkers, are being dangled, to show the possibilities.

    Larry Geller, head of Strategic Hotel Capital, and the group's spokesman, says the possibilities for a renaissance is on the table. The recently re-elected Nagin is jumping through hoops. It's always a good to be a sheriff in a boom town.

    Nagin Pushing Casinos

    Mayor Ray Nagin's proposal is to turn much of the central city into a Las Vegas-like casino district.

    Mayor Nagin, and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, have spent days working out the details. The initial proposal calls for adding casinos to some of the nine larger existing hotels, around the French Quarter and downtown area.

    Oddly he recently fired 3,000, mostly black, municipal workers because of lack of tax money.

    Will There Be A Chocolate Renaissance?

    Will these great humanitarians from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New York, bring the blacks back, and rebuild their housing?

    Their Real Plan

    The truth is the new employees will come from a Carnival Cruise line training, and hiring centers in India, East Europe, and China. Janos, and Helga, will be on the new renaissance workers...

    click here to read more.


    rocks pray optical illusion

    another cool email forward from our friend goldie in trinidad:

    click picture to enlarge


    todays committee meetings at the state capitol

    the above committee's are scheduled to convene today. you may view them or listen to the audio online by going to www.legis.state.la.us


    24 May 2006

    human events online publishes inaccurate wm jefferson story

    human events online and chris field published erroneous information on their website about the fbi search of us congressman william jefferson's congressional office. their article implies that the often mentioned $90,000 [eur 70,535.71] found at congressman jefferson's home in a freezer back in august 2005 was discovered in this weekends search. an email from wst to mr. field has not been returned.

    cnn's take
    In a 95-page affidavit used to obtain a warrant for the office search, investigators stated that an August 2005 search of Democratic Rep. William Jefferson's home turned up the cash sum in a freezer.

    click here to read more from cnn.
    From: wesawthat@gmail.com
    To: Chris.Field@HumanEventsOnline.com
    Subject: Where's the Outrage Over William Jefferson?
    Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 16:43:25 -0500
    Organization: www.wesawthat.blogspot.com

    your story about rep jefferson at this url:

    is incorrect in that you write: "Nevermind that the search found cash wrapped in foil and hidden in the congressman’s freezer."
    the foil wrapped cash was found in a search of rep jefferson's home and not at his office as your story implies.


    la senate loves raising taxes

    the louisiana state legislature just loves raising taxes in fact the state senate just passed hb 470 by representative jean m. doerge (d) minden.

    hb 470 Increases the maximum rate of hotel occupancy tax authorized to be levied by the webster parish convention and visitors commission upon the occupancy of hotel rooms, motel rooms, and overnight camping facilities within the jurisdiction of the commission.

    this bill calls for a whopping 100% tax increase from 2% to 4%.

    welcome to louisiana!

    here is the state senate vote and of course its unamious did you expect anything less from our "esteemed" louisiana state senators?


    SB1 creates the soviet socialist parishes of louisiana

    senate bill 1 was supposed to be louisiana's answer to the infamous supreme court decision kelo v city of new london connecticut - transcript of oral argument here. however, leave it to louisiana's self-serving organized crime gang commonly called the louisiana legislature to amend the original bill into something it was never intended to do.

    this morning monroe attorney paul hurd, appeared on the moon griffon radio program and according to hurd:
    "...we have replaced the public property rights with the right of government to decide what business they want to build this month." hurd says that the louisiana legislature what they have done is to EXPAND the right of government to take private property. the state can take property for anything that is economic development.

    a good portion of hurds argument and rightfully so is that he claims that the legislators/politicians will take your land and give it to their friends to make money "...and do it in the name of economic development."

    hurd says that this bill is "a constitutional trap door to be able to in the name of economic development or some alledged threat to health or some alledged threat to safety they can take any piece of property in louisiana at the state at the local at the parish at the port at that level of government."

    "they voted for a government takover for economic development in louisiana." - paul hurd.

    senate bill 1 has now passed the la. state house and is headed to the senate.

    list of representatives voting for and against sb1.

    hurd says that the trap door is this "...article 1 of the [state] constitution our uninalienable rights which means that if they do something in article 1 if we got property rights the legislature the local government no one can touch those but what happens what they have done now is they've said you shall have property rights EXCEPT for what the legislature defines as a good reason to take for any local governmental entity what that means is if the legislature now says its ok they've got this trap door through this other article article 6 that will allow them to define your local convenience store as a economic development and take it and a bait shop at our famous reservoirs if your bait shop starts working they can take it....we've got nothing as the peoples right to hold property we had a constitutional rebellion at the legislature they want to take your property and if we trust government in louisiana instead of private enterprise we are the fools."

    hurds interview is posted in .mp3 audio here.
    see related post:


    23 May 2006

    blogger asks: is the dead pelican dying?

    we too noticed this post (with siren.gif) of chad's on the dead pelican. chris williams on his blog insists that dp isnt entertaining anymore and that dp is "...more concerned about finding a reason to bash jay dardenne." than anything else. hmm we dont know if thats true or not but we have noticed that dardenne himself makes it pretty easy to find material to "bash" him with. williams admonishes "rodgers" to "...give them something new or someone else will step up to the plate."

    click here to read more.



    rodney alexander interview on moon griffon

    on 17 may 2006 congressman rodney alexander appeared on the moon griffon show.
    .mp3 here.
    congressman rodney alexander (r) was on the moon griffon radio program wednesday morning. moon took the day off so his assistant ruth ulrich got to lob slow balls to alexander in what amounted to an hour long love-fest/informercial. now ms ulrich is some sort of high-up la state republican muckety-muck. a few months ago she was bragging on the air about a trip to the white house she took and even got to meet karl rove golly jee whiz.

    opening the interview ms ulrich played it smart to let "turncoat" alexander explain his version of why he switched from the democratic party to the republican party...

    after exchanging the opening pleasantries:
    ulrich: we gone have to back up and start at the beginning of...of your uh of your time in washington um...as everyone knows you were a democrat and you switched to the republican party now part of what uh the republicans try to do is is we want more people to be republicans we want to find those that are conservative democrats and convince them they are in the wrong party but i want you to tell me a little bit about why you switched parties and how it came about some of the things that you came across in in your switch from the democratic to the republican party -
    congressman alexander begins his pitch by reciting the same old worn out mantra's right in a line...see how alexander predictabably leads by invoking abortion :
    (1) "protecting life" and at the statehouse voted to over ride governor "buddy" romer's abortion veto;
    (2) for the right to bear arms;
    (3) for lower taxes;
    (4) less government - this is a lie;
    (5) against same sex marriage and was shocked he had to defend his vote on that one;
    (6) voted to drill oil in alaska;
    (7) for prayer in school and displaying the 10 commandments;
    you know according to alexander: things important to "good men and women"

    explaning away his "switch" from the democratic to the republican party alexander recounts the following story:

    voting one night late into the night on the medicare prescription drug plan for senior citizens

    alexander says he was one of only 2 or 3 democrats who voted for the measure
    nancy pelosi sent some of her lieutenants to get him to change his vote
    and he told them no.
    ms pelosi approached him personally imploring him to change his vote and he told her no
    pelosi told him that he was causing george bush to get the credit for the plan he said he didnt have a problem with that she told him that he was alienating those that could help him in washington he told her that he was voting this way for the people back home and pelosi responded with:

    "the folks at home cant help you in washington"

    he claims he told her some crap about being "just an old country boy from north louisiana but how do i get back up here if they dont send me back?"

    and [pelosi] said "you need to make up your mind you are either one of us or one of them."

    then alexander tells what amounts to a bald faced lie : "i ran on a platform of coming to washington and voting the way i think people from the fifth district would vote if they were in washington"
    the lie part 2:
    "i never said that i would come to washington and vote the way somebody else told me to vote..."

    heres the kicker:
    "iam now a member of the party with whom ive been voting about ninety percent of the time anyway."
    more mantras:
    inheritance tax

    then alexander gives a sad sack story about the "telephone robo-calls" going out against him blaming him for high gas prices etc, etc...

    you listen to this guy talk and he sounds all slow and country and you think that perhaps its part of his schtick then when you listen to what he really has to say you realize that he really isnt that bright.

    rodney alexander is a liar and a back stabber. he votes the way george bush tells him to. he voted for the usa patriot act hes for creating an american police state. alexander is for consolidating power in the executive and he shows he has no qualms with voting out our constitution and bill of rights. in rodney's world its ok to vote for senior citizens medicare prescription drug plans the only thing it will cost the seniors is to see their kids and grandkids cast into a new world order/bushonian police state. come november lets send this turkey home.
    rodneyalexanderonmoongriffonwed17may2006.mp3 interview posted here.


    22 May 2006

    judicial activist sherman skolnick dies at chicago

    sherman skolnick 1930 - 2006

    we are very saddened to learn of mr. skolnick's passing. we first learned of him several years ago probably through rense.com and became fans right away. skolnick had a straight forward, machine gun style of writing that we found mesmerizing. how can you not love a guy that coined such phrases as: "oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press" "press whores" & "press fakers?"
    Sherman Skolnick, activist and political gadfly, dies at 75

    By Josh Noel
    Tribune staff reporter
    Published May 22, 2006, 7:09 PM CDT

    Never one to trust an obvious explanation, Sherman Skolnick found hidden motive in many of Chicago's biggest events during the last 40 years-from Harold Washington's death (the mayor was murdered, he said) to the Chicago 7 trial (which he claimed was orchestrated by the CIA to justify increased government repression.)

    Sometimes proven right, often mocked for being so far out of the mainstream, Mr. Skolnick bristled at being called a conspiracy theorist. Especially when he had successes that included driving two members of the Illinois Supreme Court to resignations in 1969.

    "There's a stigma to being called a conspiracy theorist," Mr. Skolnick told the Tribune in 1988. "It's a polite way of calling someone a nut. These things I uncover aren't conspiracies. They're simply the way powerful people conduct business."

    The indefatigable Mr. Skolnick, 75, who chased scoops until the end, died Sunday of a likely heart attack at his South Side home, family said.

    Paralyzed below the waist by polio since the age of 6, Mr. Skolnick was close to a household name in Chicago in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he was chairman of the Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, a public interest group he founded. Largely self-educated with used law books he bought for as cheaply as 50 cents each, Mr. Skolnick's allegations and activities were chronicled routinely by local media.

    During a second burst of fame, when Mr. Skolnick insisted that Washington had been murdered with an overdose of cocaine in the 1980s, a Tribune profile called him "something of a heroic figure in this town, albeit an eccentric and irritating champion, more odd than dashing."

    "He wore thick glasses, had buck teeth, dressed forgettably and showed absolutely no respect for authority," the 1988 story says. "Skolnick rode his rusting, squeaky wheelchair as if he were a brave knight on a fine steed, finding and avenging wrongdoing at the highest levels of government, jousting with the mighty on behalf of the weak."

    When he decided to cut out the middleman-the press-and bring his news straight to the people, Mr. Skolnick began with "Hotline News" in the early 1970s, a recorded news phone message he updated from his South Side home.

    He later worked in radio and cable television and then started an Internet site (www.skolnicksreport.com), where he opined endlessly. Among his recent posts are "The Overthrow of the American Republic, Part 81" and "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts, Part 16."

    "Sometimes, he was a real eccentric, and sometimes I didn't believe a lot of these things he said," said his brother, Seymour Skolnick. "But a lot of it was true. He had just found a calling."

    Mr. Skolnick was born in Chicago in 1930 to a homemaker mother and father who worked as a tailor, both Jewish European immigrants. The family lived in an apartment on the West Side until moving in 1950 to a South Side home, where Mr. Skolnick lived until his death.

    The youngest of three brothers, Mr. Skolnick contracted polio in 1936 during a family vacation to Benton Harbor, Mich. He had 16 operations, that, at best, allowed him as a young man to walk 100 feet with crutches. He took inspiration from President Franklin Roosevelt, who also had polio. In response to letters and poems he wrote to the president, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt would write him back, he said in the Tribune story.

    Skolnick attended a school for physically disabled people, Spalding School, at Washington Street and Ashland Avenue, but his parents encouraged his independence.

    "I didn't associate with other disabled people," he once said. "They were usually very shy and quiet."

    In high school, he developed his taste for investigative work, looking into the past of a wood shop teacher with a quick temper.

    "He used to bug me," Mr. Skolnick recounted in 1988. "I found out he'd been transferred from another school for throwing a kid down some stairs and was in trouble with the school board. The next time he got mad at me, I told him I knew his secret, and he left me alone."

    Mr. Skolnick's most spectacular victory came in 1969, when he found that two judges on the state Supreme Court accepted a gift of stock in a Chicago bank from a defendant whose case they were to decide-and for whom they ruled favorably.

    Skolnick's findings led to a blue-ribbon investigative commission and finally to the resignations from the court of Chief Justice Roy J. Solfisburg Jr. and Justice Ray Klingbiel. The day they resigned, the crush of neighborhood traffic and people was so great, he said, that six police cars were stationed in front of his house. Inside, photographers rolled up his rugs and moved furniture to get photos of him from different perspectives.

    By the 1980s and 1990s, even as technology allowed him to reach more people, Mr. Skolnick was mostly a public and media afterthought. Of course, he said, that was a conspiracy, too. In 1971, he accused the Tribune of being a tool of military intelligence and the Chicago Sun-Times of being a conduit for the CIA.

    "I made some statements in 1971 that some members of the press had ties to espionage agencies, and I just became blotted out," he said in 1988.

    After falling down the stairs at his home about three years ago, he became a recluse, his brother said, never leaving his home again, except to go to the hospital for about a month earlier this years. He hired someone to live with and care for him.

    "He said, `I've got my computer and telephones, and I'm hooked up around the world and this is what I want to do,' " Mr. Skolnick's brother said. "I said OK. It wasn't my choice, but he lived a good, full life."

    Graveside services are scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday at Waldheim Cemetery in Forest Park.

    www.cloakanddagger.de sadly reports:

    For 48 years, a key focus of Sherman Skolnick’s investigative reporting was the rampant judicial corruption in the courts of law in U.S.A., specifically in Chicago and in the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D. C.

    Judges on the take, some of them termed "banksters” or "banker-judges”, drew the attention not only of Skolnick’s seasoned Jewish humor but also of his relentless and feared public exposure mechanisms. The robed mafiosi had him in jail eight times during his long life but could never stick anything of substance on him. Twenty judges and over forty attorneys went behind bars, from 1969 to 1993 alone, through America’s leading judge-buster who has now passed on.

    Skolnick started in his late twenties using his superb mental powers and writing skills as reflected in his reporting on judicial and political corruption. Since 1958 he was a court reformer. In 1963 he founded the Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, a public interest group researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial bribery and political murders. Starting in 1971 his comments were on a recorded phone message that he called Hotline News. Since 1991 he was a regular participant and producer, and since 1995 he was producer/moderator of „BROADSIDES“, a one hour weekly taped public access Cable TV Show on in Chicago Monday evening, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable, reaching an audience of 400,000 viewers.

    Sherman H. Skolnick was elevated to national prominence when a mafia of corrupt Illinois judges swindled his parents out of their lifetime savings. Time Magazine reported on the scandal in August 1969 and depicted Skolnick in his wheelchair on the cover. Law school professor Kenneth A. Manaster reviews this judicial bribery scandal in his 2001 book "Illinois Justice, The Scandal of 1969 and the Rise of John Paul Stevens”,


    Since 2003, the learned Sherman H. Skolnick found a home for the last years of his investigative reporting in the Toronto-based internet talk radio and magazine



    He also contributed to

    http://www.rense.com and his reports appeared on many other sites. The great series of his last years was the ongoing "Overthrow of the American Republic” series. Together with Cloak and Dagger host Lenny Bloom, Sherman Skolnick further penned the "Middle Finger News” series. Some of the hot trails of his last years were the judicial corruption of five judges of the U.S. Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore in December 2000, election frauds, the 9-11 inside attacks, theft of trillions of $$ through the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate, the infiltration of the American government by gangsters and foreign agents (mainly British, Chinese, Israeli, Jesuit), and the overthrow of the Republic. Every one of his words was a considered appeal to avoid the temptation of the Big Lie.

    Now, the scrutinous eye of Sherman H. Skolnick no longer peers through the magnifying glass. That was his chosen symbol on his web site,


    like a Sherlock Holmes of American investigative journalism. A paraplegic since childhood, this militating dove passed on peacefully during sleep in his 75th year to a higher perch. He helped his students, readers and listeners to find clarity of perception in a world of confusion and deception.

    We will keep our deceased friend a loving memory.
    sherman skolnick memorial at find a grave