24 May 2006

SB1 creates the soviet socialist parishes of louisiana

senate bill 1 was supposed to be louisiana's answer to the infamous supreme court decision kelo v city of new london connecticut - transcript of oral argument here. however, leave it to louisiana's self-serving organized crime gang commonly called the louisiana legislature to amend the original bill into something it was never intended to do.

this morning monroe attorney paul hurd, appeared on the moon griffon radio program and according to hurd:
"...we have replaced the public property rights with the right of government to decide what business they want to build this month." hurd says that the louisiana legislature what they have done is to EXPAND the right of government to take private property. the state can take property for anything that is economic development.

a good portion of hurds argument and rightfully so is that he claims that the legislators/politicians will take your land and give it to their friends to make money "...and do it in the name of economic development."

hurd says that this bill is "a constitutional trap door to be able to in the name of economic development or some alledged threat to health or some alledged threat to safety they can take any piece of property in louisiana at the state at the local at the parish at the port at that level of government."

"they voted for a government takover for economic development in louisiana." - paul hurd.

senate bill 1 has now passed the la. state house and is headed to the senate.

list of representatives voting for and against sb1.

hurd says that the trap door is this "...article 1 of the [state] constitution our uninalienable rights which means that if they do something in article 1 if we got property rights the legislature the local government no one can touch those but what happens what they have done now is they've said you shall have property rights EXCEPT for what the legislature defines as a good reason to take for any local governmental entity what that means is if the legislature now says its ok they've got this trap door through this other article article 6 that will allow them to define your local convenience store as a economic development and take it and a bait shop at our famous reservoirs if your bait shop starts working they can take it....we've got nothing as the peoples right to hold property we had a constitutional rebellion at the legislature they want to take your property and if we trust government in louisiana instead of private enterprise we are the fools."

hurds interview is posted in .mp3 audio here.
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