30 May 2006

hb685 foisting higher gas prices on the people

added saturday 03 june 2006 1:29 pm cdt
now chad is reporting that gov blanco is rethinking signing hb 685 into law. like we have mentioned on here before we never have thought that the governor is an evil person we just think that she has bad advisors. maybe she is listening to someone new? or... heres a thought listening to the people. click here to read the story by marsha shuler at the baton rouge paper...HB685 text ... or legis.state.la.us > scroll down to bill search > view a specific instrument drop down box > choose HB > type in 685 > click view.


chad is currently running this story from his website www.thedeadpelican.com and we must say we arent surprised at this. we admit that before hurricanes katrina & rita we didnt pay that much attention to the state legislature. at the first extra special session at 06 november 2005 we were as excited as everyone else thinking that this would give us a great opportunity to start over and do things right. boy were we wrong. our observations from intently watching the legislature these past six months is that 99.9% of the bills introduced are unwanted and unneeded. that our louisiana legislature are nothing more than a bunch of self-serving rackeeters, an organized crime ring thats only purpose is to help out their (crime)families and pals.

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