11 May 2006

our reply to mahmoud ahmadinejad, president of the islamic republic of iran

hat tip to spelunking through the chaos for the link to this letter from iranian president ahmadinejad delivered recently to president bush. you can read spelunking's post about it here.

click the link to read ahmadinejad's letter which cnn promises is a true copy.

dear president ahmadinejad,

thank you for your letter to president george w bush.

as followers of christ we must tell you that your letter calls for much introspection. as followers of christ we know he taught us that the first and second great commandments are to love god and our neighbor. of course it is self evident to us all christain and non christain alike that this spirit is not foremost in the world today. as followers of christ we are as perplexed as you that we have a president who along with his cadre proclaim his devotion to and adherence of the teachings of christ's salvation yet who in his actions bring honor and glory only to lucifer. foolish false christains like to quote the writings of abraham where god said i will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee. they so easily (perhaps conveniently for some of them) forget that first the hebrews must doing gods will. further as goyim we detest that some of us are continually tricked to intervene in what is essentially a family squabble, but we know that those jews that christ called of the synogogue of satan being crafty always persuade others to do their fighting and that this current protection of israel of which gods promise to abraham is merely an excuse to appear godly but all the while is because of the root of all evil.

so you see president ahmadinejad, true christains are with you in that we do not want war or conflicts. we too pray to god his will be done and for peace and we also pray for that great and terrible day of the lord when finally lucifer and his angels who have deceived the whole world are cast into the lake of fire and tormented day and night forever. amen.

in closing president ahmadinejad, god forbid that some calamity befall your country or ours but if so please know that true christains are not behind it nor do we condone it. your god allah is strange to us but we take your words on faith because we believe god when he said "...children are an heritage of the lord..." and as such no human being wants their child or another's child our heritage to die for the root of all evil..