26 May 2006

shots fired at us capitol

9:50 am cdt heres the latest media sensation/washington coverup...msnbc: police have sealed off the us capitol. the capitol is locked down...after shots fired...reports of shots fired at rayburn office building...sounds of gun fire in the garage level of the rayburn office building. the area is now in lock down however msnbc has just shown senator max baucus talking live on the senate floor -956am

capitol hill police sealed all the underground tunnels to the rayburn office building

msnbc is now getting word by blackberry from an nbc producer mike viqueira on scene: "there is a firing range in that garage"..LOL...

mike viqueira: there is a firing range there 3rd floor "tucked back in a corner...clearly marked...existence is well known..." he says he hasnt heard any sounds of gunfire coming from the firing range when hes been in the parking garage (in the past).
msnbc is telling workers at the rayburn office building grab your go-kit and other belongings...
there are hearings going on in the rayburn office building but the media doesnt know other than there is meetings going on. the house intelligence committee is in session. msnbc has shown live pictures of the meeting in progress so they speculate that this could be indicitative that capitol hill police must not think that there is gunmen on the loose..

posted raw 1008 am cdt
house is not in session today.

added 10:27am cdt msnbc is reporting that the incident was first reported :45 minutes ago or at about 9:40 am cdt 10:40 am edt.

added 10:36 am cdt c-span2: is live sen robert byrd is currently addressing the senate. cspan: uk pm tony blair is giving a live speech on "international policy in the 21st century" at georgetown university.

added 10:46 am cdt cspan is reporting that the senate has voted 78-15 to approve gen michael v hayden as the next cia director.

added 11:15 am cdt sgt kimberly schneider pio chp: capitol hill police received a telephone report at 10:30 am edt at their dispatch center and are responding to that one call reporting shots fired inside the rayburn office building. no suspects. no reports of any injuries. their report is "gunfire...shots fired...loud sounds." many tactical units inside the building no information on the caller. looking for people with weapons. handling this as a very serious matter. staffers stay inside the building. the ambulances are there on standby. news conference ended at 11:11 am cdt

added 11:31 am cdt according to msnbc and mike viqueira apparantly what happened is that a u s congressman jim saxton (r) nj was walking to his car in the g3 level parking garage. he heard what he thought was gunfire like someone unloading a gun perhaps ten shots. saxton went back to his office and a staffer of his greg keely (sp?) telephoned the capitol police. viqueira quoted from an email he received on his blackberry from keely: "on his way to the garage [g3 level] he [his boss congressman saxton] heard gunshots it sounded like someone empyting a gun about ten shots he hurried back to the elevator and went to his office he [greg keely] called the capitol hill police they came to his office and now they are in lockdown..."

added 12:50 pm cdt msnbc is reporting that an elevator mechanic working on an elevator in the vicinity and "banging" on the elevator might have been making the noise.
congressman jim saxton

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