02 May 2006

rapides parish library wants another tax

everytime we turn around rapides parish library director steve rogge is wanting another tax. here's an idea mr rogge - how about closing some of the branches instead? the people of rapides parish are already over taxed. we cant find where it says anywhere in the state constitution that citizens are entitled to having a library branch in every community. so we say close the branches and operate out of the main library downtown.

Tax increase added to Rapides Police Jury agenda
By Tom Bonnette
(318) 487-6340

The Rapides Parish Police Jury agreed in committee Monday to add a one-mill tax increase financing the parish library system to the agenda of its regular meeting on May 8.

The tax increase is needed so the library system can meet future obligations and expand, said Library Director Steve Rogge, who spoke during the Finance Committee meeting in favor of the proposal.

“We need another mill if we are going to keep up, and we have to resolve space problems in our most crowded branches,” Rogge said.

One mill is equivalent to a $1 tax for each $1,000 of assessed, nonexempt real property.

The proposed increase would raise Rapides Parish’s total millage from 6.08 to 7.08, or raise the tax generated per capita from $23.26 to $27.08.

If approved by the Police Jury during the regular meeting, the measure would be added to the Sept. 30 ballot for a parishwide vote.

Juror Joe Fuller, who made the motion to add the tax to the agenda, said he believes the tax would be more than worth the cost.

“They do a good job for our community. For a community our size, a library is very important,” he said.

The measure received support form other jurors, as well.

“I’ll second the motion, and as a taxpayer, I will also vote for it,” Juror Richard Billing said.