02 May 2006

A Question and Answer Session With The Candidates for Alexandria City Councilman At-Large.

lamar white jr posed fifteen questions to alexandria, la., city council at large candidates myron lawson the incumbent and challenger dr alexander slatkin.

What is the number one problem facing Alexandria?

Slatkin: There are many important issues afflicting our city. However, I perceive that the number one problem, which is much related to what I frequently hear from Alexandrians, is the high cost of utilities.

Lawson: The number one problem facing Alexandria is the lack of people stepping up and getting involved in the community. I am worried that the interest of the citizens is not where it needs to be. I feel that young adults getting involved in the community is drastically needed. Young adults in our community have expressed to me that they do not feel that they have had the opportunity to participate in various aspects of our community.

What is the biggest failure of the current City Council?

Lawson: I think the biggest failure of the current City Council is not making more opportunities available for our youth to get involved in the governmental process.

Slatkin: Last year’s failure to secure a favorable natural gas contract prior to Hurricane Katrina, which once in place, would have prevented the enormous financial burden currently being experienced by thousands of our citizens. This is articularly true among our senior and low income citizens.

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