23 May 2006

rodney alexander interview on moon griffon

on 17 may 2006 congressman rodney alexander appeared on the moon griffon show.
.mp3 here.
congressman rodney alexander (r) was on the moon griffon radio program wednesday morning. moon took the day off so his assistant ruth ulrich got to lob slow balls to alexander in what amounted to an hour long love-fest/informercial. now ms ulrich is some sort of high-up la state republican muckety-muck. a few months ago she was bragging on the air about a trip to the white house she took and even got to meet karl rove golly jee whiz.

opening the interview ms ulrich played it smart to let "turncoat" alexander explain his version of why he switched from the democratic party to the republican party...

after exchanging the opening pleasantries:
ulrich: we gone have to back up and start at the beginning of...of your uh of your time in washington um...as everyone knows you were a democrat and you switched to the republican party now part of what uh the republicans try to do is is we want more people to be republicans we want to find those that are conservative democrats and convince them they are in the wrong party but i want you to tell me a little bit about why you switched parties and how it came about some of the things that you came across in in your switch from the democratic to the republican party -
congressman alexander begins his pitch by reciting the same old worn out mantra's right in a line...see how alexander predictabably leads by invoking abortion :
(1) "protecting life" and at the statehouse voted to over ride governor "buddy" romer's abortion veto;
(2) for the right to bear arms;
(3) for lower taxes;
(4) less government - this is a lie;
(5) against same sex marriage and was shocked he had to defend his vote on that one;
(6) voted to drill oil in alaska;
(7) for prayer in school and displaying the 10 commandments;
you know according to alexander: things important to "good men and women"

explaning away his "switch" from the democratic to the republican party alexander recounts the following story:

voting one night late into the night on the medicare prescription drug plan for senior citizens

alexander says he was one of only 2 or 3 democrats who voted for the measure
nancy pelosi sent some of her lieutenants to get him to change his vote
and he told them no.
ms pelosi approached him personally imploring him to change his vote and he told her no
pelosi told him that he was causing george bush to get the credit for the plan he said he didnt have a problem with that she told him that he was alienating those that could help him in washington he told her that he was voting this way for the people back home and pelosi responded with:

"the folks at home cant help you in washington"

he claims he told her some crap about being "just an old country boy from north louisiana but how do i get back up here if they dont send me back?"

and [pelosi] said "you need to make up your mind you are either one of us or one of them."

then alexander tells what amounts to a bald faced lie : "i ran on a platform of coming to washington and voting the way i think people from the fifth district would vote if they were in washington"
the lie part 2:
"i never said that i would come to washington and vote the way somebody else told me to vote..."

heres the kicker:
"iam now a member of the party with whom ive been voting about ninety percent of the time anyway."
more mantras:
inheritance tax

then alexander gives a sad sack story about the "telephone robo-calls" going out against him blaming him for high gas prices etc, etc...

you listen to this guy talk and he sounds all slow and country and you think that perhaps its part of his schtick then when you listen to what he really has to say you realize that he really isnt that bright.

rodney alexander is a liar and a back stabber. he votes the way george bush tells him to. he voted for the usa patriot act hes for creating an american police state. alexander is for consolidating power in the executive and he shows he has no qualms with voting out our constitution and bill of rights. in rodney's world its ok to vote for senior citizens medicare prescription drug plans the only thing it will cost the seniors is to see their kids and grandkids cast into a new world order/bushonian police state. come november lets send this turkey home.
rodneyalexanderonmoongriffonwed17may2006.mp3 interview posted here.