10 May 2006

more on la state treasurer john kennedy

your right hand thief saturday 25 september 2005

oyster, in his recent post Who will Rep. Jindal endorse for mayor of N.O.? mentions a post of his from sept 2004 about la state treasurer john kennedy. we have caught kennedy few times on moon griffons radio program and have listened to what he had to say. if you want to hear him yourself we have an .mp3 audio of sec'y kennedys appearance on moon: state treasurer kennedy 'in shock' by budget in that interview (07th march 2006) kennedy said that the state needed to start scaling back. instead kennedy says that the state is taking too many risks not knowing whats going to happen in the future. kennedy said that we "dont have a roadmap we've never been through something like this the state never has" ..."we dont know what the economic impact is going to be so we need to start preparing" kennedy wants to put money aside and be conservative. he predicted "deficts like this state has never seen." anyway we liked his less is better approach to state government. someone needs to contact sec'y kennedy and see what he can do to get those pesky reservoirs and a lot of other waste in hb2 defunded.