25 May 2006

paul hurds plan to salvage SB1 louisiana eminent domain abuse

moon griffon had paul hurd on his radio program again this morning. hurd is really stressing a provision in SB1.
hurd says: "this provision puts in an exception by which the legislature from now on can define our property rights..." in other words the legislature can come back year after year or as often as they want and change what they say our property rights are even though this bill is a constitutional amendment.

hurds plan is for everyone to contact their state senator and ask them to strip SB1 of all its amendments and return it to original form.

moon griffon said that he has consulted with other attorneys about SB1 and hurd's theory and they agree with hurd.. griffon promises to get them "on the air" soon.

.mp3 interview is posted here.

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