25 May 2006

the reconstruction of new orleans

What Is Happening In New Orleans?

The hotel interests are talking with Mayor Nagin about rebuilding, and their investors want assurances of gambling licenses. Names like the Las Vegas' Schiffs, Adelsons, and the Chicago Pritzkers, are being dangled, to show the possibilities.

Larry Geller, head of Strategic Hotel Capital, and the group's spokesman, says the possibilities for a renaissance is on the table. The recently re-elected Nagin is jumping through hoops. It's always a good to be a sheriff in a boom town.

Nagin Pushing Casinos

Mayor Ray Nagin's proposal is to turn much of the central city into a Las Vegas-like casino district.

Mayor Nagin, and Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco, have spent days working out the details. The initial proposal calls for adding casinos to some of the nine larger existing hotels, around the French Quarter and downtown area.

Oddly he recently fired 3,000, mostly black, municipal workers because of lack of tax money.

Will There Be A Chocolate Renaissance?

Will these great humanitarians from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New York, bring the blacks back, and rebuild their housing?

Their Real Plan

The truth is the new employees will come from a Carnival Cruise line training, and hiring centers in India, East Europe, and China. Janos, and Helga, will be on the new renaissance workers...

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