28 December 2010

air force mascot "the bird" goes awol at independence bowl

awww that's such a shame.

The Air Force Academy's live mascot, "The Bird," took advantage of his usual pregame flight around the stadium to flee the premises ahead of the Falcons' 14-7 Independence Bowl win over Georgia Tech, leaving Independence Stadium behind ... read more
run silent run deep go navy


what are your most shared pages on facebook?

someone sent us this link earlier. we checked it out and it appears legitimate. in other words its not a malicious site. whois: likebutton.me

also a cursory google search of likebutton.me shows that its been around since april 2010 and has been mentioned on mashable as well as cnet and others..

copy and paste into your browser's address bar:


type your blog or website url at the end:



click picture to enlarge
it should resolve to something like this.

against the odds: jailhouse lawyer argues his way out of prison

now this is a great story!

wall street journal excerpt:


Each morning for 5,546 days, Jabbar Collins knew exactly what he'd wear when he awoke: a dark-green shirt with matching dark-green pants.

The prison greenies of a convicted murderer, he says, were "overly starched in the beginning, but as time wore on, and after repeated washes, they were worn and dull, like so many other things on the inside."

For most of those 15 years, Mr. Collins, who maintained his innocence, knew the only way his wardrobe would change was if he did something that's indescribably rare. He'd have to lawyer himself out of jail.

There was no crusading journalist, no nonprofit group taking up his cause, just Inmate 95A2646, a high-school dropout from Brooklyn, alone in a computerless prison law library. ~ read more


yahoo! sports: saints disrespect falcons with celebration


lafayette redflex scam enabler/shyster pat ottinger to step down

another pet shop bois out; good riddance!

gannett/daily advertiser excerpt:

City-Parish Attorney Pat Ottinger will step down from his position next month.

Ottinger has held the position since January 2004.

City-Parish President Joey Durel must appoint a new attorney, subject to the approval of the City-Parish Council.

That replacement will be named and considered by the council Jan. 25.~ read more


27 December 2010

stephen baldwin vs kevin costner complaint doc

this document is courtesy of slabbed.

click here to begin following what we're sure will be their usual outstanding coverage and commentary.



sec'y of state tom schedler ringside politics interview

this morning, louisiana sec'y of state, tom schedler, was on the ringside politics program with jeff crouere.

amongst other things, sec'y schedler talks about whats going on with the recent voter purge.

link to audio download page

sadly, no one called in to complain about / demand an end to, the electronic voting machines scam.



23 December 2010

bob marley "one love / people get ready"

"one love / people get ready" album version
bob marley and the wailers
legend - the best of bob marley and the wailers
give thanks and praise to the lord and i will feel all right. let's get together and feel all right.



bruce springsteen "santa claus is coming to town" b/w jerry reed "please come home for christmas" + elvis

bruce springsteen "santa claus is coming to town" live b/w jerry reed "please come home for christmas" + elvis presley "santa claus is back in town & blue christmas" medley


22 December 2010

"giuliani time" part 6

link to video watch/download page

part six (and the first one we've managed to capture) in a series on former new york city, mayor rudolph giuliani, by documentary filmmaker, kevin keating and k video productions.

this segment is about crime fighting techniques deployed by the giuliani administration. including the "street crimes unit," "stop, question and frisk," "quality of life policing," "broken windows" and the amadou diallo shooting.



19 December 2010

eu shuts off twitter giant television screens after berlusconi insults, accusations, death threats, obscenities, etc

via what really happened

A media experiment of feeding live tweets onto giant television screens displayed in the EU summit building had to be switched off after Italian twitterers bombarded the system with attacks on Silvio Berlusconi. ~ read more


18 December 2010

christopher bollyn radio interview with kevin barrett

911 researcher/investigator, christopher bollyn, is interviewed by kevin barrett about his book "solving 911: the deception that changed the world."

link to audio download page

website of christopher bollyn: www.bollyn.com
Solving 9-11 - The Deception That Changed the World


17 December 2010

texas lawyer causes stir in bp hearing by introducing 7 million docs from previous class action

via twitter @louisianarecord


Beaumont, Texas lawyer Brent Coon caused a bit of a stir during Friday's status conference for the multi-district litigation (MDL) regarding the BP oil spill when he introduced around seven million documents from a previous class action against BP.

Coon, who serves on a plaintiffs discovery committee, spoke at the end of a hearing in U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier's courtroom at the Eastern District of Louisiana in New Orleans.

Wearing a brown blazer and jeans, Coon said that the plaintiff steering committee asked to go through the files from discovery he conducted while representing plaintiffs in a suit regarding an explosion at BP's Texas City refinery.

The files were contained on an external computer hard drive that Coon brought to the hearing.

"I'm not sure what just happened," Barbier said after Coon had presented the hard drive. ~ read more


16 December 2010

former fair grounds jockey stephanie young dies at age 48

times-picayune excerpt:

Former Fair Grounds and Jefferson Downs jockey Stephanie Young, whose career ended in a spill in 1989, died Wednesday of cancer at age 48.

A New Orleans native, Young rode in the 1980s at all of the Louisiana tracks. She won 203 races before she was thrown from a horse at Birmingham Race Course and paralyzed.

“She rode quite a few horses for me,’’ said veteran Louisiana trainer Bunky Richards. “Some of those horses that guys don’t want to ride, she’d ride them. She was brave.’’ ~ read more
Stephanie Ann Young
February 2, 1962 - December 15, 2010

Stephanie Ann Young, beloved mother, daughter, sister, and friend, rode her way into heaven on Tuesday, December 15, 2010.

From the time Stephanie was born she had an innate love of all animals, but in particular, she had a passion for horses.

She had a natural gift and a strong will, which led to her successful career as a jockey at racetracks in Louisiana and throughout the country.

Stephanie's loving family includes: her son, Sean; mother, Gail Compagno; stepfather, Tony Compagno; father, Laurence Young; also her brother, Kevin Young; sisters: Kathleen Lunn, Susan Guidry, Sharon Young, Julie Compagno; and many nieces and nephews.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend Stephanie's Memorial Service at Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home, 5100 Pontchartrain Blvd., New Orleans, LA on Monday, December 20, 2010 at 11:00 AM.

Visitation will be held from 9:30 AM until service time.

In lieu of flowers donations may be sent to the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association, P.O. Box 24650, New Orleans, LA 70184.

To sign and view the Family Guestbook, please visit www.lakelawnmetairie.com.

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    14 December 2010

    tunk's cypress inn website hacked

    a hacker going by the alias S|A|M|E|T claims credit for hacking the tunk's cypress inn restaurant website.

    click picture to enlarge
    full screen view

    the hacker was also nice enough to embed a snappy music file:

    link to audio download page
    here via google cache is what the contact us page of tunk's cypress inn website normally looks like
    current whois records show that the tunks cypress inn website like the recently hacked city of alexandria, la. website and the greater alexandria economic development authority (gaeda) website are all associated with kja communications group.


    11 December 2010

    o.k. allen bridge

    here is a short clip we recently took of traveling from alexandria, la. to pineville via the o.k. allen bridge.

    this bridge is slated for demolition and replacement. after we uploaded this clip we noticed from the related videos, that the youtuber AnthonyJKenn recently uploaded a nice cgi clip to show what the new bridge will look like. you can view that clip here. be sure and read its description.

    as you can see the roadway is a bit bumpy and we noticed in another related video that the youtuber Freewayjim likes to shoot very well done videos of roads and bridges such as this clip of his US-190 & Bridges: Baton Rouge, LA as you can tell the camera is very steady and smooth.

    so we sent him a message through youtube asking him how he achieved this and he replied that:

    I have the camera mounted on a tripod based on the front seat floorboard, it is very steady at highway speeds.


    08 December 2010

    john winston lennon 09 october 1940 - 08 december 1980

    autopsy report: bossier city marshal johnny wyatt all boozed up at time of fatal crash

    late bossier city marshal johnny wyatt

    from the "laws are for the little people" and "the freaks, perverts and criminals who rule over us" files:

    gannett/shreveport times excerpts:
    Police say Marshal Wyatt was eastbound on Interstate 220 about 7:45 p.m. Oct. 8, when he took the Shed Road exit.

    The SUV, his personal vehicle, rolled past the stop sign, crossed Shed road and crashed into a culvert.

    “The individual was under the influence of ethanol at the time of the incident,” the report states. “The manner of death is considered to be accidental.”

    The toxicology report shows that Wyatt’s blood alcohol concentration level was 0.216, more than twice the legal limit of .08.

    However, the exact cause of death is blunt force injuries as a result of the accident. ~ source


    rapides parish clerk of court skates in frivolous suit filer case


    see also
    rapides parish legals -- monday 06 december 2010
    America's Wholesale Lender vs. Rapides Parish Clerk of Court, et al.
    Washington Mutual Bank FA vs. Rapides Parish Clerk of Court, et al.


    c-span caller "charles in shreveport" aint pushin pi no mo

    this is the call from this mornings c-span washington journal program which received some play at the top of today's moon griffon talk radio program.

    unfortunately, we werent recording today's moon griffon program but we were surprised to hear mr. griffon finally apologize to the voters for all the lies he told and the pi pushing he did in the 2007 louisiana gubernatorial campaign. this apology was extremely long overdue.



    05 December 2010

    city of alexandria, la. website hacked ... again

    the gannett/the town talk repeater, bret h. mccormick, repeated today via his "city notebook" column that


    For at least the second time in less than three months, a link on the home page of the city of Alexandria's website has been hacked.

    In September, a link to the city's Sugarhouse Road extension project was hacked.

    Now, it's a link to information about the now-settled city's lawsuit involving Cleco Corp.

    The link -- www.cityofalexandriala.com/ClecoCity/ -- has been accessed by a hacker who goes by the handle TW!$T3R.

    It now features a headline that reads "N3w Own3r" with a picture of the back of a young child and the words "YOU'RE NOT ALONE!!" ~ source

    link to audio download page
    one thing that mr. mccormick didnt bother to repeat, is that the hacker also installed on that page, an audio file which appears to be hosted from oz by the website hosting company cyanidehosting.com.
    here's hoping that next time the hacker will do the city a favor and finally install a title tag and favicon in their homepage.


    04 December 2010

    should police be allowed to run radar from a church?

    churches have historically and traditionally been places of refuge from life's travails.

    yet in louisiana, city, parish and state police routinely use houses of worship as cover to operate their revenue enhancing schemes from.

    around 11:08 am this morning we observed city of pineville, la. police apparently running radar from the parking lot of the pineville church of christ.

    that's just wrong. when are we ever going to see a state law banning this practice?

    01 December 2010

    UPDATED ouachita parish, la. sheriff royce toney is a freak - divorce petition

    louisiana style good 'ol boy network cover-up initiated

    : Attorney Fighting to Seal Records of Case Involving the Sheriff
    The court order would keep any of Royce Toney's possible testimony out of the press and unavailable for public viewing.
    via: lincoln parish news online
    source: www.roycetoney.com
    ouachita parish, la. sheriff royce toney named in divorce action
    you may remember that sheriff toney was a big supporter of corrupt district court judge marcus clark who of course went on to be elected (this is louisiana after all wink, wink} to the louisiana supreme court.

    playlist link
    this should be a good example to help you to understand why the criminal network selects the types of people that they do to promote to high elective office.

    many (or most?) people in top positions of government, media, school, police, and military were selected to be promoted to leadership positions because they can be controlled by blackmail.

    do you really think that someone like sheriff toney and others like him would ever stand up to the federal government and its increasing tyranny -- what when the feds -- thanks to unconstitutional laws like the misnomered usa patriot act have access to all his banking and credit card accounts and transactions as well as his cell phone records and can probably even listen in and record his calls as well as his computer activity -- all to blackmail him with?

    are stupid louisianaians ever going to demand honest, respectable, high-quality leaders?

    see also
    eric hufschmid
    to get away with crimes pretend to be a crime fighter
    last updated/edited 7:17 am cst saturday 04 december 2010


    r.i.p. head coach janice joseph-richard

    click picture to enlarge
    kalb announced at the top of their 6:00 p.m. news cast that louisiana college head women's basketball coach, janice joseph-richard has passed away.

    head coach joseph-richard suffered from cancer. she was only 46 years old.

    : gannett/the town talk: Louisiana College women's basketball coach Janice Joseph-Richard dies

    UPDATE-2 kalb.com: Janice Joseph-Richard Dies

    UPDATE-3 everythingcenla.com - facebook: Coach Janice Joseph Richard died about 5:05 p.m. today

    UPDATE-4 gannett/the town talk: LC coach Richard dies after five-year battle with cancer

    gannett/the town talk: Benson: No words can describe Richard

    Janice Joseph Richard

    Services for Janice Joseph Richard will be at 1 p.m. on Friday, December 10, 2010 at Louisiana College Guinn Auditorium with the Rev. Joe S. Green officiating.

    Burial will be in Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Cemetery under the direction of Gonzaque-Williams Mortuary.

    Ms. Janice Joseph Richard, 46, of Alexandria passed away on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital.

    Janice was a member of St. Matthew Baptist Church of Boyce, a 1982 graduate of Peabody Magnet High School and a 1986 graduate of Louisiana College.

    She was preceded in death by her father, Clarence Joseph, Sr., mother, Menda Joseph and grandmother, Pearl Bell.

    She is survived by son, Otis Lee Richard, Jr.; brothers, Clarence Joseph, Jr. (Dorothy) of Kileen, Texas, Burnell Williams (Sarah) of Pineville, James Joseph, Jerry Joseph, Kenneth Joseph, Raymond Joseph, Larry Joseph all of Alexandria and Walter Collins (Helen) of Monroe; sisters, Lillie Jackson and Pamela Jones (Kevin both of Alexandria.

    Friends may call from 9 a.m. to 12 noon Friday, December 10th at Louisiana College Guinn Auditorium.

    gunfighter blog to retire

    sad news arrived this morning in the form of an email from our friend gunfighter who writes in part that his life is changing (for the good) so he doesnt have the time to blog anymore.

    gunfighter, who is a policeman in washington, d.c., 19 january 2009 post barack obama & the end of "acting white" will always remain as one of the most sincerely written, though provoking blog posts that we've ever read.

    after 04 january 2011 you can find his best of gunfighter posts preserved at www.gunfightersview.blogspot.com.


    la state senate staffer suspended over obama email forward

    according to a report by the associated press repeater, melinda deslatte, louisiana state senate staffer tammy crain-waldrop, sent -- what some are calling an "offensive e-mail to hundreds of government workers."

    the email in question, which the associated press claims to have obtained, purports to sport a "doctored" photo of president obama made to look like a white man with the tag: "do you like him any better now? no? me neither ..... then you're not a racist."

    notice how the media criminals brag about how they have a copy of the email -- yet dont post it for all to see. no blogger anywhere in the world would be allowed to get away with something like that.

    you should consider that this is just another trick to cause racial fights and problems.

    as far as that goes, is anyone stupid enough to believe that any of that collection of freaks, perverts and criminals who comprise the organized crime gang which calls itself the loony looziana legislature is truly offended by this email? what when they routinely author, coauthor and vote in laws that are unneeded, unwanted and are an offense to the people, the constitution and almighty god?

    people who work in state government would be better off -- if they are going to do something to get fired or suspended over -- to spend their time exposing all the fraud and corruption in the legislature and not wasting time on silly obama emails.


    29 November 2010

    caroline fayard contemplates future

    former candidate for lieutenant governor, caroline fayard, posted the following statement on her website www.geauxcaroline.com today:

    Fayard Contemplates Future

    New Orleans – Caroline Fayard, who garnered 43 percent of votes cast in the November 2nd runoff election for Lieutenant Governor, said that she will carefully consider where she can best contribute to the state of Louisiana.

    “I’m extraordinarily grateful to my supporters and volunteers who have helped to make my first run for statewide office possible,” said Fayard. “Going from being a virtual unknown to having over a half-million voters place their trust in a first-time candidate is a tremendous accomplishment, and I’m very proud of the positive campaign we ran.”

    Fayard said that her message has always been about giving all citizens in the state a voice, as well as calling on our state government and leaders to be accountable to the hard-working people of Louisiana. Fayard said that she will continue that mission.

    “I am honored by the calls I’m getting from people all around the state who are asking me to get more involved in politics. I am listening to them and I will continue to listen. The campaign just ended, and I will think things over during Christmas before deciding where I can make the best contribution as our state tackles very serious challenges affecting all of us.”

    Fayard said that she will continue to focus on higher education and the brain drain, corporate accountability and increasing voter participation.

    Posted on November 29, 2010.
    we had never heard of ms. fayard prior to the lieutenant governor's special election. we didnt pay her any attention either until she made the runoff;

    while some aspects of ms. fayard's past professional life are troubling -- such as her work for goldman sachs -- and not counting her obamacare blunder, in the several interviews that we were able to catch, we found her to be a very fascinating and interesting person. we hope to see her in some political campaign again.


    27 November 2010

    wrong bush in a jar

    babs bush "said that she had never, as her son George W Bush claimed in one of more bizarre sections of his new book, placed her stillborn foetus in a jar, saying her housekeeper had."



    black friday for willie nelson

    el paso times excerpt:
    Country music superstar Willie Nelson was arrested Friday morning for allegedly having about 6 ounces [170 grams] of marijuana after his tour bus was stopped at the Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, about 85 miles [137 km] east of El Paso.

    Nelson, 77, was traveling from California to Austin, where he owns a ranch.
    Nelson was stopped at the checkpoint about 9 a.m.

    Border Patrol agents searched Nelson's tour bus and found the marijuana, which Nelson claimed was his, said Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West. [...] West said that Nelson posted a $2,500 [1,888 EUR] bond and was on the road again by 1:30 p.m. Friday.
    A court date has yet to be set.
    Nelson's publicist Elaine Schock could not be reached for comment Friday, and no changes had been made to Nelson's tour schedule.

    His next performance will be today at the WinStar casino in Thackerville, Okla. ~ read more
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    26 November 2010

    commercial christmas trees available

    the first christmas trees we've spotted this year went on sale in pineville, la., sometime wednesday, 24 november 2010.

    workers were busy setting up the trees which had arrived moments before we passed by, so no immediate information about pricing was available.

    the trees are located in the parking lot opposite the circle k/shell/subway convenience store.

    click picture to enlarge
    we also saw this temporary roadside advert sign for a&n christmas tree farm in echo, louisiana. the phone number is 318.447.9666.
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    visit a louisiana tree farm this year

    susek drive

    according to a 13 november 2010 piece by the gannett repeater jeff matthews, the city of pineville, louisiana, (actually gilchrist construction company) is presently finishing up work on its susek drive project: work almost finished on pineville's susek drive project or click here to download two page .pdf [55 kb].

    gannett repeated that:

    The $8.6 million project is being funded through federal stimulus dollars.

    Susek has been widened, flattened and resurfaced.

    Sidewalks also are being constructed and drainage in the area improved.
    so we had an opportunity to pass through there thanksgiving eve and found it to be pretty much as advertised.

    in the article susek drive resident daniel o'reagan is really pleased and said "they made a neighborhood out of what was basically a rural road." and that's really true too. its not been all that many years ago when there were few people living along susek and no subdivisions that you could zoom over the hills to get a little something of the roller-coaster effect.

    you cant do that now though cos the hills are gone. thanks president obama.

    one observation -- although susek drive is open to through traffic its still a good idea to avoid it if you can -- until its renovation is finally complete -- especially if you're the type who likes to yak away on a cell phone while driving and/or you arent really comfortable driving in conditions where the circumstances are fluid; demanding a quick reaction time for human beings working on the shoulder and in the vicinity as well as tractors and other heavy equipment entering, working on or near and exiting the roadway -- all at the same time.

    we would have preferred to have filmed this standing in the bed of a pick-up (and might do that for the return trip unless someone else does it first).

    there appears to be an annoying bug on the windshield but the likely culprit we discovered later was a smudge on the camera lens.

    although our vid is three minutes and thirty-four seconds long, for now the transit takes around four and a half minutes.

    we trimmed the first forty seconds off cos we were stopped just inside the intersection to let a tractor pass. the rest of the time was trimmed from the end.

    when susek is fully open you will probably be able to shave around ninety seconds or so off.

    the perspective is going west from pinehurst drive to edgewood drive.


    23 November 2010

    ksyl caller becky: david vitter a cosponsor of S.510 fed/homeland security takeover of food supply

    while we're unsure about all of the other stuff that frequent ksyl talk radio caller "becky" was on about, this is the first time that we've heard it mentioned in the msm that senator david vitter is a cosponsor of S.510 fda food safety modernization act -- so we give her props for that.

    we wont hold our breath, but perhaps now someone will question senator vitter -- who, of course, claims to be a conservative republican -- just how he can justify cosponsoring and supporting such a massive expansion of federal authority and expenditure and still claim to be a conservative or even a republican. we're sure others would like to know the chapter and verse from the republican party platform that senator vitter is using as justification.

    Senate Bill 510 vote delayed until after Thanksgiving - Take action now to oppose food tyranny

    (NaturalNews) If there's one thing to give thanks for this year, it's the fact that the Senate floor vote on the so-called "Food Safety Modernization Act" has been delayed until after the Senate's Thanksgiving recess.

    This gives all of us -- the commonsense opponents of S.510 who don't want the FDA having authority over raw milk, seeds and backyard gardens -- another week to flood the offices of U.S. Senators with calls, faxes and emails that express opposition to the bill.

    The jury is still out on the Tester-Hagan Amendment which would exempt small farmers from some of the more tyrannical requirements under the law.

    If this amendment were adopted, it would substantially improve the bill, but even with this amendment, the bill is just another overreaching expansion of Big Government into yet another area of incompetence. (If the government can't run health care worth a darn, how are they supposed to manage the entire food supply?)

    The 1099 paperwork amendment
    As part of this debate over the safety of the food supply, Sen Mike Johanns is making a courageous attempt to kill the new, idiotic 1099 reporting requirement that would require every person running a small business in America to get 1099 forms from Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Costco, Amazon.com or any other retailer where they've spent over $600 in the previous year.

    This absolute nightmare of 1099 paperwork was passed as part of the Obamacare health care reform legislation earlier this year.

    It will turn America's small business owners into paperwork pack rats and criminalize anyone who doesn't spent several hundred hours a year chasing 1099 forms from corporations that are almost certain to refuse to give them to you.

    This is the government's way of penalizing small business owners in America and killing off yet more jobs as a way to destroy the economy.

    This 1099 recall is the only real positive thing being considered in the Food Safety and Modernization Act. And as you've probably noticed, it has nothing to do with food.

    What comes next for S.510
    On Monday, November 29, a vote will be taken on the Harkin amendment, which is merely a rephrasing of the bill with some new wording that came out of committee.

    After that, a vote is planned for the bill itself, meaning S.510 could be passed into law on November 29th.

    Additional debate time might be invoked for various amendments to the bill, as there are some motions still pending (Johanns, Baucus, Coburn). So it's not a given thing that a final vote will happen on Nov 29th.

    Watch NaturalNews.com for more updates on this bill throughout next week. We will continue to rally opposition to the bill.

    I'm not against some commonsense improvements in food safety, but to give Big Brother yet more control over seed saving, backyard food production and small organic farms is an outright disaster, not an improvement.

    Besides, as we now know, the problem with e.coli, salmonella and other pathogens in the food supply is really a problem with factory animal farms -- notably cattle and chicken operations.

    That's where these pathogens come from (e.coli grows in the intestines of animals), so cleaning up factory animal farms is the answer to food safety, not invoking the FDA and its food irradiation agenda.

    Why not hand the FDA more power over our food supply?
    It's amazing to see that people are lining up to grant more power to the FDA -- the very agency that has killed more Americans through its corruption, fraud and negligence than any other organization in the history of the nation.

    I've written a full story on this important fact, which details how the FDA is far more dangerous than terrorists and that putting the FDA in charge of our national food supply can only lead to disaster. Read that story.

    Take action now to stop S.510
    Your voice needs to be heard on this issue. The vote on this bill has been delayed until after the Thanksgiving recess, so you have more time to oppose this dangerous legislation.

    Call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be directly connected to your Senator's office: 202-224-3121.

    You can find other contact information for your US Senator here. ~ source

    link to audio download page