26 November 2010

susek drive

according to a 13 november 2010 piece by the gannett repeater jeff matthews, the city of pineville, louisiana, (actually gilchrist construction company) is presently finishing up work on its susek drive project: work almost finished on pineville's susek drive project or click here to download two page .pdf [55 kb].

gannett repeated that:

The $8.6 million project is being funded through federal stimulus dollars.

Susek has been widened, flattened and resurfaced.

Sidewalks also are being constructed and drainage in the area improved.
so we had an opportunity to pass through there thanksgiving eve and found it to be pretty much as advertised.

in the article susek drive resident daniel o'reagan is really pleased and said "they made a neighborhood out of what was basically a rural road." and that's really true too. its not been all that many years ago when there were few people living along susek and no subdivisions that you could zoom over the hills to get a little something of the roller-coaster effect.

you cant do that now though cos the hills are gone. thanks president obama.

one observation -- although susek drive is open to through traffic its still a good idea to avoid it if you can -- until its renovation is finally complete -- especially if you're the type who likes to yak away on a cell phone while driving and/or you arent really comfortable driving in conditions where the circumstances are fluid; demanding a quick reaction time for human beings working on the shoulder and in the vicinity as well as tractors and other heavy equipment entering, working on or near and exiting the roadway -- all at the same time.

we would have preferred to have filmed this standing in the bed of a pick-up (and might do that for the return trip unless someone else does it first).

there appears to be an annoying bug on the windshield but the likely culprit we discovered later was a smudge on the camera lens.

although our vid is three minutes and thirty-four seconds long, for now the transit takes around four and a half minutes.

we trimmed the first forty seconds off cos we were stopped just inside the intersection to let a tractor pass. the rest of the time was trimmed from the end.

when susek is fully open you will probably be able to shave around ninety seconds or so off.

the perspective is going west from pinehurst drive to edgewood drive.