01 November 2010

fascinating new jay dardenne website

jay dardenne is currently the louisiana sec'y of state and is running for lieutenant governor. that election is is on 02 november 2010.

we only learned of this website a few minutes ago. the website author, an alexandria, la. woman writes:
This is my own personal horror story involving Jay Dardenne ~ read more
amongst other things -- the author writes of a suspicious burglary at her alexandria, la. home a proper investigation of which she maintains was thwarted or covered up by the new chief of the alexandria, la. police department, roger "ernest" tully. chief tully came to alexandria from the baton rouge, la. police department.

also, from what we can gather an ethics complaint against mr. dardenne has been filed under the louisiana dual office holding law.

and if that's not enough -- it appears that pesky so called gold law firm is somehow involved.