03 November 2010

flash back: handy speed checker device at libuse la

UPDATE: via the dead pelican we learn from katc that they are called a "mobile speed monitoring trailer" and that the st. landry, parish sheriff is getting them too:

Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz said, "The trailer will be placed on parish roads to monitor and record all traffic passing during a specific time period.

The trailer is powered by solar panels and has a board computer that logs speed, time and date of all vehicles passing it.

The trailer is also equipped with a message board to display messages during the speed monitoring or during emergencies.

The trailer's computer can be downloaded to computers at the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office.

The trailer's on board computer breaks down the number of vehicles passing by percent speeding and percent not speeding but also gives exact numbers on what time and date the vehicle passed the trailer."
each trailer costs $18,389.00 to purchase katc reported.

there may be other machines like this around the parish but this is the only one we've seen.

located just east of the bank of jena, highway 28 east at libuse, louisiana.
originally posted 10 september 2010