29 November 2010

caroline fayard contemplates future

former candidate for lieutenant governor, caroline fayard, posted the following statement on her website www.geauxcaroline.com today:

Fayard Contemplates Future

New Orleans – Caroline Fayard, who garnered 43 percent of votes cast in the November 2nd runoff election for Lieutenant Governor, said that she will carefully consider where she can best contribute to the state of Louisiana.

“I’m extraordinarily grateful to my supporters and volunteers who have helped to make my first run for statewide office possible,” said Fayard. “Going from being a virtual unknown to having over a half-million voters place their trust in a first-time candidate is a tremendous accomplishment, and I’m very proud of the positive campaign we ran.”

Fayard said that her message has always been about giving all citizens in the state a voice, as well as calling on our state government and leaders to be accountable to the hard-working people of Louisiana. Fayard said that she will continue that mission.

“I am honored by the calls I’m getting from people all around the state who are asking me to get more involved in politics. I am listening to them and I will continue to listen. The campaign just ended, and I will think things over during Christmas before deciding where I can make the best contribution as our state tackles very serious challenges affecting all of us.”

Fayard said that she will continue to focus on higher education and the brain drain, corporate accountability and increasing voter participation.

Posted on November 29, 2010.
we had never heard of ms. fayard prior to the lieutenant governor's special election. we didnt pay her any attention either until she made the runoff;

while some aspects of ms. fayard's past professional life are troubling -- such as her work for goldman sachs -- and not counting her obamacare blunder, in the several interviews that we were able to catch, we found her to be a very fascinating and interesting person. we hope to see her in some political campaign again.