28 September 2011

richard lee mcnair writes to wst...

richard lee mcnair is the prisoner who escaped from the federal penitentiary at pollock, grant parish, louisiana on 05 april 2006 and remained at-large until 25 october 2007 when he was captured by the royal canadian mounted police at campbellton, new brunswick, canada.

when mcnair escaped we posted about it a few times and over time posted a few follow-ups; it turns out that mcnair would monitor wst...

mcnair included his note in a letter package he sent to canadian crime reporter, byron christopher, who is writing a case study on mcnair's life and times. mr. christopher first scanned it and emailed it to us then mailed the original.

we've since written to mcnair directly.

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image credit: byron christopher
in a follow-up letter to mr. christopher, mcnair reveals that he actually purchased a separate computer to check wst... out on. lol

image credit: byron christopher

note: "amw blog" means america's most wanted, a tv program.
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26 September 2011

kodak moments

an email forward making the rounds:

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... meanwhile, our friend the field negro, received an interesting email fwd as well ...

25 September 2011

focusing on wildlife vid: birds of the mississippi river delta

John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, takes us on a bird-tour of the Mississippi River Delta. The Louisiana wetlands that they call home are fast disappearing.

UPDATE: Part-2: Through the Lens: Raccoon Island
The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico contaminated several large colonies of birds nesting on Louisiana's barrier islands.

Cornell Lab photographer and cinematographer Gerrit Vyn shares video and photographs from the island and describes the scene as he saw it.

~ Watch video on FocusingOnWildlife.com


23 September 2011

3 judge 3rd circuit appeal court panel to hear mayor roy's oral argument for blocking tiffany sanders appointment to the alex civil service commission

despite the msm blackout and the suspicious efforts by the alexandria, la., shyster, to sweep it under the rug --

a recent entry to the official docket of louisiana's third circuit appeals court reveals that justices' sylvia r. cooks, james t. genovese and phyllis m. keaty will indeed hear the mayors oral argument on wednesday, 05 october 2011.

the 3rd circuit appeals court will convene that day at the cameron parish courthouse, 119 smith circle, cameron, louisiana from 9:30 a.m.

cenla briarpatch has the downlow oral arguments coming up in the tiffany sanders litigation


21 September 2011

local broadsheet: splittsville for alexandria city councilman jonathan d. goins & attorney thomas davenport


19 September 2011

exclusive: inside alexandria shyster greg aymond's law office

hmmm. we're not sure but that looks mighty close to the shitter to us.


18 September 2011

new cenla briarpatch blog puts alexandria shyster greg aymond in check

alexandria, la. shyster greg aymond a/k/a puddin-headed-jibba-jabba now
"worlds biggest asshat"

if you're not a local or with the louisiana state bar association, the louisiana attorney disciplinary board, the judiciary commission of louisiana, the louisiana supreme court, third circuit appeals court, the federal welfare and crazy-check office, irs, central state hospital butterfly net & straight jacket brigade, fbi, doj or the other myriad of alphabet soup agencies apparently keeping tabs on aymond and all his nefarious, nebulous and dubious associates and activities then this post probably wont interest you.


16 September 2011

2nd kolin kolache festival 2011

Western Fraternal Life Association

2nd Annual Kolin Kolache Festival

October 29, 2011

10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Kolin Lodge Hall

119 B. Miller Road off Hwy. 107

Kolin, Louisiana

Free admission

Dr. David J. Holcombe, Medical Director, Community Health Worx, will provide free blood pressure and BMI (Body Mass Index) checks.

Fresh baked kolache with many toppings, including: strawberry, cherry, peach, apricot, apple, prune, cottage cheese, cream cheese, poppyseed and sausage.

Home made meat pies. Nitz, apple strudel, pecan rolls, pumpkin rolls, buchta and cakes.

Many art and craft booths, space jumper, games for children and a hay ride.

Free drawing for a bicycle and tricycle donated by Western Fraternal Life Association.

At 1:00 pm begin serving (cohon de lait) pig roast plates with potato dumplings, sauerkraut, green beans, candied sweet potatoes and a drink. All for only $7.00

Dance 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Gary Cathey Band.

Dance admission, $2.00 adults and children under 10 years free.

For more information, phone: (318) 443-9985; Become a Fan; Like them on Facebook@Kolin Kolache Festival.


cream cheese kolache
photograph courtesy besetsny's kountry bakery, hallettsville, texas
Kolache (also spelled kolace, kolach, or kolacky, from the Czech and Slovak plural koláče) is a type of pastry consisting of fillings ranging from fruits (including poppy seed, raspberry, and apricot) to cheeses and/or meats inside a bread roll.

Unlike recent American usage, the Czech word "koláče" is a plural word.

A single pastry is called a "koláč" or "koláček." ~ wikipedia

15 September 2011

uss virginia cgn-38 reunion november 2011 annapolis maryland

we received the below email from one of our shipmates who looks like he's done quite well for himself;

if you've arrived here looking for information on the 2011 uss virginia cgn-38 reunion, greetings. please contact captain olsen at the email or phone number below.

the football game will be troy university trojans at united states naval academy midshipmen. cbs sports will televise the game although it could be a local rather than a nationwide broadcast.

if you or your firm is interested in comping a shipmate a ticket or two, then we're sure that captain olsen can make arraignments to have them delivered with your compliments.


From: Capt Larry Olsen, Sr., USN
Subject: USS VIRGINIA (CGN-38) Reunion
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 09:53:33 -0600

VIRGINIA Shipmates:

I was the Fire Control Officer (FC DivO) from Jan ’85-Aug ’86. I realize that this is a shot in the dark and that many of these e-mail addresses are old and may no longer work, but I want to get the word out to those who would be interested in a reunion.

For those of you with whom I’ve already corresponded in earlier e-mails, please forgive the “spamming.”

We are looking to gather in Annapolis, MD on the first weekend in November.

The main event will be the USNA vs. Troy State Football game on 5 Nov, starting at 1530.

If I can get enough people signed up to make it worthwhile, we can get a section for USS VIRGINIA and ticket prices drop from $35 to $25 per ticket.

We are still looking at the possibility of a linkup at a local restaurant or pub after the game, but again, I need to estimate of how many people we might expect.

If you are interested, please e-mail me and let me know and I will add you to the roster and send you updates.

The website for ordering tickets to the Troy State game can be found at URL:


However, I recommend that you wait on buying your game tickets until we find out if we will have a section dedicated to USS VIRGINIA.

VIRGINIA was the finest ship in the fleet and I look forward to hearing from you.

Also, if you have contact info on other shipmates, please feel free to forward it to me.


CAPT Larry Olsen, Sr., USN
CO NROTC Unit & Professor of Naval Science
University of New Mexico
(505) 277-4610
Most situations are not zero sum games. Let’s look for the win-win solution together!

UPDATE: navy won!
Navy downs visiting Troy, 42-14

(AP) – 28 minutes ago

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Kriss Proctor ran for two touchdowns and passes for another in his return from injury, leading Navy to a 42-14 rout of Troy on Saturday.

On senior day for the Midshipmen (3-6), Navy played its best game of the season, led 35-0 at halftime and snapped a six-game losing streak.

Proctor, who sat out last week with an elbow injury, scored on rushes of 2 and 5 yards and threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Gee Gee Greene before being replaced at halftime by backup Trey Miller. He also completed 4 of 6 passes for 127 yards.

Seniors Aaron Santiago, returning after missing six games with a broken left forearm, and Alexander Teich, led the Mids on the ground. Santiago had 80 yards and Teich added 71 yards overall and a 5-yard scoring run as Navy gained 390 of its 517 yards offense on the ground.

Greene also scored on a 10-yard run and Mike Stukel added Navy's lone second-half score on a 1-yard run.

Navy had 385 yards offense in the first half in building its biggest halftime margin since leading Temple 35-0 on Nov. 18, 2006.

Navy broke its longest skid since 2002 when it lost 10 in a row, and kept alive the Mids' hopes of playing in a bowl game for a ninth straight season. The Mids must now win their final three games to qualify for the Military Bowl.

Troy (2-6) lost its fourth straight game for the first time since 2006 and is now assured of finishing with its first non-winning season since 2005 (4-7).

The Trojans had 330 total offense, getting just 109 and six first downs in the first half. They scored on a 1-yard run by D.J. Taylor on their first possession of the second half and on a 22-yard pass from Corey Robinson to Chandler Worthy on their final possession.

Troy starter Corey Robinson completed 19 of 26 passes for 152 yards and backup Jamie Hampton was 8 for 11 for 60 yards. Shawn Southward led Troy with 68 rushing yards and Eric Thomas had seven catches for 60 yards.

Navy's Jared Marks and Collin Sturdivant recovered Troy fumbles for the Mids, setting up the first two scores of the game — a 2-yard run by Proctor and the pass from Proctor to Greene.


06 September 2011

alexandria city court shock filing: local attorney thomas davenport taunted opposing party over his fathers accidental hunting death

this probably helps to explain why mr. davenport gets on so well with local shyster; race hustler, greg aymond.
UPDATE-2 [25september2011] for more read cenlabriarpatch.com -
UPDATE: see cenlamar.com: alexandria attorney tommy davenport accused of cyberstalking defamation and posting anonymously about his own pending litigation
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    05 September 2011

    labor day

    notice how the british media of the day attempt to mock and belittle people coming together to hear the word of god.


    Slaves at Worship on a Plantation in South Carolina
    The Illustrated London News, vol. 43, no. 1234, p. 574.

    December 5, 1863

    Linked with our Special Artist's Illustrations of the War in America is one, from another source, of an entirely different aspect (see page 561), in which the owner of a cotton plantation, South Carolina, is, with his wife and children, engaged in Divine worship, surrounded by his slaves, in a state of almost patriarchal simplicity.

    In the character of the negro as developed in the Slave States of America the two most marked features are his capacity for strong attachment and fidelity to his master when kindly treated and his surceptibility [sic] to religious influences.

    This latter quality is carried in many cases into the region of fanaticism; but a deep, simple, and fervent piety characterises a large portion of the slave population, especially those advanced in years.

    The Illustration bearing the above title is from a sketch made in a rude chapel erected for the slaves on a cotton plantation near Port Royal (South Carolina), now in the possession of the Federal forces.

    The "incumbent" was an intelligent old house servant, a slave. He could read, but not write; and his extempore sermons, although sometimes marred by his predilection for high-sounding phrases and long words (not always appropriate), were characterised by strong good sense and a certain rude native eloquence, often rising to the dignity of pathos, and admirably adapted to the comprehension and temperament of his audience.

    The Methodist persuasion is the one which finds most favour among the slaves in the Southern as well as among the free negroes in the Northern States. ~ emory university library

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    originally posted 05 september 2010


    02 September 2011

    tropical storm lee threatens louisiana


    reporting station kesf (esler field)
    intellicast -- data from AEX alexandria international airport reporting station
    kalb.com sky tracker radar

    kalb.com weather alerts

    kalb weather line telephone: 318.442.1110
    Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for Louisiana
    Issued by the National Weather Service
    updated about every two minutes.
    Weather Observations from Esler Field ~ Updated Hourly
    Weather Observations from Alexandria International Airport ~ Updated Hourly

    National Weather Service: Louisiana State Information
    Dial 511 for DOTD Road Updates
    Louisiana State Police
    Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office
    Non-Emergency Number ~ Main Office - (318) 473-6700
    Boyce Substation - 793-8157
    Ward 11 Substation - 466-3231
    Glenmora Substation - 748-4226
    South Substation - 449-5482
    Tioga Substation - 640-1696


    01 September 2011

    in re: bryan white: ladb recommends reinstating attorney who didnt come-clean in judge ronald bodenheimer's al copeland shake down scam

    UPDATE: 20 january 2012 state supremes readmit bryan m. white

    ----ORIGINAL POST----
    via: shyster watchthe late, great, new orleans restauranteur, sportsman and businessman, al copeland, was going through a custody dispute with his ex-wife luan hunter.

    mr. copeland was represented by robert lowe, esq., the lowe in the new orleans, divorce and business law firm of lowe, stein, hoffman, allweiss & hauver.

    bryan white, esq., was some sort of private attorney/personal secretary to mr. copeland.

    the judge in the case was one ronald bodenheimer and he was a crook (arent they all?).

    so the judge and one of his shady cronies, a guy named phillip demma, contacted and began to pester mr. white with their plans to "shake down the copelands' companies."

    this is the crazy part -- mr. white would apparently meet with the judge and his stooge to hear them out but "refused to further cooperate with judge bodenheimer and communicated to mr. demma that he would not provide judge bodenheimer what he wanted thus thwarting judge bodenheimer's plans."

    this is the part we love -- unbeknownst to all of them, the fbi was already investigating judge bodenheimer!

    so the fbi goes over to talk to mr. white and what he told them didnt add up to what they already knew -- that he knew.

    so about eight months after he talked to the fbi he was indicted and eventually pled guilty to one count of violating 18 u.s.c. 4: misprison of a felony.

    mr. white took his medicine and owned up to what he did. many witnesses who each knew a different aspect of mr. white's character and personality testified during his petition for readmission hearing that they believed that he had rehabilitated himself.

    witnesses included: phillip a. wittmann, esq., a named partner in the stone pigman law firm, edward h. crosby, esq., a partner in the chaffe mccall law firm, jefferson parish, la. sheriff's office, chief deputy, craig taffaro, wiley mccormick, retired superintendent for the louisiana state police, richard chapman, president and ceo diversified foods, len brignac, esq., of the king, krebs & jurgens, law firm and orleans parish sheriff, marlin n. gusman.

    the victim in all this, luan hunter, wrote two letters in support of mr. white's petition for readmission; so if she can forgive him, for herself and on behalf of her then minor children, who are we to complain about mr. white's prospective reinstatement?

    several things dont make any sense, like for instance, the ladb writes that the rules of professional conduct -- at that time, prohibited mr. white from disclosing the information that the fbi wanted.

    it seems that the rules being what they were that the attitude towards mr. white's actions would have been similar to a journalist going to jail to protect a source.

    one bit of information that we learn from this document is that the rules of professional conduct do not apply when the fbi comes calling.

    the best thing to do is to follow the advice of this law professor and "never talk to any police officer, under any circumstances." if you do though, you should come-clean and tell them what they want to know.

    despite all that, we suppose that the moral of this story is that if you're an attorney and you have knowledge of a crooked judge -- you should immediately go to the fbi and report it -- because you never know who's listening; who's watching....