31 August 2007

tropical depression six is born

05 september 2007 3:45 am cdt TROPICAL STORM FELIX has been changed to TROPICAL DEPRESSION FELIX

04 september 2007 6:58 pm cdt HURRICANE FELIX has been changed to TROPICAL STORM FELIX

02 september 2007 7:05 pm cdt ...FELIX NOW A CATEGORY FIVE HURRICANE...

01 september 2007 6:49 pm cdt: TROPICAL STORM FELIX has been changed to HURRICANE FELIX

01 september 2007 4:00 am cdt: TROPICAL DEPRESSION SIX has been changed to TROPICAL STORM FELIX

31 august 2007 3:56 pm cdt: The NHC has begun issuing advisories for TROPICAL DEPRESSION SIX

tropical depression six [now hurricane felix] national hurricane center r.s.s. feed:

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    alexandria's 'baggy pants' ordinance makes faux fox news

    and now...back to 'baggy pants'

    the citizens and city of alexandria, louisiana made fox news (see link) the other day.

    fox reported how:
    "Alexandria's City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban the baring. Its ordinance allows some sag, but 3 inches or more can bring a fine of $25 to $200 and a requirement for community service."
    when news finally broke on 23 august 2007 about how cities like delcambre, louisiana had passed and cities like atlanta and alexandria, louisiana were considering passing the same or similar ordinances -- the executive director, ms. debbie seagraves, of the american civil liberties union immediately went on record to remind everyone that "this is a racial profiling bill that promotes and establishes a framework for an additional type of racial profiling," seagraves said.

    a normal minded person would take this to mean that the american civil liberties union is going to eventually sue any or all of the municipalities that put 'baggy pants' laws on the books. so why would you unnecessarily put your city in harms way of a very likely federal civil action against it. not to mention the damage to your cities reputation after the american civil liberties makes a fool of it? of coz thoughts of the massive attorney and legal fees the city i.e. taxpayers will have to foot is never talked about. we see that in the city of pineville, louisiana's seventeen thousand and counting dollar legal fees to bring a suit thats not even provided for in the law.

    three councilmen in shreveport, louisiana had the good sense to vote no, yet alexandria's seven councilmen including most curiously haberdasher harry silver unanimously voted the ordinance in. this shouldnt be surprising when just this past january they voted in the so called 'abandoned car' ordinance which like 'baggy pants' is promised, went down to court challenge and defeat. so when the attorney general's office comes to instruct the city council on louisiana open meetings law they need to throw in courses on common sense and the constitution. by the way we wonder what councilman silver's attitude towards this ordinance would be if the city was trying to outlaw a popular type of clothing that he sells?

    we're told that a search was done of all the state and federal and appeals courts in the land and so far there are no 'baggy pants' cases been heard. this would seem to make it most ripe for an aclu challenge.

    the citizens ought to demand a law that says that when a governmental body willfully and knowingly passes laws that the courts eventually strike down as unconstitutional they should have to pay the attorney fees court costs out of their own pocket (like was needed here for instance and would have helped here too) or better yet resign.
    32) To consider final adoption of an ordinance adding Section 15-128 to the Alexandria City Code relative to appropriate dress for persons in certain public places; to prohibit public exposure in certain attire; to provide for fines and civil penalties. (LEGAL 8/28) Charles Frederick Smith
    fortunately, mayor roy went on record and said that the 'baggy pants' ordinance is "overly broad in scope" and "vague"

    two minute video clip of mayor roy's warning on unconstitutionality of alexandria's 'baggy pants' ordinance. item no. 32. clip courtesy of central la politics blog

    mayor roy's going on record for the city attorney and himself like this means that he cannot sign this ordinance. it's clear that mayor roy must uphold his oath of office and veto this ordinance.

    mayor roy and the rest of the citizens for that matter shouldnt worry about the city council. they are toast and here's why:

    on 28 august 2007 in the run up to the council's 5 - 2 veto override vote the city coucil was addressed by a reverend david blunt.. theres some confusion right now as to the actual name of the reverend as rod noles said his name is "brown" but when council president everett hobbs introduced him it sounded to us like he said "reverend david blunt." so if you happen to know the good reverend or you can clarify what his name is, please let us know.

    the good reverend told of how he one day he was in his repose and the lord opened his eyes as to what was going on with the mayor and the city council. the reverend said how the lord sent him a "strong premonition" about a new leader who was reading the law and the word and "under him there was a board, a council they were pulling him down and fighting against him" because they "weren't willing to follow leadership."

    the lord sent a warning by his servant who is also a brother to the five stiff-necked and lawless ones on the city council and they scoffed at the lord's warning. regardless of the outcome of the roy v alexandria city council lawsuit the fate of the five stiff-necked ones is assured. god will not be mocked.

    we see immediately after the good reverend's words the supposed ring-leader of the five, councilman myron lawson was struck with confusion when he said "i have asked for an attorney general's opinion on this matter" and closed by saying that "i just wanted the public to know, that going another step, i've asked for an attorney general's opinion, me personally; not the city counsel." he must have been confused because this gave them the perfect excuse to hold off on the veto override as they could have easily said they wanted to wait for the attorney general opinion. instead councilman lawson used that as an excuse to go ahead with the veto override -- this is confusing since with litigation being commenced in the matter - stops an attorney general opinion.

    we applaud the mayor and city attorney for going on record questioning the constitutionality of this silly law. they need to do that in all things. we would be totally flabbergasted [gobsmacked even] if we learn that the mayor does sign this ordinance into law. besides why would the mayor who's aforethought is apparent want to likely and needlessly harm alexandria's reputation as well as put thousands of dollars of tax money at risk for the likes of councilman charles frederick smith's (one of the five stiff-necked ones) dumb ass?


    30 August 2007

    president george w. bush's 2nd katrina anniversary address to new orleans

    yesterday was the two year anniversary of hurricane katrina. president bush and the first lady toured the gulf coast including the area around bay st. louis and pass christian, mississippi. we were able to record the presidents remarks from the dr. martin luther king charter school for science and technology.

    president bush proclaimed "new orleans better days are ahead."

    updated with video

    video link
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    pinevillians out $17k+ so far in public records email scandal

    van halen 'right now'

    in todays town talk, (see link) karina donica, tells us that the citizens read: taxpayers of the city of pineville, la. "has incurred $17,470.65 in costs related to the litigation." according to the timeline the litigation the story is about, stems from the public records request that local attorney and blogger gregory aymond sent to the city of pineville on 02 october 2006 'exhibit "c"' page 1 | 2. updated timeline here.

    as you can see from the letter, the requester, mr. aymond, in addition to asking for emails requested a lot of other public records documents that are never mentioned. mr. aymond asked for copies of city council minutes, certain check stubs and documents and cell phone records and logs. the point is that all these other documents could not, nor were, requested to be downloaded to a cd or dvd. mr. aymond must have known that in his request he would have to pay for some paper copies. pineville and a few other talking heads never mention this and have always tried to convince the taxpayers the exact opposite - that mr. aymond by his request of having the emails downloaded to digital media that he was somehow trying to get them for free or something.

    apparently, the way this scam works is that the court has allowed pineville to
    require only expensive paper copies which allows pineville to keep the costs of a lengthy public records request out of reach of interested citizens. its false that mr. aymond is trying to get his public records request and have the taxpayers pay for it all. mr. aymond merely wants what is self-evident everywhere else. have the emails downloaded onto a cd or dvd.

    this isnt unreasonable because emails are already "computer ready." -- its far easier to drag and drop computer files than make a paper copy. probably at sometime in the future, if not already, most online and computer files public documents will be secure enough to be readily acceptable as a bona fide copy of a public record. in the meantime, despite the fact that mr. aymond pointed out the laws against counterfeiting, forgery, etc...pineville objects because its far cheaper and they cant control the costs because its paperless.

    we guess that pineville could argue the right to charge a dollar per file that is downloaded to cd or dvd as if it was paper...if the courts go along with that then the records law will require legislative action to correct. its probably fair to charge the hourly wage or a portion thereof, for how many emails the custodian could download per hour. we dont know whether or not mr. aymond has received the other information in his public records request of 02 october 2006.

    on 09 october2006 pineville public records custodian ellen melancon responded: exhibit "d" [page 1 | 2] wanting mr. aymond to "narrow the scope" of his request.

    more haggling ensued see city of pineville v gregory aymond exhibits "a" - "h".

    finally, on 14 december 2006 the city of pineville sued mr. aymond. pineville prayed to the ninth judicial district court for "judgement in favor of the city of pineville and against gregory aymond setting parameters for the content and/or subject matter that can be disclosed in response to aymond's public records request." and for judge f. rae swent to "estimate the costs that will be incurred by the city of pineville in satisfying aymond's request..."

    one small problem...no where in the louisiana public records law which includes emails does it grant authority to those subject to the law, the power to refuse a public records request, ask that its scope be narrowed, those subject to the law are prohibited from even asking the requester "why" s/he wants the records much less authority to turn around and sue its requester.

    pineville's entire lawsuit is bogus and no law exists to bring it on from. in fact, louisiana case law including a louisiana supreme court ruling from 1984 Title Research Corp. v. Rausch, 450 So.2d 933 (La., 1984) [six page .pdf] ruled against the st. tammany parish clerk of court, lucy reid rausch, that a public records requester, karl heeter, who it looks like, makes the substantial part of his living from collecting public records could bring his microfilm machine into the courthouse to copy the records and couldnt be charged a fee to see the pages either.

    the second circuit court of appeal in another case from 2004 First Commerce Title Co., Inc. v. Martin, 887 So.2d 716 (LA, 2004) [six page .pdf] reversed the trial court and "the clerk of court of bienville parish is hereby ordered to permit the use of a hand-held scanner in the clerk of court's office to copy public records during normal business hours at no charge."

    the city of pineville and aymond have been to court a couple of times over it and so far the ninth judicial district court has refused to make pineville fully comply with the law. nor has the judge as of this writing submitted the requested written reasons as to how she arrived at her judgment decisions.

    the irony is that pineville, in their prayer, placed the onus on the judge to keep the legal costs in mind while at the same time, as these court proceedings transcripts show, the judge has allowed the legal fees to skyrocket by not ordering pineville to fully comply with the law and drag out whats essentially an open and shut case. the emails have all been sorted. pineville through its attorney said so in its 10 july 2007 letter to aymond which he posted to his personal blog here.

    stay tuned...
    **update** 4:58 pm cdt thursday 30 august 2007

    judge swent's written reasons for judgement

    click picture to enlarge
    page 1
    page 2
    page 3

    edited at 3:23 pm cdt thursday 30 august 2007
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    29 August 2007

    foster campbell is on the air....

    ryan over at daily kingfish announces the release of 2007 louisiana gubernatorial candidate foster campbell's first campaign ad. as best we can tell by youtube standards, the ad is very well done has excellent camera work and editing and a good theme. in this ad, foster campbell's message is that "we can do away with all state income taxes, replace them with a small fee on foreign oil." such as saudia arabia, iran and venezuela. hmmmm. because -- "they use our air, water and damage our coast. louisiana oil companies pay taxes these foreign countries pay nothing."

    the ad is produced by george kennedy who is a brother to louisiana state treasurer john kennedy. you might remember last years controversial attack ad "vote" the ad appeared in the run up to the 2006 louisiana secretary of state jungle primary and was partly effective enough to cause its target, mike francis, who had been campaigning since mid-january to finish third. state senator jay dardenne who commissioned the ad eventually went on to be sworn in as louisiana's secretary of state when his fellow senator francis heitmeier dropped out of the runoff.

    click the link to watch george kennedy /foster campbell "future"


    hon. jacques m. roy vs alexandria city council

    at 6:40 pm cdt ninth judicial district court judge harry randow signs a temporary restraining order stopping what mayor roy and others have convinced the judge to be the illegal behavior on the part of the alexandria, louisiana city council. earlier in the evening at 5:23 pm [video] the alexandria city council voted 5 - 2 to override the mayor roy's veto of ordinance 231.
    click --->here<--- for .jpg version
    page 1.pdf

    page 2.pdf

    page 3.pdf

    page 4.pdf

    page 5.pdf

    page 6.pdf

    page 7.pdf

    page 8.pdf

    page 9.pdf

    page 10.pdf

    www.kalb.comkalb-tv's joel massey explains
    video: alexandria city council; mayor dispute may hurt economy
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    rod noles: judge harry randow to hear roy v alexandria city council suit

    .mp3 here

    local realtor and developer rod noles on his weekly 'cenla economic update' report responding to a caller this morning said that ninth judicial district judge harry randow will hear mayor roy's suit against the alexandria city council and that the provosty firm is the mayor's lawyer(s).

    highest quality streaming full interview .mp3 here from cenla broadcasting.
    more later...


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    haley barbour post katrina sleaze coming to light

    steve clemons makes the case against mississippi governor haley barbour.


    Many Mississippians have benefited from Governor Haley Barbour's efforts to rebuild the state's devastated Gulf Coast in the two years since Hurricane Katrina. The $15 billion or more in federal aid the former Republican national chairman attracted has reopened casinos and helped residents move to new or repaired homes.

    Among the beneficiaries are Barbour's own family and friends, who have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from hurricane-related business. A nephew, one of two who are lobbyists, saw his fees more than double in the year after his uncle appointed him to a special reconstruction panel. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in June raided a company owned by the wife of a third nephew, which maintained federal emergency-management trailers.

    Meanwhile, the governor's own former lobbying firm, which he says is still making payments to him, has represented at least four clients with business linked to the recovery.
    click link to read more


    28 August 2007

    video: alexandria city council overrides mayoral veto


    5:23 pm cdt [link to video time 16m45s] alexandria, louisiana city council votes 5 - 2 to override mayor jacques roy veto of the city council's ordinance number 231; hiring of it's own attorneys: john w. "jock" scott and toni rachelle martin. mayor roy and other citizens insist that the city council hiring its own legal counsel outside the purview of the city attorney is a violation of alexandria's home rule charter.

    first mayoral veto override in memory...

    local attorney greg upton addresses the alexandria city council [link to video time 5m50s] and says that he represents the "consensus opinion of a group of about thirty-five or forty individuals that have been meeting for approximately the last six weeks."

    mr. upton says that "in our opinion it's (ordinance 231) a serious and fundamental threat to our basic document of city government and thats the home rule charter." and that "abiding by the charter: its not optional...each and every member of the council is legally and ethically obligated to abide by the terms of the city charter. in our opinion
    ordinance 231 is illegal. voting to override the veto, in our opinion, would be allowing the consummation of an illegal act and would be a violation of the city charter."
    reverend david blunt "makes a plea" to the alexandria city council [link to video time 9m25s] and sternly rebukes the city council telling of a premonition he had in which a new leader of a city was being pulled down by a board or a council "they were pulling him down." thus warning the city council the fate of those who do not follow and reject leadership

    click here for 15m56s video clip
    full length video @ 47m58s here
    **update** town talk:
    “I suspect there to be litigation of some form, I don’t know at this time who the filing party or necessarily who the opposing party would be,” City Attorney Charles “Chuck” Johnson said in a phone interview.

    There is a variety of ways the case could go on. A “declaratory judgment,” for instance, he explained, could be the next step if is filed by the mayor or a member of the public.

    click here to read more
    **update 2** town talk:
    Council overrides mayor's veto; mayor files lawsuit to stop council from hiring own attorneys
    The Alexandria City Council members revived a controversial ordinance to allow the council to hire its own attorneys, but the ordinance has been stalled by a court order issued today.

    Mayor Jacques Roy filed a lawsuit as soon as the ordinance was readopted by the council by overriding the mayor's veto, prompting the 9th Judicial District Court to issue a temporary restraining order.

    That means “it is enjoined from being in effect until further hearing and decision of the court,” Roy said in a phone interview after the meeting.

    During today's council meeting, Councilmen Roosevelt Johnson, Myron Lawson, Louis Marshall, Everett Hobbs and Charles F. Smith Jr. voted to bring back the ordinance in an ongoing dispute some believe is hurting the city’s image.

    The council overrode the mayor's veto of an ordinance authorizing the council to hire its own legal counsel.

    Councilmen Harry Silver and Charles L. "Chuck" Fowler voted against overriding the veto.

    **update 3** town talk:
    roy files suit after council overrides veto
    Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy reacted swiftly Tuesday to a decision by five City Council members to override his veto of an ordinance allowing the council to hire its own attorneys by immediately suing to block its implementation.

    Roy said he filed the suit as soon as the ordinance, which he had vetoed about a week ago, was readopted during Tuesday's council meeting.

    The suit prompted the 9th Judicial District Court to issue a temporary retraining order, meaning the ordinance "is enjoined from being in effect until further hearing and decision of the court," Roy said after the meeting.

    The ordinance, which seeks to allow the council to contract its own legal team independent of the city's legal department, has been the focus of disagreement about whether the hiring of such attorneys violates the City Charter.

    click here to read more.
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    hb288 act432 pathetic louisiana governor and legislature screw up traffic ticket fines

    the town talk reports (see link) "Traffic offense court costs may be increasing by $50."

    lets see...the legislature can give away $50,000 and $300,000 to the purple circle social club and the colomb foundation who's head it was reported is the boyfriend of the legislator (yvonne dorsey) who inserted the expenditures but to fund something as important as the state crime lab they want to fund that off the backs of people receiving a traffic ticket. what a sad, pathetic, woefully corrupt state we live in.

    and who were the legislators who voted for this garbage? naturally the entire house and senate.

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    27 August 2007

    sec'y kennedy switches

    no surprises there. our opinion pretty closely mirrors that of daily kingfish writer "senate 2008 guru" who writes:

    Six weeks after Louisiana's highest ranking elected Republican, Senator David Vitter, made it clear that he cheated on his wife with prostitutes, the state's Treasurer, John N. Kennedy, declared that "I have concluded that the Republican Party is the party that best reflects my values today." Some great values, huh?
    it's disappointing that sec'y kennedy wouldnt stick around and fight for traditional democratic party ideals and values. however, the blame lies squarely on the democratic party leadership for not embracing him. governor blanco's bungling of the road home program awarding the management contract to an out of state company when a perfectly qualified state treasury department of, for and by louisianaians was (according to kennedy) ready, willing and able to manage the road home program didnt help.

    this fall we still plan to vote for sec'y kennedy for state treasurer and next year should he run against katrina mary landrieu snellings for u.s.senate its highly likely we will support and vote for him then too.

    in 2008 it must be every conscientious, principled democrat's (not to mention republican and independent) highest priority and duty to unseat the bush crime family ass licking katrina mary landrieu snellings.

    message from JOHN KENNEDY
    Monday, August 27, 2007

    Your support and friendship are very important to me. I have always tried to tell you where I stand and what I stand for. That's why I'm writing this letter.

    I have decided to join the Republican Party. I wanted you to be among the first to know, and to hear it from me. It has been an honor to serve as your State Treasurer and I will seek my third term this October as a Republican.

    Becky and I did not make this decision lightly. Nor did we make it quickly. For well over a year I have searched my heart and, as a good Methodist, prayed about this decision.

    The reason for my decision is my beliefs.

    I believe in certain fixed, bedrock principles: that government should be responsive and accountable to the taxpayers who pay for it; that economic growth originates in the private sector; that education is the best safeguard of liberty; that ethics in government is critical to people's faith in democracy; that the values of faith, work, family, personal responsibility and individual liberty are the building blocks of a prosperous society. I have concluded that the Republican Party is the party that best reflects my values today.

    I also believe in the power of ideas. Every advancement in art, science, technology, business, cooking and medicine has occurred only after someone challenged the rules and tried another way. My career in public service demonstrates my belief in the power of looking for a better way. For the past several years, it has increasingly been the case that those public servants who have embraced my ideas and my philosophy of trying new approaches are primarily Republicans. I am grateful for their support and their willingness to try something different. I also believe for this reason it is time to join the Republican Party.

    Finally, I believe that Louisiana state government needs to change. It has to change. And it must change now. Otherwise, Louisiana will become a place our children visit when they come see us at Christmas, instead of a place they can live, prosper and raise their own families. I feel I can best contribute to that change as a Republican.

    Some of you will support my decision. Others will not. To still others it will make no difference; I am, after all, the same person with the same principles, the same values and the same dreams. Regardless, I hope you will respect my choice and my reasons for making it. I also hope you will support my reelection as your State Treasurer.

    I will end as I began: you will never know how much your support and friendship mean to Becky and me. Thank you.

    Thank you, as well, for giving so much to Louisiana.


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    another republican sex perv busted idaho's sen. larry craig

    are there any straight people in the republican party? wocka wocka wocka

    senator larry craig and ronnie raygun in happier times


    SELLOUT: mayor roy favors spy camera's

    .mp3 here

    on thursday 23 august 2007, alexandria, louisiana mayor jacques roy was on the ksyl 'talk back live' radio program. a caller who by the way sounds a lot like alexandria city attorney trey gist phoned in to ask the mayor, ostensibly about traffic control. conveniently this caller allowed the mayor an opportunity to segue into redlight spy camera shill mode.

    all this talk about the mayor standing up to the city council is a fantasy because the mayor only stands up to the council when its his or his administrations authority thats on the line.

    this mayor has shown over and over again that he doesnt have any problem whatsoever going along with the council when its us commoners rights and civil liberties that is being usurped.

    more later...

    alberto gonzales resigned

    Thug Gonzales Out - Bush's Lying Torture Chief Quits

    bush statement on gonzales resignation

    gonzales resignation effective 17 september 2007

    Aug 27, 9:34 AM EDT

    Gonzales Said to Have Resigned

    CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned, ending a monthslong standoff with critics over the botched handling of FBI terror investigations and the firings of U.S. attorneys, officials said Monday.

    The likely temporary replacement for Gonzales is Solicitor General Paul Clement, who would take over until a permanent replacement is found, according to a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    The Justice Department planned a news conference for 10:30 a.m. EDT,in Washington. President Bush was expected to discuss Gonzales' departure at his Crawford, Texas, ranch, before leaving on a trip to western states.

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    26 August 2007

    RINO watch: the kay kellog katz scam seeks reelection

    UPDATE: kay 'bucket of bolts' katz pushes corrupt lake charles democrat willie landry mounts' sb312 mandatory water fluoridation - mass medication of louisianaians without informed consent and against our will scheme through the state house!

    the dead pelican

    the monroe news star reported on 24 august 2007 "katz runs to third win in house seat." [dist. 16 map .pdf].

    this old crone first came on our radar in the 2006 regular legislative session with her hb59 a bill in which representative katz sought to reduce the number of voting hours "in the primary and general elections" by chopping off a whole two hours...making the polls open an hour later and close an hour earlier. anytime politicians want to tamper with voting laws, reduce the number of hours in which to vote in etc... you can bet they arent trying to benefit the voters but themselves and their respective machines. which is exactly what we saw happen right after katrina when the legislature foolishly changed around the states voting laws coupled with governor blanco's delaying the orleans mayoral election killed the momentum of voter outrage and allowed the reelection of mayor nagin. although we like mayor nagin we didnt feel that he was the best choice to head nola's recovery. we were pulling for peggy wilson.

    representative katz's hb59 was 'involuntarily deferred' in the house and governmental affairs committee. not to be outdone the kay kellogg katz scam in the 2007 regular legislative session introduces hb6 -- a carbon copy of hb59 and it was once again promptly deferred by the house and governmental affairs committee.

    on 23 may 2007 the house municipal and parochial affairs committee heard representative billy chandler's hb195. a bill designed to make the town of pollock, louisiana's police chief an appointive rather than its current elective position. we looked on incredulously at representative katz a republican dunderheaded remarks in total support of this bill. only a damn fool would give up the right to vote for the person charged with enforcing the law and we emailed representative katz asking her to justify her remarks with the republican party platform of more freedom, less taxes and less governmental regulation -- as of this date representative katz hasnt replied.

    in the news star article the writer stacy temple reported that representative "katz told supporters at the atrium the three c's are required to be a good representative: concern, common sense and character." we cant see where representative has any one of the three so by her own words she isnt qualified to serve again.

    a direct quote of representative katz goes: "we started on a journey eight years ago when i came to you and asked to let me be your representative," katz said. emphasis added

    started on a journey? wtf is that? that is pure hillary clinton speak.

    it doesnt make any difference if you vote for a democrat or a republican you get the same thing. they are the same crime gang. one side of the crime gang calls themselves republicans to trick the conservatives and the other side calls themselves democrats to trick the liberals. there hasnt been a true democratic or republican party since before the civil war. what they really are, are scalawags and carpetbaggers and our only hope is to throw both parties out on their collective asses and vote in independents.


    hon. jacques m. roy vs. alexandria city council et al.jpg

    actual posting 1:01 am cdt thursday 30 august 2007

    click picture to enlarge


    25 August 2007

    when bush shmoozes run for cover

    wst... note: congressman and current 2007 louisiana gubernatorial candidate piyush "bobby" jindal voted for each of the laws cited in the below essay. not only did piyush vote for these but so did turn coat rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, jim mccrery, charles boustany, charlie melancon, congressman william jefferson voted against the usa patriot act then inexplicably turned around and voted for the john warner defense act. louisiana's senior senator the crypto-republican and bush ass licker katrina mary landrieu snellings (notice how this 'ho, just like piyush, refuses to use her real name) as well as our junior senator the self admitted whore mongoring diaper david vitter voted for all this garbage as well.

    When Bush Shmoozes,
    Run For Cover
    By James T. Moore

    Permit me to begin by saying, if you don't believe that America is becoming an empire headed by a powerful, but mindless, "Caesar", sign this off and go watch TV. But if you believe that this possibility may be true, please stick around a bit longer and have your doubts confirmed.

    The information I'm going to give you is something I didn't dream up. It is based on facts gathered by "Joe American." Joe American is the nom de plume of a current elected official in a fairly high position who writes heavily-researched articles exposing our present government for what it really is. His name and address must remain anonymous for fear of retribution, but this we do know: he was honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces, serving as a law enforcement officer, and he knows the secret of population distraction, hence control.

    Joe American's case for America disintegrating into an empire---and then disappearing altogether---produces some remarkable similes to the demise of past empires. And the evidence is indisputable. Now what, you may ask, can we look for as a sign of an emerging empire-one that in time will collapse?

    Watch for schmoozing. Schmoozing is when the powers in charge begin to subtly "con" the people with distracting visions of either Fun or Fear, depending on which method best serves their evil agenda.

    Roman emperors, Joe American tells us, went the "fun" route. "They understood the importance of 'bread and circus.' They knew that keeping the nation in a perpetual state of war, supplying cheap bread, and giving them spectator games in the Coliseum, would keep them happily distracted This enabled the emperors to rule with an iron hand and no one would complain. It worked for nearly 500 years, while all that time the Roman people thought they were "free." So much for "fun."

    As for fear, heads of government schmooze the population in a different way: they use cooked-up excuses, declarations of emergencies or pending disasters, anticipated attacks or invasions. Once people become anxious or frightened, a story of "needed protection" is concocted, and they begin passing legislation giving the "leader" authority to rule by decree. The fear technique is used by tyrants, not to entertain, but to mesmerize the citizens and keep them off balance to conceal the government's real motives or intentions

    One classic con-job of induced fear was perpetrated by Adolph Hitler, head of the Nazi Party who became Chancellor of the German Weimar Republic on January 30,1933. A few weeks later, the Reichstag (Germany's congressional building and Congress) was destroyed by what was determined to be a deliberately set and fast-moving fire. Next day, the newspapers said: "This act of incendiarism is the most monstrous act of terrorism carried out by Communists in Germany. The government is of the opinion that the situation is such that a danger to the state and nation exists." So, Reichstag passed the "Enabling Act" which gave Hitler the authority to rule by decree, and a dictator was born.

    Today, the same schmoozing is going on, and the American public is mostly unaware of it. It began with the World Trade Center tragedy in 2001 that killed 3,000 people. Joe American puts it this way: "Like the Reichstag fire in Germany which enabled Hitler to become a dictator, the destruction of the World Trade Center occurred soon after George Bush was sworn into office as President, and provided a pretext for changing the nature of our government, in much the same manner as Hitler changed Germany."

    Right after the WTC tragedy, this administration's schmoozing of the American public began. The USA Patriot Act became law, with virtually no discussion by Congress. This was followed by the Homeland Security Act---created by President Bush's executive order. Bush, of course, declaring that these new laws are necessary in fighting the "war on terrorism." Recipe for dictatorship.

    Follow that with "The John Warner Defense Authorization Act", and "The Real ID Act" (to go into effect January1,2008) and you have everything in place for a Presidential declaration of Martial Law. But President Bush schmoozes us by saying: "This landmark legislation (Homeland Security), the most extensive reorganization of the Federal Government since the 1940's, will help our nation meet the emerging threats of terrorism in the 21st Century." Dictatorship coming alive.

    Never mind that these "landmark" laws also negate our privacy, infringe on our freedoms, create a totalitarian state, and make a mockery of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, thereby threatening the very foundation of our nation. Dictatorship on fast forward.

    But don't take it from Joe American. Or me. Thomas Jefferson said: "Experience hath shown than even the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny,"

    Are you ready to bow down to a dictator, or stand up for your rights and your freedom?