03 August 2007

mayor roy waffles on city council open meetings law violation

back on 20 june 2007 the town talk reported in a story captioned "roy calls for probe of city council 'meeting' that alexandria, louisiana mayor:

Roy said residents should file a declaratory act for the council to be investigated for breaking state law.
today the town talk reports (see link) that:
Mayor Jacques Roy said he was pleased with the AG's office's response to the issue and never thought the matter warranted a suit being filed.

"The purpose of the public inquiry in this matter has been served. There is no need for a citizen suit or lawsuit from any governmental body," Roy said, adding that to do so would be overkill.

"The time has come for us to put this issue behind us and move forward," he added.

The AG's office got involved in the matter based on an allegation made by Aymond to Rapides Parish District Attorney James "Jam" Downs that the council violated the state's Open Meetings Law by meeting in secret to decide not to rebroadcast a June 12 special meeting on government access Channel 4.

Aymond filed the complaint after Roy's call to the public for citizens to come forward to lead the charge in an investigation of the council for the alleged violation.
apparently, the mayor has a good case of selective? amnesia. this blog fully supported the mayor, in this matter, because what the city council did was wrong, it was in your face and was and is deserving of a response. now a scant forty-four days later the mayor is singing a different tune.

we've said it before and we'll say it again this mayor needs to figure out just what he stands for and to say what he means and mean what he says and stick to it!