04 August 2007

daily kingfish exposes piyush's campaign website scam

daily kingfish analyzes all of (who dk says are) the major louisiana gubernatorial candidates campaign websites: foster campbell, walter boasso, john georges and piyush "bobby" jindal and discovers that despite all of the candidates websites being designed upon practically the same template, piyush pays a staggering $41,037.18 to a couple of washington d.c. insiders.

[T]hey have built Mr. Jindal a fine website, which my web designer friends both believe is worth between $4,000 to $8,000.
Mr. Jindal's "war" on out of control spending apparently does not apply to his own campaign, and no matter how you slice it or dice it, Jindal's enormous website expense, an expense paid to DC GOP insiders, smacks of political cronyism. Some may call this "shrewd;" I prefer the terms "hypocritical" and "disingenuous."
daily kingfish then contrasts piyush's enormous out of state expenditure to the other candidates website expenditures including foster campbell:
Foster Campbell's campaign did not even pay for their website. Delta Creations, a Louisiana-based web design company registered since 2003 to Joel Hill in Baton Rouge donated the work as an in-kind contribution valued at $4,000.
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