09 August 2007

america's most wanted to again feature richard lee mcnair

**UPDATE richard lee mcnair captured**

pollock, la. prison escapee richard lee mcnair to be featured once again on america's most wanted this saturday 11 august 2007...Catch AMW on Fox, Saturday Nights 9pm Eastern and Pacific; 8pm Central.

AMW Correspondent Michelle Sigona has been on the story since the escape, and like any good reporter, she wanted to get as close to the case as possible to help solve it. In doing so, she re-enacted McNair’s escape plan from start to finish, all in front of AMW cameras. This Saturday night, Michelle reports from inside the same type of giant prison mail bags that McNair used to make his break. “Richard McNair is twice my size. How he sat inside those bags, in 100-degree weather, for three hours… I have no idea,” Michelle says.

Since McNair’s had himself delivered to freedom, he’s had several close encounters with law enforcement, most notably a caught-on-tape confrontation with a Louisiana cop in which he was able to talk himself out of being arrested. It seems like he’s willing to do just about anything to stay out of prison. But with your help, we’re hoping that this week we can bring him down once and for all. Check out AMW.com to see the dash-cam video of McNair’s run-in with police. Then, tune in this week to help Michelle and the rest of us here at AMW overnight him back to the pen.
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