07 August 2007

kalb media lies: piyush "bobby" jindal free advertisement posed as an 'interview'

piyush "bobby" jindal
2007 louisiana gubernatorial candidate

here we go again... richmond, virginia based media monolith, [2006 annual report 60 page .pdf] media general owned, kalb-tv5 has posted to their website what amounts to an 11m52s free commercial (see link) for the republican candidate for governor. kalb has been heavily promoting this free advertisement on their over the air broadcasts as a legitimate media interview. this is a lie.

we havent figured out yet who the kalb ass clown masquerading as a journalist is as he ingeniously remains off camera for the duration of the commercial. all we know is that kalb holds itself out (falsely) to be a legitimate member of the fourth estate then turn around and try to pull a fast one on their audience. for instance, a real journalist conducting a real interview would have asked piyush why he scrubbed david vitter from his website.

instead, all we get is a rather sophomoric and thinly veiled set ups for piyush to drone on and on about his "war on corruption." this is just more sound bite and catch phrase hyperbole very similar to lyndon johnson's failed "war on poverty" or another failed "war" ronnie raygun's "war on some drugs." not to forget the present fake and destined for failure "war on some terrorists a/k/a the war on terra." there used to be a time in human history when the word "war" was a very serious word because it meant death and destruction. it was whispered and not to be spoken out loud. kalb's "reporter" doesnt call piyush on anything whatsoever.

another thing that no one is asking or writing about regarding the piyush scam's so called wars on corruption and ethics is how in the hell can you expect someone like piyush who has repeatedly violated not only his oath of office but federal law see 5 usc sec 3331 when he continuously votes for unconstitutional legislation to be ethical???

one example: the military commissions act of 2006. pennsylvania republican scumbag senator arlen specter was quoted in the 29 september 2006 washington post:
Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) voted for the bill after telling reporters earlier that he would oppose it because it is "patently unconstitutional on its face." He cited its denial of the habeas corpus right to military detainees. In an interview last night, Specter said he decided to back the bill because it has several good items, "and the court will clean it up" by striking the habeas corpus provisions.
if senator specter knew that it was unconstitutional then so did piyush . like specter, piyush voted for it as well see house roll call 491. so we ask again how can you really and honestly believe that someone who has over and over again shown nothing but disdain for the constitution and federal law going to clean up corruption. the fact of the matter is, is that piyush is corruption. put another way -- how can corruption clean up corruption?

these are the reasons we reject piyush "bobby" jindal for governor, piyush is a liar, he's a treasonous traitor and a con artist. we dont reject piyush because he's brown, bronze, copper or whatever color he is, we've voted for non-white candidates for political office in the past and when it wasnt fashionable to either.
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