15 August 2007

law & grace to jim letten & fbi: not so fast!

law and grace is a new orleans area blog committed to exposing louisiana judicial corruption;

in a recent posting to that blog, the writer, ms. barbara ann jackson points out that the united states attorney in the oliver thomas affair, jim letten, and the federal bureau of investigation shouldnt rest on their laurels when there is so much more louisiana corruption to tackle:.

AMAZING! New Orleans U. S. Attorney Jim Letten & the Local FBI receive praise for exposing Oliver Thomas’ corruption, while ignoring and concealing Senator David Vitter’s & Judge Thomas Porteous’ conduct. Moreover, Letten and the FBI ignore manifest Louisiana FREDDIE MAC racketeering that surpasses the ENRON scandal
Throughout this site, I have written about fraudulent foreclosures and fraudulent real estates transfers of properties, accomplished predominantly, by attorney Herschel C. Adcock, Jr., the Dean Morris Law Firm, and Orleans Civil Sheriff Paul Valteau. In particular, I have stated and provided PRIMA FACIE proof that Adcock carried out certain foreclosures and obtained judicial court orders through means of the identity fraud, namely defunct GE Capital Mortgage Services, Inc. Aside from those things as the samples below show, Adcock has carried out foreclosures and judicial proceedings by use of other mortgage companies’ identities as well as...
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