05 August 2007

katrina mary's letter to the editor

senator katrina mary landrieu's recent letter to the editor, in which she foolishly proclaims her pride in her senatorial voting record, would be laughable and dismissive if the stakes werent so high. katrina mary wrote in to respond to a recent alexandria daily town talk "your mail" from a mr. robert b. ferguson. we didnt read mr. ferguson's letter that katrina mary is responding to, but we didnt have to because anyone who follows these things already knows that mr. ferguson is one of those right wing, brainwashed nut jobs, who loves to confirm and reaffirm his useful idiotness by having a new letter about something he knows nothing about printed in the your mail about every other day.

whats so disturbing about right wing nutters such as mr. ferguson, is that they love to seize upon something such as immigration reform to raise hell over, yet they totally miss the boat when it comes to far more important legislation. we dont know for sure but we are willing to bet that mr. ferguson and others of his ilk also claim to be committed christians. they are liars.

christians say they believe in a coming antichrist figure, yet when laws are enacted such as the usa patriot act, the military commissions act, the real i.d. act and the john warner national defense act just to name a few, the very laws that an antichrist ruler would need in place, they are remarkably silent. in fact all if not most cheer on these laws.

some christians like to write all this off because they believe in this fairy tale called "the rapture." they like to say, "so what? we won't be here to see it anyway cos we're gonna be raptured right before it all comes down." the rapture, they believe, is when they will be physically removed from the earth just prior to the unveiling of the antichrist and the period of the great tribulation. what they fail to understand is that the rapture is described as in the twinkling of an eye they will go to be with the lord - which is exactly what the bible says happens when we die! so for all we know this rapture could be when all the christians are rounded up and machine gunned or guillotined to death. wouldnt that be the supreme irony? especially when you look over in hebrews chapter nine at verse twenty-seven where it says: "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:"

even if they are correct in their belief in the rapture and that christians will be physically removed from the earth there will be so few actually taken that no one will even miss them. so the rapture could have already happened.

its not just katrina mary landrieu that has voted for this antichristic garbage. its also david "diaper doo doo" vitter; turn-coat ratney salamander rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, jim mccrery; charles boustany; charlie melancon and piyush "bobby" jindal. every last one of these traitors should be thrown out of office, yet you never see or hear of any "christians" condemning any of them. this is more evidence that there is actually so few real christians around that should the rapture be true then they wont even be missed.

louisianians like the rest of the americans have been living a lie since at least 1963, if not for years prior to that. we've allowed a trojan horse in our midst and when the trap is sprung, which it will be soon, the look on people's faces like mr. ferguson and the rest of the fake christians and nutty evangelicals who are for the most part responsible for america's fall will closely mirror the look on the faces of the people of legendary troy that fabled dark night millennia ago when they were dragged from their beds and put to the sword.

anyone that claims to be a christian or even an american who loves freedom and supports our constitution and who supports mary landrieu, david vitter, rodney alexander, richard hugh baker, jim mccrery, charles boustany and charlie melancon is a liar and the truth isnt in them.

landrieu lies:
Landrieu proud of voting record

I write in response to Robert B. Ferguson's July 19 letter "Landrieu getting the message?" In Mr. Ferguson's letter, he noted my opposition to the immigration reform legislation that the Senate recently considered. After noting my opposition to the bill, Mr. Ferguson concluded that being "in lock step" with the Democratic Party leadership is not a winner with Louisiana voters. I agree.

Since arriving in the Senate, I have always been proud of my independent voting record on issues that matter to our state. Contrary to Mr. Ferguson's assertion, I don't vote "in lock step" with either political party. I vote in a way that reflects the needs and concerns of Louisiana families and businesses. Just within the last three months, I voted to preserve Second Amendment rights, to provide estate tax relief, to block energy legislation that would have hurt Louisiana businesses and, as Mr. Ferguson correctly noted, against the immigration reform bill. In fact, last year, I was ranked the 2nd most moderate and bipartisan member of my party, according to Congressional Quarterly.

In Washington, I'll continue to work with the leaders of both political parties. No member of our delegation should put their party before their state, whether they are Democrats or Republicans. That is the tradition of our delegation, and it h as been a shame to see that tradition eroded. By working in a commonsense, bipartisan fashion, I firmly believe that we can better our state and our country as a whole together.
U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu
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