10 August 2007

local radio station kqid in ratings free-fall

according to a radio industry friend of wst...

Last fall, KQID was tied for #1 with KLAA in persons 12+. That was the first time KQID had been ranked atop the Alexandria market ratings since the late 1980s.
our radio industry friend continues...
the 3-share drop is big enough on its own; but when you realize that 1. it's a third of the listeners accounted for in the prior ratings survey results and 2. these are two survey-period averages, then it's easy to figure out that the drop in listeners is even LARGER than one-third of KQID's prior audience.

The pecking order (persons 12+) was as follows...

1. KLAA (LA 103)/Country
2. KRRV /Country
3. KZMZ /Classic Rock
3. (tie) KQID/Pop-Top 40
4. KKST/Urban Contemporary
according to their respective websites: kqid, krrv, kzmz and kkst are owned by cenla broadcasting company, incorporated
klaa is owned by opus broadcasting alexandria l.l.c.