16 August 2007

lance maxwell's resume questioned

a couple of days ago wst... received an anonymous email and in it, our emailer pointed out some discrepancies they had came across between current louisiana state house of representatives district 25 candidate lance maxwell's website biography and what the online record shows.

for instance, our emailer pointed out that on mr. maxwell's bio page that he lists under professional experience: "attorney - senior partner in the firm of maxwell and maxwell."

while a simple search of
maxwell the louisiana sec'y of state corporations database shows there is no such law firm. a check of the online yellow pages doesnt show a telephone number for a maxwell and maxwell law firm either.

indeed, a check of mr. maxwell's louisiana state bar association membership shows that he lists his firm as the u.s. senate:

a louisiana state bar association check of mr. maxwell's brother christopher, who we must assume is the other maxwell in the maxwell and maxwell law firm shows that he lists his firm as the rapides parish district attorney's office:

on mr. maxwells contact page it lists the contact address of 1254 dorchester street, alexandria, la 71303. a simple google search of that address shows many assistant rapides district attorneys, such as: thomas o. wells, gerald henderson and the rapides parish district attorney james c. downs names are associated with this address.

we asked a source within the local legal community about all this who tells us that its perfectly fine for lawyers to form unincorporated associations.

additionally, there has been a rumor circulating around that mr. maxwell hasnt voted in any major elections and we learned that someone did check into that rumor by going to the rapides parish registrar of voter's office and researching mr. maxwell's voting record to learn that this rumor is untrue and that in fact mr. maxwell has the highest voter rating a "5." this voter rating system, how it came about and how its done and for what purpose is interesting and warrants its own story.

anyway, we relayed all this information to our emailer who's response is:

Okay but I still have one problem. I have questions about the ethics of listing a non-existant "company" on one's resume. It may be customary for lawyers to work together without forming a firm, but Maxwell's resume indicates that he is a "Senior Partner" in a legitimate firm. The idea that Maxwell is a "Senior Partner" also implies a hierarchy in this firm-- wherein there are Junior Partners as well. There seems to be an ethical lapse here.
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