14 August 2007

christopher tidmore on oliver thomas indictment

christopher tidmore is a journalist and talk radio host from the new orleans area. he is currently running for louisiana state representative for district 82. we here at wst... support mr. tidmore's candidacy.

By Christopher Tidmore

Only one phrase accurately describes the emotion that Oliver Thomas took a bribe--shell shocked.

The fall of the one politician who inspired faith amongst all New Orleanians-- Whites and Blacks, Republicans or Democrats, seems in so many ways to intensify the crisis of hope that this city, Orleans to Jefferson, endures every day.

"If Oliver is a crook, then is there any politician we can trust?" more than a few people have uttered this sobering question in recent days.

But, the fact is, we have a bigger problem.

National news figures from Tucker Carlson on MSNBC to Anderson Cooper on CNN to Adam Nossiter in the New York Times featured Oliver Thomas as the one competent politician honestly trying to save New Orleans. The Councilman's Guilty Plea has once more painted the Crescent City as a city beyond redemption in the national news media.

We need to send some good news to the press now!

And, we have some to send, if we are smart.

As the article below from Aug. 12th The Louisiana Weekly newspaper outlines, few in the business world are aware of the historic incentives that come from the new Broadway South tax credits enacted by the legislative session. In fact, many do not know that the GO-ZONE tax credits are still available in New Orleans.

As Bill Hines, Roger Wilson, and I describe in the below newspaper article, we have an opportunity at the end of this month when the national media descends on New Orleans for the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. If Governor Blanco will join local political leaders for a "signing ceremony" for the Broadway South legislation on Canal Street in front of those reporters, Louisiana will send the message that New Orleans is open for business.


That is the purpose of my campaign for the legislature: to send the message that we can create economic opportunity in New Orleans. And, to tell both the nation and our children who had to leave to seek better jobs elsewhere that there is the WILL end our culture of corruption--and bring about change.
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