16 August 2007

gregory aymonds letter to louis marshall

at this point (if that link doesnt work its at time 27m05s in the video here) in the 14 august 2007, alexandria, la. city council meeting, councilman louis marshall erroneously says that "this council was sued by a klansman..." he was referring to an open meetings law violation complaint filed to the rapides parish district attorney's office and to the louisiana attorney generals office by local attorney and blogger gregory aymond. councilman marshall is wrong in that the city council was not sued at all. councilman marshall was also incorrect in his contention that mr. aymond is "a klansman."

mr. aymond was a member of the klu klux klan for a period of three months in 1979 and has many times repudiated the klan and his membership in it for that short period of time.

what it all boils down to is that some members of the city council (who just happen to be black) was caught violating the open meetings law. a violation to which they admitted to in writing and on video tape and so they are using this klan non issue to deflect attention from their serious violations and make it a racial issue.

earlier today wst... obtained the below letter from gregory aymond to councilman louis marshall:

click picture to enlarge

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