14 August 2007

alexandria to get 'baggy pants' ordinance

you can always tell when alexandria, la. city councilman charles frederick smith is up to something....the biggest giveaway is that his lips is moving...

now, we learn from todays alexandria city council legal committee meeting, that councilman smith has decided to advance the nanny state one more degree by introducing an ordinance:

to add section 15:128 to the alexandria code of ordinancs relative to appropriate dress for persons in certain public places; to prohibit public exposure and certain attire; to provide for fines and civil penalties and related matters.

councilman charles frederick smith explains "its just time out that uh i mean people walking around showing their underwears all this is baggy clothes....i mean you're going down the street and you're looking at these uh individuals i mean they showing they underclothes and stuff like this and i think that its not good for our community...i think its time for you to pull your panteses up and tighten they belt up.

i think its about time that we have a lot of respect for our community, we have a lot of tourism and things coming here and uh walking on jackson street you see and up and down the street lower third i think we ought to have respect for our community for our leaders and our public, so its going to involve a fine and its going to involve the parents and its going to be left up to the judge."
first off we think that people that wear the so called "baggy pants" are a bit silly and immature. however, if someone wants to look like a clown and dress that way they should be allowed to. besides they provide us with with a good laugh. it breaks up the monotony. all councilman smith, the city council and the administration are doing is creating a law that will bring about more ill feelings between mostly young black males and 'the man.'

the law is unenforceable and wont be enforced anyway. oh sure the police might tack this charge on to someone who is being arrested for something else. if councilman smith and his preacher are so concerned about 'baggy pants' (and you really have to wonder about someone's mental stability if they take offense at someones clothes even going so far as to think that the person is going out of their way to disrespect them personally) then why arent they out there on jackson street and lower third telling people to pull "they pantses up?" its because they know in about ten seconds they will get cracked up-side the head and rightfully so - so they send the police to do it instead.

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