11 August 2007

retired pineville, la. police capt. alleges theft & malfeasance in the pineville p.d.

wst... and central la. politics -- blogs -- known for their efforts in reporting news to the public that cannot be found elsewhere, were asked by retired city of pineville, louisiana police captain, kenneth johnson, to jointly report his belief in criminal and unethical activities arising in pineville, rapides parish, louisiana, for which he has unsuccessfully tried to have investigated for the past three years.

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listen as capt. johnson describes the illegal procurement of guns, from the pineville police evidence room, by pineville police chief, jay barber. you might also be astonished to hear that one of the pistols wound up in the personal possession of pineville mayor, clarence fields, in violation of a court order to destroy the weapon, signed by pineville city court judge j. phillip terrell and the cover up that ensued by louisiana attorney general charles foti, rapides parish district attorney james 'jam' downs and pineville city prosecutor gary k. hays.

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also hear capt. johnson explain how the city of pineville hired mr. barber as its chief, even though they should have known that mr. barber was under suspicion for such criminal acts while on the town of ball police force.
if these allegations are true, it seems clear that chief barber would be guilty of the felony known as malfeasance in office. the statute providing for the crime of malfeasance is:
14:134. Malfeasance in office
Malfeasance in office is committed when any public officer or public
employee shall:

(1) Intentionally refuse or fail to perform any duty lawfully required of him, as such officer or employee; or

(2) Intentionally perform any such duty in an unlawful manner;

(3) Knowingly permit any other public officer or public employee, under his authority, to intentionally refuse or fail to perform any duty lawfully required of him, or to perform any such duty in an unlawful manner.

Any duty lawfully required of a public officer or public employee when delegated by him to a public officer or public employee shall be deemed to be a lawful duty of such public officer or employee. The delegation of such lawful duty shall not relieve the public officer or employee of his lawful duty. Whoever commits the crime of malfeasance in office shall be imprisoned for not more than five years with or without hard labor or shall be fined not more than five thousand dollars or both.
capt. johnson has every right to be concerned because courts have found police officers taking weapons from police evidence rooms guilty of malfeasance, as in Authement v. Larpenter, 713 So.2d 712 (LACA, 1998).

these allegations lead us to several observations.
  • louisiana attorney general charles foti must not be reelected this fall! foti fails to do his duty as our chief law enforcement officer, and turns a blind eye toward crooked politicians and public servants. see this letter, which is the latest in several that you heard captain johnson sent to foti, all to no avail:
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  • why did pineville make mr. barber it's police chief, with his past problems, and why has it done nothing about these malfeasance charges?
  • why did the pineville city prosecutor, gary hays, and rapides d.a. downs do nothing? did attorney hayes violate attorney-client confidentiality and report to mr. barber what mr. johnson had told him?
    birds of a feather
    one doesnt have to ask what kind of people run the city of pineville when we hear mayor fields unashamedly and in no uncertain terms tell a caller to ksyl radio this past tuesday (07 august 2007) that he still supported the election of pineville city councilman joe bishop, who is facing felony cruelty to a juvenile charges, to the rapides parish police jury. mayor fields further didnt mind revealing that he together with the entire city council knew of these charges when they held a press conference back in the spring to announce their support for their colleague mr. bishop.

    why has the media not reported this?

    when is some law enforcement agency going to do an unbiased and fair investigation of these serious charges?

    stay tuned...