14 August 2007

new orleans city councilman indicted - feds doing state and locals work for them again

times-picayune: (see link) new orleans city council vice president, "oliver thomas, has reached an agreement with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to charges of demanding illegal payments from a city hall vendor..."

yet again the feds show up the louisiana state and local law enforcement total disregard in investigating and prosecuting all the louisiana governmental and political corruption. of course its hard to investigate corruption when you're right in the middle of all the corruption yourself.

anyway, it's a crying shame that the feds have to do this especially when you consider who's running the federal government.

of course the conspiracy theorists would probably surmise that all these federal indictments are merely a ploy to reinforce the other scam the feds themselves have going -- namely, the piyush scam and it's false contention that its the answer to all the states ethics/corruption etc problems.