29 August 2007

foster campbell is on the air....

ryan over at daily kingfish announces the release of 2007 louisiana gubernatorial candidate foster campbell's first campaign ad. as best we can tell by youtube standards, the ad is very well done has excellent camera work and editing and a good theme. in this ad, foster campbell's message is that "we can do away with all state income taxes, replace them with a small fee on foreign oil." such as saudia arabia, iran and venezuela. hmmmm. because -- "they use our air, water and damage our coast. louisiana oil companies pay taxes these foreign countries pay nothing."

the ad is produced by george kennedy who is a brother to louisiana state treasurer john kennedy. you might remember last years controversial attack ad "vote" the ad appeared in the run up to the 2006 louisiana secretary of state jungle primary and was partly effective enough to cause its target, mike francis, who had been campaigning since mid-january to finish third. state senator jay dardenne who commissioned the ad eventually went on to be sworn in as louisiana's secretary of state when his fellow senator francis heitmeier dropped out of the runoff.

click the link to watch george kennedy /foster campbell "future"